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Social Work

Family Services Paper and Evidence Based Practice

Research proposal

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Description / paper instructions
Directions attached and required textbook that must be cited frequently throughout the paper attached.

Family Services Paper and Evidence Based Practice
Think about your childhood from birth to eighteen years. Think about an event, issue or specific need that you or your immediate family had. All of these issues may have created stress, conflict or may have necessitated family adjustment and/or services.
Choose an issue from your childhood that you are comfortable discussing. A time that was stressful can be anything that you define as stressful. Besides being aware, the purpose of this paper is to integrate your own history with what you have learned in this course. This will be demonstrated in the integration of your textbook and course learning throughout your paper. Make sure to properly cite the text book and have a reference page.  Use appropriate headings throughout the paper to help the flow of the paper.

Family Issue: My father was an active duty soldier in the United States Army my entire life from birth until after I graduated from high school.  The issue that I would like to discuss is the challenges/sadness my mother and I faced while my father deployed to Iraq during the initiation of Operation Enduring Freedom.  I was nine years old.  Resources my mother and I utilized were on the military installation; called the Family Readiness Group (FRG Meetings).  We also, utilized our Christian faith/religion.
Part 1 Description of the stressful issue, your developmental stage, services, and culture

Outline the issue(s) and consider the following:

Describe your developmental stage (cite the text book)
What were the issues? How did your developmental stage interact with the issue experienced (how did your developmental stage impact how you experienced the event and/or how was your development impacted by the timing of the event?) Cite the text book!
Did you receive services for this issue/experience?

If so, what type of services? Make sure to think about services that were mentioned in the text books.
If not, why did your family choose not to do so? (Ex.: Were there no services available? Did your family feel they could handle it on their own?)

What was the outcome of receiving or not receiving services?

How did culture impact the issues your family was facing or their interaction with services?

Part 2 Professional perspective and application of text and course material

Professional Perspective:

How would you have approached your family to successfully have them make use of services? (integrate what you have learned thus far as to the role of a social worker)
Consider the social work roles described in the Webb text (educator, therapist, advocate, etc.). Which roles would be helpful for your family in dealing with your stressful issue?

Provide a summary of three (3) recent research articles (year 2010 or newer)that are relevant to the issue the family was facing. Provide this context/research and discuss how it applies to your family.
Given the issue the family was facing apply knowledge from the text book, your articles researched above, and identify an evidence-based intervention (effective treatment modality) to address the issue you discussed, this will also require some research on your part. Make sure you cite the source.

Why did you choose this intervention specific to your family’s issue, strengths, culture, and developmental stage?
How best would this evidence-based intervention/program work with your family?

What would be barriers to implementation whether specific to your family or the actual EBP?
Is the EBP culturally responsive to your family’s needs?

What did you learn from this assignment?

How will you apply what you have learned to your Social Work practice?



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Individual case study


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Description / paper instructions
This is an individual assignment and therefore must be completed by the individual student without outside assistance. In order to complete the assignment, first review the practice activity of applying descriptive models. Then, answer the questions listed below for each part of the case.
Conduct necessary calculations and visualizations to answer the questions. Submit your Excel spreadsheet(s) with calculations/ visualizations to the assignment dropbox before the posted deadline. You may submit additional Excel spreadsheets if you feel they are necessary to support your answers.
Prepare a report, which includes your answers to the assignment questions. Your answers must be entered directly into this Word document below each question. Insert each answer below each question on this document and use as much space as needed.
A total of 5 points is possible for this assignment. This includes the point values which are assigned to each question (point values are noted next to each question below) plus 1 point which are earned based on following the prescribed assignment format, and the proper writing style and APA format.
Part 1 (1 point):
Question: Define a problem statement which reflects the challenge facing Magic Foods leadership.
Part 2 (3 points):
Apply descriptive modeling to analyze relationships between company sales and all predictor variables. Discuss the results of your analysis, implications for future data analysis. Illustrate your answer with appropriate statistics and visualizations. Provide recommendations for the Magic Foods management.


