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Drew Perez is delightful to be performing as Leonce in Lapsed. Originally from Houston, Texas, Drew appeared in The Wacky World of Christopher Durang and Lysistrata.

Directed under, Amy Mills Jackson, Drew performed as Charlie Blossom in, Working, the musical; moreover, making his way to Dallas, Drew quickly became involved in the Mountain View College (MVC) tech crew where he ran the light board for several of MVC’s dance performances. Earning his Associates in Science from MVC, Drew trained under accomplished actor, Akin Babatunde, and performed as The Valet in, Huis Clos’s, No Exit. Earning his Bachelors in Performance and Design/Tech from the University of North Texas (UNT), Drew, assisted Susan Vahle in, Fefu and Her Friends and performed as Anthony in the horrific musical, Sweeney Todd. Quickly transitioning to the big apple, Drew took part in Westside Theater where he assisted lighting designer, Ken Belington in Philly the musical. Performing in several Off-Broadway productions, Drew received the Outstanding Featured Actor award for his performance as Jeff in, Each Day Dies with Sleep. Earning his Masters in Directing from, New York University (NYU), Drew directed The Makropulous Case, which received an award for Best Play Revival. Drew is currently attending, Cornell University and is working toward his Ph. D. in Theatrical Studies. In addition; Drew is profoundly grateful for his director, Christopher Walken, for helping him master and adjust to the film industry.

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Theater changed my life, never before have I ever felt able to help individuals know and change the ideas and beliefs of others. I am a learner and wherever I go I continue to learn because not only am I focused in becoming wise but in placing myself in other people’s shoes so I can have a hint of their pain. Certain individuals believe that pain is distressing and that it needs to be avoided but I believe that it’s in dark moments that we find how to defend ourselves around bad emotions. Growing up I believed that my call was science due to my interest in Biology during high school. Biology was my focus as I entered Junior College but during the start of my second semester, I attended an acting class and enjoyed every aspect of the atmosphere. Professor Amy Mills Jackson, passed upon me lessons and forms of acting methods that raided me in becoming not h

one with Amy Mills and decided to audition for the Fall Production.

The Wacky World of Christopher Durang Performance history assignment help: history assignment help

The Wacky World of Christopher Durang


No Exit



Fabulation or, The Re-Education of UNDINE





Old Geezer



Charlie Blossom/Roberto





Mountain View College (MVC) Director (Dir.) Amy Jackson

MVC Dir. Amy Jackson

MVC Dir. Akin Babatunde

MVC Dir. Shelby Hibbs

MVC Dir. Amy Jackson

MVC Dir. Akin Babatunde


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Fefu & Her Friends


Spring Dance Performance 2015

Dance Showcase Fall 2014

Spring Dance Performance 2014

Dance Showcase Fall 2013



Assistant Director


Light Board Operator


Light Board Operator






University of North Texas (UNT) Dir. Sally Vahle







Professional Training

BA in Theater with a Concentration in Performance: UNT Expected Fall 2017

Associates of Arts in Science: Mountain View College 2015

Acting Workshops: Amy Jackson, Akin Babatunde

Voice: Shelby Hibbs     Swing/Jazz: John Merrifield    Stagecraft: Mike McKee


Special Skills


Skateboarding, Basketball, Runner, Freestyle/Dance