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American Cancer Society, established in 1913, is a national community-based organization that is dedicated to fighting and eliminating cancer through prevention, research, education, advocacy, and service. The organization was established by 15 physicians and businessmen, in New York City, under the name American Society for the Control of Cancer. The name was changed to American Cancer Society in 1945, when the society was reorganized to recognize the new era. The symbol is composed of two serpents and a sword of hope which represent the scientific medical focus and the crusading spirit of the movement against cancer. The society is currently run by volunteers. The number one goal of the organization is to “save lives and create a world…show more content…

The lodge gives patients and caregivers a free place to stay since getting the best possible cancer treatment sometimes requires traveling away from home. According to M.R (personal communication, March 4, 2013), “Hope Lodge allows patient and their caregivers focus on getting well and it is a place to share a meal, join different patient centered activities and unwind.” The service is free of charge but the requirement is that the patient must live at least 40 minutes away from the cancer treatment center. It is a home away from home.


The ACS also provides certain psychosocial benefits for their patients through support groups, counseling, and exercise programs. The programs are an important component in helping cancer patients and survivors to achieve the optimum quality of life. The ACS has partnered up with the Y in a program called Strive and Thrive: Live strong at the YMCA. This is a health and well-being program for cancer patients and survivors which help to achieve the goal of holistic health. The focus of this exercise program is to “reduce fatigue, improve muscle strength and energy levels, as well as to increase flexibility, endurance, confidence, self-esteem, mood and overall well-being. The program also helps to prevent cancer recurrence while increasing survival rate, “(ACS, 2013).


ACS also partners up with many different support groups which help patients through their cancer journey. The groups include: Reach to Recovery, Man to


What Is Dark Optimism In Lord Of The Flies history assignment writing help

Dark optimism is the simultaneous belief in humanity’s potential and its failure to achieve it, an idea reflected heavily by William Golding in his novel The Lord of the Flies. Though his work explores the most deplorable aspects of human nature, Golding acknowledges the heights to which humanity can rise, demonstrating confidence in its future. The allegory revolves around the central metaphor of a “beast,” an irrational inclination for cruelty and savagery which is universal to humans. Just as the characters abandon their innocence, so too does the reader; the observer recognizes mankind’s essential illness, the capability for evil, a revelation expressed by Golding’s quote, “…Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s


Essay on Allegory in Lord of the Flies women’s rights history essay help: women’s rights history essay help

Allegory in Lord of the Flies


In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, which is set during World War II, English school boys, escaping war in England, crash on a deserted tropical island.  From the protected environment of boarding school, the boys are suddenly thrust into a situation where they must fend for themselves.  In order to survive, the boys copy their country’s rule for a civilized life by electing a leader, Ralph.  He promises order, discipline, and rules for the boys so that they form a small civilized society.  This civilized society does not last.  Struggling with Jack who wants to be the leader and the boys’ fears of the unknown, Ralph is unable to maintain control, and the boys fulfill Golding’s perspective that human…show more content…

Although the boys would prefer to have fun and play games, they follow Ralph’s rules at first. This order is maintained until Ralph loses his leadership role to Jack.  After providing, or bribing, the boys with juicy pig meat, Jack asks “’Who’ll join my tribe and have fun?’” (211).  This lure of enjoyment along with the promise of more food sways the boys to follow Jack.  With the demise of Ralph’s leadership and under the leadership of Jack, the boys begin to turn towards savagery.  


From this point on, the change in the leadership brings with it the transformation of the boys from ordered society to savages.   Through the downfall of Ralph’s leadership and the resulting descent into savagery, Golding is able to reveal how the dark side of human nature can prevail.  Golding’s character Piggy portrays the voice of reasoning and logic and his glasses symbolize his wisdom. Ralph recognizes Piggy’s ability to think with clarity and soon depends upon him in his role as leader.  Piggy’s idea to use the conch to assemble all the survivors leads to Ralph’s election as leader.   Ralph uses Piggy’s ideas for building shelter and Piggy’s glasses to ignite the signal fire.  “Ralph moved the lenses back and forth, this way and that, till a glossy white image of the declining sun lay on a piece of the rotten wood” (30).  Golding shows his pessimistic view of human nature as Piggy, whose ideas and logical thoughts have been so important to the

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Beta Approach in Stock-Investing art history essay help



This report aims at implement two distinct approaches, which can indicate the expected return and risk of a two-stock portfolio, to generate a practical solution to risk-analyzing for stock-investing. The two approaches are Mean-Variance Approach and CAPM Approach. While we apply the Mean-Variance Approach to determine the expected return and standard deviation, we employ the CAPM approach to measure the beta and expected return of each stock. The calculations of the aforesaid mathematical characteristics will contain the weekly returns during a seven-year time period integrated with the ASX all ordinaries Accumulation Index as a substitute for the market index and Official Cash Rate (thereafter, OCR, which is the interest…show more content…

As for the portfolio, the expected return for a portfolio is the weighted average of the expected rates of return for the individual investments in the portfolio. The variance of the portfolio returns is a weighted sum of the covariance and variance terms associated with the assets in the portfolio. 41 possible portfolios contains DJS and BHP with different weights starting at 100% invested in BHP and increasing the weight at 2.5% intervals until it reaches 100% in DJS.


See Appendix A3 for the table


|Portfolio No.           |DJS               |BHP                 |Expected Return         |Standard deviation               |


|1                       |0.00%             |100.00%             |0.535115%               |4.866364%                        |


|22                      |52.50%            |47.50%              |0.525368%               |4.179564%                        |


|…                       |…                 |…                   |…                       |…                                |


|41                      |100.00%           |0.00%               |0.516550%               |4.776287%                        |




The following line graph displays the 41 possible portfolios. The x-axis shows standard deviation, while the y-axis in the graph shows expected return. The graph