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SPS: my goal today is to persuade the government to pass prop 47 and offer treatment for non-violent drug offenders not prison time.

Am writing this speech to persuade the Mayor and governor of California to pursue the government, to withhold arresting drug users and getting them help instead.

I choose this two members of government because they have the power to bring along change that’s necessary like eradicating drug using. Maintain a healthy community by helping educate people on the impacts of drug use. from victim, family, society and the government at large.

Am writing to show the effects of drugs on our society from victim, family, community and the government at large.

In the article “” states that “The United States has a drug problem. There’s no denying it. About 6.8 million people in the U.S. are drug users. There are over two million prisoners in America’s prison system, and about one-fourth of them were convicted for a drug offense” This is a large percentage compared to prisoners of criminal offenses expected. Non-violent drug offenders should be sent to rehabilitation centers and not prisons.

The issue of addiction is the first difficulty that comes with incarceration. The majority of persons who use drugs do not do so for therapeutic reasons; rather, they are addicted to them. Even though many people are arrested for drug overdoses on the street, incarceration does not assist in the rehabilitation of drug addiction.

We all experience stress, but for the family of a drug addict who they are unable to reach out to, it may be especially trying. The victims’ loved ones and friends suffer emotional distress as a result. The strain can also force family members to turn on each other, placing the blame for their problems or their successes on the wrong shoulders. Moreover, the victim may become handicapped and overburdened by stress if they are unable to ask for aid for fear of being judged, misunderstood, or given no support at all. Example; Mindy 19 good student and athlete, her boyfriend who was a heroin addict injected her with a needle full of heroine she started using one per week later on became addicted and used every day. She stole money from her parents to buy drugs, school figured about the plan parents called in, she was expelled, taken to rehab and been sober since then.

Imprisoning an individual cause’s increased tax, “the US spends an average of $30,000 per year to incarcerate an inmate, but only spend an average of $11,665 in schools” according to “The Sierra wave media”. Another cause of arresting drug users is overcrowded prison, according to the commission on criminal and juvenile justice studies have shown that, prison in California are way overcrowded and may cause health risks to inmates. This has come true with the covid crises, although worldwide inmates were the most affected.

When an addict resorts to stealing money or other valuable objects in order to support their crippling addiction, their criminal behavior reaches a new level. Addiction to drugs and alcohol is characterized by a number of physiological and psychological impairments, which makes it extremely challenging to kick the habit despite the fact that ongoing use can lead to catastrophic outcomes. If a treatment program is going to be effective, it needs to be somewhat lengthy (in terms of both time and duration) and it needs to teach recovering addicts how to stay clean even after the completion of their particular program. According to “The Hill” article “Substance Abuse treatment” Drug rehab is the best solution for individuals who are suffering from any drug related problem because they can have “therapy sessions, have individual time with addiction specialist, and learn how to live a more satisfying life.” It is also a better option to introduce recovery for users who have no control of their behaviors , to enhance recovery in order to lessen their chances of returning to jail .Rehab enhances good behavior and lessens aggressiveness that would come by been locked up in prison.

In conclusion the government should treat every drug offence with the correspondent punishment, learn that imprisonment is not the way to eliminate the problem we are facing with the drug users in our societies and grant rehabilitation opportunity instead of jail time.

Work cited

Define_me. DEFINE_ME. (n.d.). Retrieved July 19, 2022, from

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Long-term Care Services Personal Essay Help

Writing 150 wordsTake a short self study quiz from the Kaiser Family Foundation to test your knowledge of long-term care services. You should review Chapter 4 of Cross and McWay text. taking the quiz,1. Reflect on how you did on the quiz and what surprised you about paying for long-term care and assistance programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. Talk about any questions that you may have missed or if you did not, what would be surprising to others?2. How should healthcare and wellness services address the needs for older Americans in the coming days? Suggest 2-3 considerations for the future and why you think would be important?Try and incorporate the questions and your reflections into a 150 word narrative instead of answering the individual questions.


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i need someone who can answer these questions in 30 minutesneeded to be done within 30 minutes1. The following are housing prices in Los Angeles: $899,00, $664,290, $3,350,000, $836,880, $1,750,00, $344,900, $499,900. What is the best measure of central tendency to use and why?2. Imagine you wanted to conduct a study using a sample from the population of UCLA students. How would you go about collecting a random sample? What are the pros and cons of this approach?3. Distinguish between Type I and Type II error. What are their causes?4. People using dating apps might decide to chat on the phone before meeting in person. They might be wondering if the person they’re talking to is as attractive as they sound. Researchers wondered if people could match an attractive voice to an attractive face so they conducted a study where 55 participates were shown two pictures, one was of an attractive person and one was of a less attractive person. The subjects listened to 40 voices counting to 10 and each voice was paired with the two photos. The baseline average expectation was that people would guess correctly 50% of the time. In this sample, people on average guessed correctly 72.6% of the time with a standard deviation of 6.5% (this is from a real study!). Is that a big enough difference to determine that this did not occur by chance? Conduct a one-sample t-test and interpret the results.a) State the (non-directional) null and research hypothesis (hint: for the null consider the baseline expectation)b) Calculate the critical values (using the t-table) and the value of the test statistic. Set your alpha level at .05 (hint: pay attention to whether this is a one tailed or two tailed test).c) Interpret the resultsd) Calculate the confidence interval, C=90%e) Interpret the confidence interval.