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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Final Report

Marketing Plan

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Description / paper instructions
PLEASE READ THE FULL INSTRUCTIONS IN THE WORD DOC so you know what I am talking about.
What I am writing below is further explanation and some tips. (read ”instructions” before continuing)
1st Part:
(I sorted the data on excel and took a screenshot, no need to analyse the whole data set, I sorted it)
I uploaded an excel sheet with some data of the customers. You will have to find the best 2 target segments to create the primary buyer persona and the secondary buyer persona in order to do the second part of the project. (I sorted the data on excel and took a screenshot, so no need for you to analyse the whole data set, I sorted it) I uploaded a screenshot of the data sorted by gender, number of ticket generated, value, season, and average ticket in a PNG file called ”Data SORTED (2)” (you can maybe just look at this one)
In my opinion (correct me if I’m wrong), the 2 buyers personas that we should target the most are:
1-FEMALE as a whole (largest revenue generated 9436€), specially from Great Britain (revenue 4502€) in the SUMMER season since it’s the biggest revenue (revenue 2311€) and avg ticket (39.2€)
2-MALE as a whole (2505€), specially from the USA (Revenue 1107€), also in the SUMMER season (753€ revenue), even if their average ticket is low 47.1€ (but they are many since they generated the largest revenue and the goal is to gain awareness so we need quantity)
I uploaded templates for the Primary Buyer Persona and Secondary Buyer Persona. You can just fill them in.
2nd part of the project: How to target them accurately?
The report should be 7 pages but if you have to write more tell me. I counted the 2 buyers personas as 2 pages. so the rest should be 4 to 5 pages.
YouareconsultingforVeggie Deli,avegetarianrestaurantinMarbella,thathas asked you to design a campaign targeting English-speakingresidentsintheMalaga province in order to increase buzz and top-of-mind. Theyarealreadydoingagoodjobattractinglocalnativesand theybelieve itwouldbeagoodopportunitytoexpandtheircustomerbasethrough thisparticulargroup.ShowinghigherAverageOrderTickets,andlonger CustomerLifetimeValues, thisnew audiencelacksgeneralawarenessoftherestaurant.
Inordertoadequatelytargetthegroup,youwillfirstneedtodefineaPrimaryBuyerPersona and a Secondary Buyer Persona,both of which should represent the two mostvaluablesegment of customers. BuyerPersonashelpcompaniesempathizewithparticularlyhigh-value consumersin order to producecontentandpromotionsthatattract, seduce, andconvertthemintoloyalcustomers.Byknowingwhotheyare;howtheybehave,whattheylike,andhowtheyfeel,yourorganizationwillbebetterequippedtoidentifythesehighlyvaluablecostumersoutofthemassofonlineconsumersandtargetthemappropriately.
Asthisrestaurant’smarketingconsultantyouaregivenalistofmoreor less than600English–speakingcustomerswhovisitedtherestaurantlastyear.Incompleteasitis, youmayonlyconsiderthisdata-setforthejob. Sievethroughthenumbers, findpatterns,andhypothesizeabout what does it all mean. Onceyouhavelockedinaspecificarchetype, conductashortresearchtoproducerelatableBuyer Personas.

Identification:Identifythemostvaluablesegmentsofcustomersbycross-examiningthedifferentdimensions,assessingwhichofthesegmentswouldrepresentabetterbusinessopportunityfortherestaurant.Youwillneedtojustifyyouranswer. WhichsegmentshouldyoutargetasprimaryBuyerPersona? And as secondary Buyer Personas? Whydid you make these choices?Trytothinkasarestaurantmanagerwould:maybeyoucanfindpatternsin the data which tellthestoryof differentcustomerjourneys. Toconductthisanalysis, youmayconsiderthetechniquesshowninthevideo-tutorial, butifyoufeelmorecomfortablewithotherdataanalysisandvisualizationtoolsyou maygoforwardwiththem.


Characterization:After identifying hypothesis, you should conductanonlineresearch, readingreal, vegetarianand veganblogarticles, discussionforums, reviews and ratings, Facebook, Twitter andInstagrampages, watchvideos on YouTube,and maybe eventalktoarealvegetarian. Once the research is finalized, you should have acquiredBuyer Personas’keywords, jargon and slang, you should have understoodtheirmotivationsandpersonality. Inthereport,fleshoutarelatablecharacter. Thischaracterneedstobeasrealisticaspossible: themoreinspiredbyresearch, ratherthanpure intuition,themoreaccurateyourBuyerPersonawillbe, and the better advertising you will be able to conduct.It should be the cornerstone of any ensuing digital marketing strategies and actions.(TEMPLATES TO FILL)

2nd Part of the report (After Finding the Primary Buyer Persona, Create ads, SEO, SEM to target it).
Now that you have a Customer Journey Map and defined the Buyer Personas, you must engage in creating an Awareness Campaign for this restaurant with the objective of getting the restaurant known to the target audience.
For this purpose, you will be asked to create mock-ups of actual digital ads that may be appealing to the Buyer Personas defined in the previous exercise. After researching to build a realistic Buyer Persona, you should have an understanding of what makes them tick and would be able to generate ads that speak to them and make them click.
Thus, here are the deliverables you should include:

