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Project Instructions The information below is discussed in more detail in the faculty video for this week (Analysis Step – Video overview of written instructions) (video is close-captioned). Please review that video and contact your instructor if you have any questions. This project will focus on a health promoting educational intervention!

You will report your findings in a Data Analysis Tool which will be used to compile a Problem/needs list (instructions here). Analysis Step: This is the phase where the information that you’ve gathered from the two pieces of the Assessment (Key Informant Interview and Community Reconnaissance) will be analyzed—condensed into “protective factors” or “predictive factors”—using the Data Analysis Tool. Protective factors are “good” things—things that are a “plus” or a help—in the community for your agency or vulnerable population. Protective factors may also be the fact that a predictive factor does not exist in the community. Predictive factors are things that may be harmful or may work against your agency or vulnerable population—it’s not in their best interest if it is found in the community. From this compilation, a Problem/Needs list can be determined and then prioritized Instructions: Review the 2 pieces of the Assessment (Key Informant