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Writing TheoryHello i uploaded a document that has all the instructions, this has 3 part, the last part is n essay form.

Part I: Writing Theory

Draw and label Toulmin’s Bridge.  Note the elements of argumentation; describe the Aristotelian appeals for each element.  

Describe the relationship between interest, effort, and time. How do these elements affect your audience?

Draw and label the Inverted Pyramid Model (including all assumptions) at the document level, section level, and paragraph level. How does each level fit together? How does the structure help the reader?

Define usability. Provide five best practices to make a document more usable.

Define plain language. Describe what plain language does for the reader.

Part II: Document Critique

To: Kevin Plank

Date: 11/27/2017

Subject: Report

As per your request, I conducted an analysis of Under Armour versus its leading competitor Nike. As a result, I wanted to go to bat for you to show you the position of your company. Under Armour was founded in 1996 by Kevin Plank, a University of Maryland alumnus. Under Armour’s mission, “is to make all athletes better through passion, design, and the relentless pursuit of innovation. Every Under Armour product is doing something for you; it’s making you better.”


Under Armour is in an excellent financial position as seen in the table below:

EPS1.06Quick Ratio1.3P/E50.84BETA1.1


Under Armour is in a good position,EPS;Powerful mission.

Under Armour company is in a good position. If I were you, I would start selling more clothing to women. This strategy will ultimately produce a paradigm shift your company’s mission by establishing a whole new set of competitive core competencies. I would say that you are on your way to dominating the industry by taking a big bite out of Nike’s market share. If you have any questions, let me know. I am willing to work 24-7.

Part II – Critique Questions

Critique any issues with the overall message by answering the following– (1) Did they provide a clear claim? If so, what was it? (2) Did they provide enough evidence and interpretation to support their claim. What support did they use? (3) Did they provide enough attribution to lend credibility to the claim?

Overall, was the overall document deductive or inductive? Given the message, which structure is more appropriate?

Identify five document design issues. Describe why they are problematic for the reader.

Evaluate the overall language (style: word choice) of the document.  Identify at least two issues (idioms, clichés, buzzwords, euphemisms, and jargon). Describe why they are problematic.

Part IV: Presentation Coaching

Based on the book, the Naked Presenter by Garr Reynolds, and from our class discussion(s), I want you to coach me through the process of developing and presenting a compelling presentation (points will be awarded for your level of description). Use at least 10 concepts found on the table below. Note: Bolded concepts count as two. Note: Failure to incorporate these terms into a well-developed essay will result in a 50% deduction in your score. Do not simply list and define these terms.

Presentation Concepts

Presenting NakedSeven Lessons from the BathConversation Not PerformanceYou Need Alone TimeKnow Your AudienceContrasts are CompellingEight Step Process for Presentation Development.Advice on Using NotesRehearsal: How Much?Preparing the Day of the PresentationP.U.N.C.H.Projecting YourselfAdvice on managing your fearNervous TellsOpen Versus Closed Body LanguageConnect with Eye ContactShowing Your PassionTapping into EmotionInteract Using ProximityUse the B KeyChanging the PlayInvolve through participationMake your Ending Sticky: S.U.C.C.E.S.Look the PartQuestions and AnswersLess is MoreTone, Pitch, and VolumeHand Gestures


Cyber power security project university essay help
Cyber Power Security ProjectThis project is based on Power Electrical Engineering and Cyber Security.

The Abstract is due on Nov, 16 (( I upload an example for the abstract .. DON’T COPY FROM IT ))

Final Project OverviewYou can choose any relevant topic for the final research project related to the course topics. We will discuss it at the beginning of the semester. The chosen topic should involve theoretical or numerical work related to power system operation and associated cyber system. Understanding of power system operation and the cyber system should be demonstrated through the project, and your original contribution towards the chosen topic is expected. Your contribution could be in the form of a new algorithm, improvement, software deliverables, or suggested policy. The project should be an individual effort. The final report of the project will take the form of an IEEE Power Engineering Society Transactions paper.