Viral:Come up with a viral idea to get as much reach as possible (focus on shares). Use the STEPPS framework to assist you in building the necessary viral potential for this idea. This is a creative, format-free exercise, not constrained by any limitations whatsoever. You may create a video, a contest, a challenge, a social event, or any other format you may see fit for your goals. You should include a logical explanation of how your viral campaign will motivate users to participate and share your idea.
SEO:Brainstorm among yourselves for keywords and questions which your Buyer Personas may be searching actively on the internet that have an “informational” intent (climate change, animal rights, veganism vs vegetarianism vsflexitarianism…) . Then, use this tool to create at least 10 SERP snippets (aprox 2 per candidate) that would equate to blog articles and content the restaurant may want to produce to attract clicks. The SERP snippet is one of the most important SEO elements, as it will define the moment of truth of the click. Create surprising and attractive headlines, with a URL and a meta-description that gathers the clicks
SEM:Consider keywords and questions which your Buyer Personas may be searching actively on the Internet, for you to try to impact them in the micro-moment when they decide to go to a restaurant. Then, use this tool to create at least 10 mock-up ads (aprox. 2 per candidate) that the restaurant may want to produce to attract the highest number of clicks. Be creative, add extensions and use keywords with high purchase intent (best restaurant, take away, delivery, best vegan restaurant near me …).

You can find inspiration here and here
Make screenshots of your ads and paste them in your Final Report. Please comment on your choices and briefly explain how your campaign will garner the necessary awareness this restaurant needs.


Term Paper Project college admissions essay help

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Term Paper Project


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High School


Sources / references


Description / paper instructions

my professor gave me following response regarding the assignment. I have attached the file below. Please write letter for the third part of question. Thanks
I just want you to ensure that the feedback given by my professor is considered. Also, please make sure that writer corrects the part 3 of the assignment where he must write a transmittal letter not an enclosure.
Hi I want to give some instructions about the revision of the assignment. Firstly, please write a letter of transmittal for part 3 of the assignment. Secondly mention proper annotation sources which is required for bibliography. thanks
Hi I have attached the file that contain the project’s question. thanks

Name: Dharminder Singh
Student: 0064554
Subject: English 110
Instructor: Heather Harper

Smoking in public is something with which the world keeps struggling even after the lawbanned it. While smoking is obviously a personal choice, doing it in public places, where others non-smoking people are able to be affected by it, basically means take the right to choose from others. Banning public smoking was certainly needed step; yet, there are occasions when people suffer from passive smoking even after the ban was launched. Amount of dead because of cigarettes in the USA is significant but what it more tragic is the fact that their deaths caused by passive smoking. Therefore, there is a need to discuss what government has done about public smoking and question ordinary people about current topic in order to identify whether banning smoking in public places was effective or not and how good people are aware about it.

Part one

Tobacco smoking has been popular all over the world for a lot of decades, even centuries, mainly because of addiction it brings and the imagination of “looking mature while smoking”. It is good to know that anumber of smokers in America has decreased from 20.9% in 2005 (45.1 million smokers) to 15.5% in 2016 (37.8 million smokers) (Jamal et al., 2018). However, the history of banning smoking in public places started back in 1970, when smoking has been extended to parks and beaches (Bayer & Bachynski, 2013). This ban was a necessary governmental movebecause not only it caused damage to non-smokers` health but provided public place with pollution caused by cigarette butts. Right now, in this century many people believe that a lot of problems can be solved by e-cigarettes, but it is not known for sure. The thing is, according to Anuanwu, Craig, Katikireddi& Green (2018), there is another danger coming from electronic smoking because “they may renormalize smoking behaviors and put current successes in tobacco control at risk”.

Despite such aspect as pollution, there is greater problem with smoking in public places, which is damage of passive smoking to non-smokers, including pregnant women and children. People, who surround smokers, are risking “accelerating the progress of atherosclerosis and predisposing to coronary spasm and thrombosis, and therefore ACS” (Bobadilla, Dalmau &Galve, 2013). Ban`s creating was mainly caused by moral dilemma of choice making: everybody (older than 18) is free to smoke, it is their choice but smoking in public means taking choice from non-smokers. Additionally, to preventing non-smokers to struggle from current diseases, there is another reason why banning public smoking was a great idea. It is a well-known fact that outdoors restrictions caused “significant positive effect post-legislative ban on voluntary home smoking restrictions” (Monson & Arsenault), which basically means that bigger amount of people smoke only in recommended places. The ban`s main idea is not only to prevent passive smoking, but to teach people the culture of smoking and remind them about the danger.

