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Economics of education

In the recent years, research has generated the realization that the spread of education is positively correlated with increasing productivity. For instance, the former USSR improved her economy by eradicating illiteracy. Also, all the developed countries have progressed by investing more in education. On the other hand, most of the developing countries have generated the problem of educated unemployment or brain drain by improving their education systems.

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Education for international understanding

This is a central purpose for studying comparative education. The two world wars made man to seek even more seriously the various ways of promoting international understanding. UNESCO has recognized that wars begin from the minds of men. Therefore in order to stop another war from occurring, international understanding is essential so that national pride can be curtailed in the people’s minds. This was the spirit of the League of Nations in 1921; International Bureau of education in 1925 and Commission of Intellectual Cooperation in 1926. To deal with labour problems and education, International Labour Organization (ILO) and UNESCO were established. The declaration of human rights in 1948 by the United Nations Organization (UNO) as a way of enhancing peace has contributed to international understanding. Unilateral and multilateral co-operation programmes have been developed to promote international understanding. Education is seen as the possible way to enhance international understanding. To understand other nations of the world, their philosophies of life, education, culture and sociology and to understand the forces, be they geographical, cultural, local and religious influencing their life, to know more about their customs, traditions and culture is absolutely essential. An understanding of how these cultures are affecting education systems is important for the development of clear concept of internationalism. Exchanging of students teachers and other social workers is intended to promote the international systems of education.

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Relax national pride

This is necessary for those countries that feel to be more superior to other countries in case of technology, military prowess and economic prosperity. They need to understand that other countries are essential for their sustenance and therefore have to work for mutual benefit of each other. Comparative thinking and international perspective taking are essential for citizens to get along in diverse, global society. Comparison challenges students to suspend judgment of these foreign systems that they might base on their limited and localized perspectives. Through the development of comparative thinking skills, students should be able to undertake analyses of their home cultures and systems with a more nuanced understanding of various cultural factors at play.

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The structure of glycogen contains polymer chains that are very long and combined by alpha acetal linkage. Carbonyl and alcoholic groups, when combined they form acetal linkages. Polysaccharides include the building blocks for glycogen. They contain a form of sugars known as glucose monomers. Glycogen in animals acts as glucose storage that the body uses when the blood sugars decline in the body. It also serves as a ready reservoir of energy for our brains. Glycogen exists in the liver cells and skeletal muscles of human beings and animals.