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Different Causes Of Cognitive Psychology african history assignment help: african history assignment help

PTSD can come in many different causes. People can be stressed from school, their job or even PTSD. According to Folk, Disabato, Goodman, Carter, DiMauro, and Riskind (2017), social psychology defines stress as an uncomfortable emotional experience that causes predictable biochemical, physiological and behavioral changes. In social psychology, there is a set of scientific methods along with empirical studies of the social phenomena that is key in how psychologists in this field address the individual’s problems. There are no guesses or wild assumptions made, but rather the effort to design authentic experiments to help in connecting factors about interactions and the different variables involved. Most of the theories formed within social psychology sessions are based on specifics rather than generalizations. In most settings the influence of social groups plays a very significant role in how an individual’s behaviors are displayed. 
In cognitive psychology, stress is studied in order to identify its effects on a person’s mental process: perception, thinking, learning, and memory (Folk et al.,2017,p. 411). This particular field may seem to be rather similar to social psychology, but cognitive psychology is less in depth. Cognitive psychology helps explore practical ways to encourage better memory retention and the processing of information in a more accurate manner, so that any expounding reactions will be more positive, unlike social psychology where the study is mainly on

Main Smartphone Operating Systems a level history essay help

Final Project Report  


Student Name: Cy Gabriel


Module Code: 6MM006


Module Name: Individual Project


Project Title:  Comparison of smartphones operating systems such as Apple ‘s iOS, Google ‘s Android OS, Microsoft ‘s Windows Phone OS, and RIM ‘s BlackBerry OS.  


Module Leader Name: D.I. Beardsmore


Supervisor Name: Cheong Teck Kee


Submission Date: 25TH May 2012


Award Title: Bsc Computing

Department: School of Computing and Information Technology



Presented in partial fulfilment of the assessment requirements for the above award.


This work or any part thereof has not previously been presented in any form to the University or to any other institutional body whether for assessment or for other…show more content…

It has a zillion more uses now apart from basic ones, and that has contributed to the success of making it not just a mobile phone but also a smartphone.


Table of contents


Chapter 1. Introduction


In the past it was never clear that the cell phone would have such an important status in today’s society. But the development of the cell phone into a smartphone proves this statement right. This includes transformations, besides the normal functionalities of a phone like text messaging, receiving and making calls.


A smartphone’s operating system reflects the users lifestyle because it controls the choice of applications, the general features and functionality in a phone. However the mobile market is fragmented amongst the following software platforms or operating systems; WebOS, BlackBerry OS, Windows phone formerly known as (Windows Mobile OS), Android OS, Meego OS, Bada OS, Symbian OS, iPhone OS, and Tizen OS. Due to the continues advancement in the technology of a smartphone, each smartphone needs an operating system in order for it to reach its full capacity in today’s world, however a phone is not smart on till it is powered by an operating system. i.e. phone manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, LG, SonyEricson etc.  Play a role by manufacturing a phone (hardware) with the demand and capability of running this software, which is the OS inside. This simply means that the phone (hardware) is the infrastructure, while an

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The Nokia 9000 Communicator history assignment help writing services: history assignment help writing services



In recent years, more and more smartphone developers arise and variety of products are launched in the market. The emergence of smartphone and the competition among smartphone platforms are becoming more important and urgent although there aren’t many information about it. Hence in this essay, I am going to contribute my analysis and findings to this topic.




To chase back to 1996, the first smartphone was released by Nokia – the Nokia 9000 Communicator. At that time, Symbian, BlackBerry OS, Windows Mobile were some of the few competitors competing on their operating system in the market. (Pocketnow, 2014) However back to present, Apple, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Blackberry, etc are currently the most common brands. While Samsung and Apple are the leading brands in the market, according to a statistic by Canaccord Genuity (2015), Apple claims 92% of the global smartphone profits, following by Samsung of 14% (Wall Street Journal, 2015). And Android is having 81.5%, IOS 14.8% of the 2014 market share according to IDC. (IDC, 2015)




In the following, I will analyze on the competition in Smartphone markets by exploring: the model/ theory of monopolistic competition, the emergence of ecosystem in smartphone market, the business strategies used by manufacturers, and analyze the evolution of the market. Lastly I will talk about the differences between platform competition and competition among Smartphone producers, and whether and why eventually a few firms will dominate the


World ‘s Largest Single National Economy history assignment help australia

World’s largest single national economy is United States which makes it the world’s main economic power. The country’s GDP of 15.7 trillion ($49.922 per capita) is almost a quarter of the total world’s GDP. Also the country has an wealth of natural properties, the infrastructure is well technologically advanced and the productivity is very high. Although the country gaps a little behind in terms of life expectancy which is 78.75, US is the 5th most urban and developed country in world.
The United States made some amazing progress from its beginnings in 1776, beating the British in the American Unrest (with a considerable measure of assistance from the French) and announcing its freedom, and now, in the next of dismissing the Local Americans, battling a domestic War, managing the Incomparable Despondency, and taking part in two World Wars, the US has developed as the most effective nation on the planet, with a Gross domestic product of $15 trillion (the biggest on the planet) and a Gross domestic product for each capita of $48,147. The US is an agent vote based system (republic) and an assembling huge and a noteworthy merchant and exporter of products and an exchanging accomplice with each real nation. The US is a standout amongst the most ethnically assorted nations on the planet (the state I live in, California, has a half Asian, Latin American, and African American populace, out of just about 40 million individuals.) Even so, this aside, the US loses focuses in light of