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POPULATION DESCRIPTION ON BCM. Advanced Higher History Essay Help


The population is composed of students from all part of the country, both rural and urban areas. Majority of the student comes from the rural parts of the country where there is poor network connectivity hence it is the major challenge for online learning. Some students are foreigners, with a population of 6 students (d. Most international students are from neighbouring East African countries:  one from Ethiopia, two from Rwanda, two from Tanzania and one from Uganda. The population age ranges from 18-24 years, which consist of undergraduate students only. A small percentage of students from less privileged backgrounds do not have electronic gadgets for online learning. Quite many students are involved in other daily operations: some are employed, some get involved in various business in the country of which may be affected either positively or negatively. Lastly, all students pursuing BCM, BQS and BCM are 254 students, with 80 students for each course.

Endocrine System summary. history assignment help in canada: history assignment help in canada

Diabetes type1
Diabetes type 2

It usually appears first in adolescents and children

, although it can still affect people that are aging.
It usually affects people as they are aging, although nowadays it is also affecting the children.

Before onset, the BMI has a healthy range of between 19-24
Before onset, the BMI has a field that is above the healthy range. It can range 25 or above

It occurs when the pancreatic beta cells get attacked by the immune system and can no longer produce insulin.
In this type of diabetes, the pancreas is damaged but usually produces insulin, but the insulin is not used by the body effectively.

Insulin administration is usually necessary for the survival of the patient.
Insulin administration is not necessary for the survival of the patient.

Insulin is deficient in the body as the pancreases are damaged hence cannot produce the required insulin.
There is relatively low insulin deficiency.

Hyperglycemia or high blood glucose symptoms ap american history essay help

She has hyperglycemia or high blood glucose symptoms because diabetes causes high blood sugar levels by producing insufficient insulin in the pancreases or resistance to any insulin action throughout the body.

When the body cannot produce enough insulin or cannot use the insulin adequately, it causes the blood sugar levels to increase, resulting in hyperglycemia.

She has symptoms of Polyuria, which usually occurs when there are excess sugar levels in the blood caused by diabetes. In the body, the kidney usually reabsorbs all of the sugar and redirects it to the bloodstream. In diabetes 1, the excess glucose ends up in the urine, and this results in it pulling more water, resulting in more urine. (“Polyuria is the Cause of Diabetes Complications,” 2018)

The Ketoacidosis she is experiencing symptoms in is a problem that usually affects people who have diabetes, and it is life-threatening. It usually occurs when the body begins to break down the fats in the body at a faster rate. The liver processes the  Lubricants into ketones, which causes the blood to be acidic.

Atherosclerosis symptoms she is experiencing are diabetes causes slow the blood to flow slowly and driving inflammation. Atherosclerosis usually accelerates when too much cholesterol clogs the arteries with the fatty acids known as plaques.

Prostaglandins group of lipids Summary. advanced higher history essay help: advanced higher history essay help

Prostaglandins are a group of lipids made at the site of tissue infection or damage involved in dealing with healing the illness and injury. They usually control processes such as blood flow, inflammation, Labour induction, and the formation of blood clots. They are broken down easily in the body and are short-lived, so they carry them out in the immediate locality that they are produced. it makes it necessary to regulate their actions. (“Pharmacology of inflammation and allergy: lipids and cells”, 1982)



Polyuria is the Cause of Diabetes Complications. (2018). International Journal Of Diabetes & Metabolic Disorders, 3(1). doi: 10.33140/ijdmd/03/01/00001

Pharmacology of inflammation and allergy: lipids and cells. (1982). Prostaglandins, 23(4), 436. doi: 10.1016/0090-6980(82)90106-x


Diagnosis of Anna Pritchard summary. history assignment help cheap

Diagnostic Pathology Report:  A Case Study of Anna Pritchard Aged 38 Years

Diagnosis of Anna Pritchard

Patient’s history

Our case study involves a female patient named Anna Pritchard, aged 38 years. Ann is admitted to one of the hospitals by ambulance to the A&E department in a semi-conscious state. Further, her family history is lacking, but Anna Pritchard seems non-responsive, thus collecting information about her. Being under the care of foster parents, who reveals that Anna Pritchard had registered for GP surgery but declined the services and opted out of medication therapy as enrolled. Later, Anna Pritchard returns to her single mother. Unfortunately, the social service forced Ann to stay with her foster parents for the care; not being comfortable with Anna Pritchard’s stay, she decides to escape from surgery. But, this time, Ann is admitted back at A&E when in a semi-conscious state and intoxicated with drugs (Kuwano et al., 2021). Further, Ann was semi-conscious and uncooperative and agitated, as seen in patients with liver injury by the time she was picked behind railway station by paramedics. Besides, the paramedics convince Ann to be taken to hospital, during which Ann complains of pain in the abdomen and lower back and leg sores.