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Professional Exploration And Career Thinking Plan. History Assignment Help Is It Legit

Career plan

My career plan is to have all the skills that I am being taught in the lectures and outside lectures to be at my fingertips. I have a plan to have the best graphic and communication designs to have my compliments on getting my career stable. I have a career plan on having all that am having in class to get a stable turn for the job opportunities in the job market.

I will make use of my sketchbook to ensure I have practiced thoroughly on my work. The sketchbook will help me guide many scenarios that I will come across, thus gaining experience on the work that I will be doing. I will have my sketchbook ready to have all the work designs prepared for the point of reference.

I will ensure I have details that I can justify my work and get all the credit that I need whenever I have done my job. Being able to explain my work will help me have an apparent reference of every aspect that I am taking, thus making considerations of the work I am doing. Additionally, I will ensure I have the right specs to make work neat and appealing to the consumers of my work. The right specs will help me focus on the balance of colors on the visuals that I am making, plus ensuring that I have made a good selection of paints and wording that will help me have a better output of my work (Visser et al.,2017).

Goals of my current discipline. history assignment help ireland: history assignment help ireland


Goals of my current discipline  

My goal as a Graphic and communication designer is to have the knowledge and skills required in the job market. The skills that will help me land a job will help me have experience in the job market. My goal is to have graphics illustrations by having the software skills that we are using at hand. I aim to meet my clients’ deadlines, which will help me have the best relationship with my consumers. Maintaining the client’s budget is a crucial factor, thus ensuring I have time management skills that will help me have completion of projects in good time. I will be responsible for my team of designers by overseeing the daily signs of progress of the projects and have a good and quick response when a revision is requested.


What I will do if my dream job disappears or becomes obsolete. history assignment help ireland

What I will do if my dream job disappears or becomes obsolete

If my dream job disappears and becomes obsolete, I will venture into business with the knowledge and skills I have from college in graphic and communication design. I will focus on opening up a studio and run it as a minor boss as it grows to accommodate big businesses and projects. I will gather resources and ideas on how a studio is build up and what kind of resources I will need. I will take notes on already established studios to make sure I have a better way of starting my studio. I will open my studio in a well-positioned place to get clients and have my business running at the appropriate cost. The company’s location matters a lot since it determines the accessibility and how I can have all the clients reaching the studio for their auditions and recording.

When I open my studio, I will employ junior graphic designers to have the work done on a timely basis to have my workflow and every client that steps into my studio be satisfied with the service. Meeting my consumer’s needs will help me have a good relationship with them, which will help me maintain the visibility of my studio. I will practice being a good manager who will ensure I have all it takes to have my studio working and running as plans. The studio will run all programs that are in high demand by people; this will help me ensure I don’t lack anything that consumers want, thus maintaining clients to my studio (Lane,2018). Additionally, I will ensure I have a well- planned studio with an organized platform on how I offer my services. As the boss of my studio, I will ensure workability, output, and quality to be the main aspects that I will look at so that my consumers have the satisfaction and maintenance of my clients.

Timeline for the three-years plan for how I will get there? world history essay help: world history essay help

Timeline for the three-years plan for how I will get there

In my three-year plan, I would like to have my portfolio rich in skills and experience that I have acquired over the period after graduation. I will ensure I have done a short course certification that will help me have an area of focus that will help sell my skills. I will have my knowledge documented well and all my skills in my portfolio. I will expect my salary to have a higher range of $ 180,900 per year, which will help range my career aspect.

I will travel the world to have a full view of how things happen on different planets, and this will help me have a comprehensive overview of how to handle things. I will gather more knowledge on how I will advance my studio to meet international qualifications. When people out of the country have come to make the production of their records, I will stand an opportunity to produce the best in the industry.

I will ensure I have made my Curriculum vitae updated with recent qualifications and skills that will help me have the best chance of getting the job. I will ensure I have aligned my capabilities with the career progression to make me have the best for my career path.


How to present your brand. african history assignment help

How you present your brand

I will focus on projects that will help me have a projection on how I will look at academic and professional pictures. I will focus on projects that support billboards, packaging, logos, bus wraps, marketing materials, and graphic designers working for magazines, advertising, and marketing agencies. I will ensure I have done many of these projects to have vast leverage in improving my career options. My portfolio will help me have a better way of landing a better job since I will have displayed my efforts and experience in making such products to help a company that will fetch me to have a good experience (Dabner et al.,2018).

I will showcase my portfolio by exposing lesser work, not to expose all my work, and it gets to be stolen by someone. I will showcase my personality, which will help employers know who I am and what I can do. I will focus on both finished work and that’s in progress, and this will help me show that I have a workflow that is not on the stand, thus having a growing showcase. My previous works are from scratch, which has helped me know how to handle pressure when the draft of work is needed. Working from scratch has enabled me to have a complete guide on how projects take the whole phase of development, thus understanding a complete project phase. I need to put more effort into my previous works since I want to improve my skills and knowledge to be better than before. Improvement of skills will help make the most appropriate way of making the developments of creating a better way of growing and better progress in the market.

There is no need to have a personal website to showcase my portfolio since I have a well-developed portfolio with complete details about me and the work. A well-established curriculum vitae is a boost on showing the progress, skills, and knowledge that I have. Nevertheless, having a website is not a bad idea is an added advantage to showcase the potential that I have on how I can do my work well, but it’s not a must to have one. A website will help make the best ground for a well-progressed way of making progress, creating a better way of making better progress


I need a log to brand myself since it’s part of my work that I am doing, and this will help me showcase my work and a better way of having all that I am handling in my career. The logo will represent my studio that I will open for my side job in my career to have an official showing that we have the brand and that’s the work we are doing to get all we need (Motley,2017). The logo will help me market myself to the job market and get a clear indication of growth and development in my career.