This part of your grade will depend on the technical content of the report, relevancy to the course topic, demonstrated understanding, and your original contribution. More information on the research project will be distributed later in the semester.

Enhancing Microgrid Security by Defensing Against False Data Injection Attack


State estimation is a most important real-time control algorithm in energy management systems that is vulnerable to attack by false data injection. Hackers circumvent the bad data measurement detection system and implement malicious data modification. It will lead the power system to overload and loss stability. In this paper, a comprehensive review of the false data injection attack will be given. A basic strategy for defensing the false data injection attack will also be introduced. By reviewing the literature, an implementation of cyber-physical co-simulation will be presented to valid the applicability of the countermeasure for this type of the cyber-attack on a microgrid.  

Key words:

cyber-physical security, false data injection attack, Cyclic redundancy check, Unscented Kalman Filter, Co-simulation, NS3, PowerWorld


With the increasing size of sensoring, communication, automatic control and intelligent processing integrated in Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has been widely applied on power grid to monitor the reliable operations. Consequently, cyber-security has been considered as a more crucial factor, especially in some critical microgrids that ensures critical loads to be kept secure and operational even in presence of contingencies.

Supervisory control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system is a comprehensive data processing system that is normally used for operation monitoring in industrial organizations to maintains the security and reliability of a power grid. The sensors measure the bus voltages and power flows in a power grid. Then the measurements are transmitted to the control center. Engineers can estimate the state of the grid by analyzing the measurement data via state estimation, thus control the grid components. However, SCADA systems have been facing a lot of threats with the intention of gaining unauthorized access since they have been used in field. The self-vulnerabilities of the SCADA systems may one of the important factors that lead cyber-attack to happen, as well as caused severe system instability and financial losses.

False data injection (FDI) attacks are actions of injecting malicious measurement to against state estimation in electric power systems. In an FDI attack, an attacker compromises measurement from grid sensors that undetected errors are introduced into estimates of state variables, and thus cause a loss to power system. FDI attack research was firstly published in 2009. Up to now, many researchers have contributed many strategies and methods to defend against FDI attacks. This paper is going to investigate two methodology that can be countermeasures for FDI attacks – Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) and Unscented Kalman Filter (UKF).

Feasibility and validation of your approach:

The project is proposed to implement the FDI in CPS model, and valid the CRC and UKF methods according to a simulation. An NS3 based and PowerWorld interfaced cyber-physical co-simulation for smart grid will be used for simulating the microgrid applications. The simulation results will be the FDI defensing success rate by a several of random attack tests to the system. After the simulation, the results will be analyzed and be compared.

Statement of work:

1. Cyber-physical simulation software study and model a simple microgrid system: prepare the NS-PowerWorld simulation for FDI attack simulation.

2. FDI attack study: FDI attack paper study, and model FDI attack in scripts preparing for the simulation.

3. CRC and UKF study: follow the algorithm of CRC and UKF to code and create the digital filters for the system.

4. FDI attack, CRC and UKF comprehensive simulation: Simulate FDI attack, CRC and UKF on the created system. Observe the results.

5. Project report and result analysis: Analysis the recorded results in paper. Draft the project report paper, revise the paper and finalize paper.

Milestones and schedule:

TaskDateStartEndTotal (days)1. simulation softwareMar 19Mar 2892. FDI attack studyMar 29Apr 253. CRC and UKF studyApr 3Apr 964. SimulationApr 10Apr 1555. Project reportApr 16Apr 237

Key References:

Methodology: R. Deng, G. Xiao, and R. Lu, “Defending against false data injection attacks on power system state estimation,” IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, vol. 13, no. 1, pp. 198–207, Feb 2017.

NS3-PowerWorld Co-simulation: M. U. Tariq, B. P. Swenson, A. P. Narasimhan, S. Grijalva, G. F. Riley, and M. Wolf, “Cyber-physical co-simulation of smart grid applications using ns-3,” in Proceedings of the 2014 Workshop on Ns-3, ser. WNS3 ’14. New York, NY, USA: ACM, 2014, pp. 8:1–8:8. [Online]. Available:

FDI: Y. Liu, P. Ning, and M. K. Reiter, “False data injection attacks against state estimation in electric power grids,” in Proceedings of the 16th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security, ser. CCS ’09. New York, NY, USA: ACM, 2009, pp. 21–32. [Online]. Available:

CRC: S. Sheng-Ju, “Implementation of cyclic redundancy check in data communication,” in 2015 International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Communication Networks (CICN), Dec 2015, pp. 529–531.

UKF: N. ZIVKOVIC and A. T. SARIC, “Detection of false data injection attacks using unscented kalman filter,” Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy, vol. 6, no. 5, pp. 847–859, Sep 2018. [Online]. Available: