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Principles Of Corporate Governance Women’s Rights History Essay Help


History And Meaning Of Corporate Governance history assignment help is it legit: history assignment help is it legit

Corporate governance is a key term to understand and it is increasingly important part of running a successful company. The system has evolved over the years, guided by the challenges and misjudgements of the corporate world.

The following guide will help you look into the history and meaning of corporate governance and find out about the core principles of it. You can also read about the key models and guidelines that help companies implement strong corporate governance in the demanding and competitive business world.

What is corporate governance?

Corporate governance refers to a set of rules, practices and processes that control a company and which provide it with a direction. It helps to ensure a balance between the different…show more content…
As the corporate culture began changing at the start of the 20th century, scholars began looking into the influence corporations have on the modern society. 

The Wall Street Crash of 1929 was a catalyst for many scholars, such as Adolf Augustus Berle and Gardiner C. Means. Furthermore, Ronald Coase, from the famous Chicago school of economics introduced concepts of corporate behaviour and birth to the public knowledge.

Further studies in to the issue became more mainstream and corporate governance became big news in the US during the 1990s, as the country’s corporations were hit by a wave of big chief executive officer (CEO) dismissals. 

Major corporate scandals and economic crisis have further deepened the development and focus on corporate governance around the world. In Asia, the East Asian Financial Crisis of 1997 highlighted the importance of strong corporate governance and strengthening of institutions became an important aspect of the business world across the globe. 

The benefits of good corporate governance

Corporate governance provides the framework for how to company operates and the direction it takes, which in turn brings about benefits for the corporation. The key advantages of a strong corporate governance culture include the following:

Clear roles and clarity with power distribution

With the established framework, the company can benefit from clarity. As corporate

Annotated Bibliography on Convergence and Divergence as history essay help

A selective Annotated Bibliography on Convergence and Divergence

Theodore Levitt (1983). “The Globalization of Markets.” Harvard business review pg 92-102

The author asserts in this journal to understand the two vectors shape the world – technology and globalization. The first helps determine human preferences, the second, economic realities. The global companies systematically push these vectors toward their own convergence, offering everyone simultaneously high-quality, more or less standardized products at low prices. Technology is a powerful force that has driven the world towards a converging commonality.  Almost everybody everywhere wants all the things they have heard about, seen, or experienced via the new technologies. The…show more content…

The article is divided into four parts. First part focuses on the traditional perspective on international marketing strategies focusing on the dichotomy between standardization and adaptation. The second part examines key assumptions underlying the philosophy of global standardization. The third part focuses on the constraints to implementation of global standardization. The last part of the article concludes on the bases of its review that a more general approach is suitable which incorporates various degrees of standardization or adaptation strategies. It is an important article as it concludes that an effective global marketing strategy does not guarantee the marketing of standardized products and global brands worldwide. It might work for some companies but cannot work for all.


Peng M.W., Pleggenkuhle-Miles E-G. “Current Debates in Global Strategy” International Journal of Management Reviews, 51-69

This paper contributes to the global strategy literature by outlining the four debates that we believe to be frontier issues with which the field will engage in the years to come. Its purpose is to review four current debates taking place in the field of global strategic management and international business. The review provides in-depth coverage of the four major global strategic management debates, comprising: (1) cultural vs institutional distance; (2) global vs regional geographic diversification; (3) convergence vs divergence in corporate governance, and (4)


The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control ap american history essay help: ap american history essay help

With an increase in the number of mass shootings that have occurred in the United States in the last few years the issue of gun control laws has become a prevalent topic of debate throughout American society. This debate stems from two opposing arguments over gun control. Some feel gun control laws are fair and not the contributing factor to these mass shootings, whereas, others feel that there is an urgent need for strict laws in order to end the problem of mass shootings. There are numerous pros and cons to the enforcement of stricter gun control laws but we must note a few things: stricter gun control laws would interfere with the second amendment, it is not the gun that kills it is the individual, and it is ultimately not laws that are…show more content…

We deserve the right to continue to preserve our protection and banning guns conflicts with that right. Stricter gun control laws would simply give rise to more societal problems regarding second amendment rights.  


Next, it is important to ask who are the people that really kill? Is it the gun or the person? People who defend the right to bear arms often state that it is not the gun that kills it is the individual that kills. Some feel the answer lies in that we need to introduce stricter laws on who is able to apply for license to carry guns. Gun laws vary from state to state with California being the most restrictive state to Arizona with the most lenient laws. These laws include background checks, waiting periods, and registration requirements to who can purchase and sells guns. Even with these laws in place we have still witnessed an increase in the number of mass shootings over the past few years. Implementing stricter gun control laws will ultimately not eliminate individuals from acquiring access to guns if they truly desire. State governments may require licenses to purchase guns but there remains an underground and online market to purchase guns, which does not monitor whether a person truly has a license or not. Rather than focusing on implementing stricter laws for control and ways to make the purchase


Social Issues In Persepolis history assignment writing help

Marjane Satrapi’s uses a monopoly of themes in her novel Persepolis because she wanted her readers to see different perspectives in her writing. However, Satrapi’s tensions between past culture and the present culture is self- evident in her novel. The Author shows this by writing about her experience in Iran during the Iranian revolution and the Iran-Iraq war. To what extent does the tension between past and present impact young Satrapi in Marjane Satrapi’s graphic novel Persepolis? This conflict between past and present changes Satrapi’s life, family, and people around her opening her eyes to the real world. During the revolution and the war, the author reflects on the past culture that she was taught. The reader is exposed to a multitude of different cultural and political aspects that proceed to affect her everyday life.  


Furthermore, when Satrapi was a child she had a deep connection with the past culture she was told dating back to the times of Cyrus the Great, around five hundred and eighty BC. This was because of her grandmother’s stories that was told to her as a child. (Satrapi 28). This era was the point in time of the Persian empire. Cyrus the Great was one of the many people who impacted the world. He was a towering figure in the history of mankind. As the “father of the Iranian nation”, he was the first world leader to be referred to as “The Great”. Cyrus founded the first world empire – and the second Iranian dynastic empire- after defeating the Median dynasty