Part two

Approximately, how many cigarettes do you smoke every day?
_____up to 10 cigarettes      _____more than 10      _____more than 20
_____I do not smoke
If you are a smoker, have you ever smoked in public place?
_____yes, I have      _____no, I only smoke in specific smoking areas
Have you ever witnessed somebody smoking in public place?
_____yes, often       _____yes, rarely      _____no
Have you ever felt yourself uncomfortable because of passive smoking?
_____yes, always      _____yes, sometimes      _____no

In your opinion, what is the most dangerous aspect of smoking in public places?
_____non-smokers struggle because of passive smoking
_____children are vulnerable to cigarette smoke
_____youth can be mentally influenced to start smoking
_____I do not think there is any danger in public smoking at all
Do you think banning smoking in public places was a right choice?
_____yes      _____no      _____hard to tell
If you noticed, what kind of people smoke in public places the most?
_____youth      _____adult     _____elder
Imagine a situation: you are in a public place and you see a smoking person. There is a police car standing nearby but they do not notice such law violation. What would you do?
_____ignore      _____go to the police car and tell about violation
_____tell smoking person to obey smoking in public places ban
In your opinion, should there be more places with smoking ban?
_____yes      _____no      _____hard to tell
How effective do you think current law restrictions against smoking in public places?
_____highly effective      _____non-effective      _____50/50
_____needs future development.
Part three

The main task of current research and questionnaire was to identify several things: how good people know about smoking ban, do they obey it, have they even witnessed any ban violations and whether they know how to deal with violator. However, testing their knowledge was not a number one priority because the goal was to remind people about such ban. While thinking about questionnaire, they are searching their minds to find all possible information about ban, which is highly effective in maintaining major points about their rights. Next time while visiting public place these people would remember about ban, especially if they used to violate it by themselves in past. It would be a great social initiative about providing wider amount of people with current questionnaire since a lot of people keep smoking around others simply because of their unawareness. Tobacco addiction is hard to fight but what is easy to achieve is spreading such thing as awareness about current topic.

The results of questionnaire are quite pleasant because people actually know a lot of things about banning smoking in public places. Some of them were even familiar with the scenario, where they have witnessed smoking in public place and some of them even tried to talk to smokers. It is a great thing to know that people realize the amount of harm that passive smoking can bring and importance of fighting with it. Must be noticed, only few of questioned people smoke and none of them have ever broke the law by smoking in public place. If current questionnaire was grading, all questioned people would have received highest points and, what is most importantly more than a half of them are young people. Young generation is something that builds tomorrow and tomorrow seems as a decent place to live with such awareness about vital smoking problems.


In conclusion, it is important to notice that while discussing such important matter as banning smoking in public places there was identified that people are well-aware about current topic, so this ban is actually effective. With the help of reliable sources there was an ability to maintain the greatest dangerous aspects of passive smoking, which is able to create a number of dangerous diseases even among non-smokers. A questionnaire with total amount of 10 questions was presented and its main goal was not only to test people`s knowledge about smoking in public places but to remind them about current topic. Overall, questioned people showed great results so there is a need to spread awareness among others, which could
be implemented with the help of questionnaires. In the end, despite the fact people are already aware about current topic, ban`s violations still take places and non-smokers keep suffering from it so there is a need for future actions in spreading awareness.
Anyanwu, P., Craig, P., Katikireddi, S., & Green, M. (2018). Impacts of smoke-free public
places legislation on inequalities in youth smoking uptake: study protocol for a
secondary analysis of UK survey data. BMJ Journals, 8(3).
Bayer, R., & Bachynski, K. (2013). Banning Smoking in Parks And On Beaches: Science,
Policy, And the Politics of Denormalization. Health Affairs, 32(7).
Bobadilla, J, Dalmaua, R., Galveb, E. (2013). Laws Restricting Smoking in Public Places
Reduce the Incidence of Acute Coronary Syndrome in Spain. Revista Espanola de
            Cardiologia, 67(5).
Jamal, A, Phillips, E., Gentzke, A., Homa, D., Babb, S., King, B., & Neff, L. (2018). Current
Cigarette Smoking Among Adults — United States, 2016. Weekly, 67(2), 53–59.
Monson, E., & Arsenault, N. (2017). Effects of Enactment of Legislative (Public) Smoking
Bans on Voluntary Home Smoking Restrictions: A Review. Oxford Journals, 19(2),