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Professional Nursing Science Concepts Ap History Essay Help

Professional Nursing Science Concepts

Instill knowledge on students on policies and strategies which facilitates the professionalism development in nurses. The course allows the student to take part in process of critical thinking thus enabling them make the right decision and able to act in accordance to nursing values thus ensuring that the proper health delivery is accoreded to the patients.

To instill a working knowledge to the students in order to acquire essential concepts in their nursing professional. To provide an educational program that is flexible to ensure attainment of professional and personal goal in their carrier in order to meet the needs of healthcare in the community. To provide a collaborative environment between the RN-BSN students and faculty to further their studies in nursing.

The program ensures achievement of nursing goals by ensuring the students show behavior and caring perception while providing their services to the community. It ensures conservation of aspirations and dignity by promoting wellness and health for patients and individuals. The program helps students to utilize knowledge acquired in the program in providing care hat is evidence-based. Effecting application of life skills gained such as innovative thinking, conceptual thinking, and critical thinking to solve day to day problems during their service delivery.




The nursing program per year Summary history assignment ideas: history assignment ideas

Areas that will cost the program money

The overall cost of the program remains small as it is time and cost effective. The areas projected to cost the program include, research on nurse staffing in hospitals, human resource care and management, educational facilities and research materials, course development, capacity building and public participation, and faculty.

Educated estimate of the cost to operate the nursing program per year

The budget is for one hundred students enrolled in one year .Estimated revenues to operate the program per year includes tuition or university funding amounting to; in dollars, Two hundred thousand, and grants and contracts from other individuals and organizations amounting to  one fifty thousand. Total estimated revenue is three hundred and fifty thousand. Estimated expenses includes salaries and benefits of staffs to be one hundred thousand, learning materials eighty thousand, instructional materials, twenty thousand, facilities and modifications fifty thousand. Total expenses amounting to two hundred and fifty thousand.



(“Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) – RN-to-BSN Completion Curriculum | School of Nursing | UNC Charlotte”, 2021)




Working Force Retention Strategies Introduction ap us history essay help

Working Force Retention Strategies


Emergence of many companies that offers same services has led to the competition among the companies to provide quality services, a company do what it takes to maintain its highly skilled employees and put measures that will generally elevate employees’ skills. A company’s steady performance in the market wholly depends its capability to retain most of its top performing employees if not all of them. Contribution of loyal and hardworking employees to the company always leads to the survival and company’s achievement; the company therefore has a responsibility to encourage and motivate staff to work for the company for its survival.

The process of retaining workers in company will ultimately lead to employer and staff mutual happiness since employees will pledge their loyalty to the company; the benefits of having loyal team will also lead to company’s achievement at large. The study will categorically focus on process Clear One Advantage company may use to retain its workers instead of hiring new employees to replace existing staff. Furthermore, the study also explains the need to maintain the employees; for instance, the company will lose if their fully trained new employees choose to resign after training. The study seeks to explain the importance of hiring and retaining quality employees. Some of the competent employees may quit their jobs immediately after grooming due to many factors such as unsatisfactory wages, poor working environment and poor departmental management.

The study recommends timely identification of problems that discourages new workers and initiate measures that will lead to retention of the new employees and competent staff.; it suggests some of the practical steps that the ClearOne Advantage company uses to lower turnover rates at the organization. Furthermore, the study sheds light on the relationship between retaining competent employees and the company’s vision in achieving its goals.


Working Force Retention Strategies Issues history assignment help and resources: history assignment help and resources


The ClearOne Advantage is experiencing a non-decreasing turnover rates, leading to losses in the company since the company uses a lot of money to attract, recruit, and groom new employees. The company’s weakness to encounter the trending employee retention puts the company’s success in doubt; on average, the company fails to retain to 2-3 of its employees. The company encounters the lack of proper strategies to convince its employees and earn their loyalty since the company hires many recruits, some of which are not competent and cannot cope with the culture of the ClearOne advantage. The company earns both negative and positive reviews from the clients. Therefore, to survive in the market, ClearOne Advantage hires new employees to replace incompetent and unsatisfied staff without minding the consequences of not retaining them. The primary issue that prompts this proposal, is the worrying increasing trend in numbers of employees that quits at the ClearOne advantage per year.

Working Force Retention Strategies Background Information ap world history homework help

Background Information

The study creates awareness of the company’s increasing turnover rates; the study targets all stakeholders in the company. For instance, the study explains the need for the employees why their working-mates are resigning their jobs and it enable the Chief Executive Officer, manger and Human Resource manager to evaluate and fill the gaps in their management responsibility. The study facilitates formulation of flexible policies to employees. Besides, the paper recommends that the Human resource manager provide appropriate tools and good working terms and conditions that managers will effectively use to convince employees. Acceptability of the study will boost the Human resource manager in ensuring the employees’ satisfaction, hence leading to low turnover rates since the survey will create a balance between recruitment and retention of employees. The study begins with the reasons that triggers increase in turnover rates at ClearOne Advantage company. It then analyzes the relationship between the ClearOne Advantage’s culture and the increasing turnover rates by examining the existing the organization’s existing data.

The proposal will focus on the benefits of retaining employees and methods to train and have loyal workforce. Furthermore, the proposal reviews other articles to ensure its validity in facilitation of strategies of retaining dedicated employees; it also offers solutions to the problems ClearOne advantage are facing. The study proposes the changes in the employees’ compensation payroll in the respective department; it also proposes to the Human resource manager to decide on the basis of the analysis of the data on retention rates in the past.  Acceptance of the study proposal will lead to the increasing profits. The proposal will strictly address the need for the company to retain its workforce by identifying the reason that makes top performing employees to quit their jobs. The proposal recommends establishment and analysis report on employees’ job satisfaction to evaluate the relationship between the employee job satisfaction and the increasing turnover rates at ClearOne Advantage company.

Research methods used will be fundamental in the success of the projects the study proposes. For this study the Human resource reports on employee retention will be the primary source of data.  The study will use both in-person interviews and surveys to get employees’ opinions on how to reduce the turnover rates; the questionnaire will be anonymous to boost the employees’ confidence to give confidential information on changes that will enhance job satisfaction on the company. The proposal suggests persuasive ideas that the company will use to convince its top performing employees to stay for a more extended period before quitting their jobs to facilitate survival of the organization.