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Originality, Applicability, and Relevance


The topic of my paper is the role ethics play in shaping public leaders. This topic stretches beyond academia to our everyday lives. There is not one person who is not affected by the decisions made and policies put in place by our public leaders. Ethics shape the way we do business, how much we are taxed on our income, how fast we drive on the roads, the quality of our education and healthcare. In Oklahoma and many states, ethics pertains to how the state balances its budget, which means that legislators decide how the state’s money is spent. It is vital that these leaders of our daily lives behave in an ethical manner otherwise we cannot put our trust in them to make these important decisions and necessary changes. When a public leader loses sight of why they are in office by serving themselves and their goals the trust we put in them is gone. The discussion of ethical behavior of public leaders is not just an academic exercise, but a real-world issue that needs to be addressed.

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Finding a solution to the epidemic of public leaders acting unethically is difficult. There is a great deal of temptation to lose sight and let greed and power distract them from their original goals. There are many people making promises of favors and wanting their attention which makes it difficult to keep the ego in check. When you are treated like you are special you start to believe it and do whatever you want, regardless of the ethics of the action. A solution that would drastically reduce some of the ethical violations would be to eliminate or drastically limit the amount of money lobbyists can spend on public leaders or donate to their campaign. Large campaign donations lead to public leaders feeling obligated to carry or vote for legislation benefitting the lobbyists cause. It’s been discussed before but true spending reform for lobbyists would go a long way in stopping the unethical behavior epidemic.

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Public leaders are at the core still leaders. They are entrusted with public ideas and money. They are meant to be representatives of the constituency that elected them not to promote their own agenda whether it be policy or for their own personal gain. When they cannot keep their ethics and moral values in line with the code of ethics they promise to uphold it creates a large gap between the public who elected them and themselves. They lose touch with reality and begin to think only of themselves. There is a growing trend of hypocrisy with our public leaders that is also widening this gap between themselves and their constituents. With the technology available and 24/7 news and internet coverage more and more unethical behaviors are being exposed. This paper will discuss a very important social problem that warrants discussion in order to attempt change for the better with our public leaders.

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Sociology is concerned with the scientific study of social structure. It is a science which studies the form of human actions in society. Social science research can be used to provide information to legislatures so that policy can be driven by evidence and information instead of stories or empty rhetoric. If lawmakers truly want to serve the interests of the public it should be reasonable for them to consider research that has been done in that area. The recent onslaught of public officials in the news for acting unethically makes a strong case for looking at how ethics plays a role in shaping our leaders. If it can be understood how a leader’s ethics and moral values have developed maybe it will be possible to be more informed when the public elects them. It is up to the voting public to make a decision on who will lead the group as a whole.

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The understanding of how persons develop their code of ethics relates directly to the science of psychology. Psychology studies how the brain works as well as the meaning behind human behaviors. It focuses on the individual rather than the group.

Psychology helps us to understand how decisions are made and the theories behind them. When those theories are understood, leaders can make better decisions using the knowledge they have gained. It studies the mental characteristics or attitude of a person as well as the mental and emotional factors that govern a situation. All of these aspects pertain to developing ethical leaders. There may be many determining factors that cause a leader to act or react in a certain way. These beliefs are most likely deep rooted and the use of psychology can be beneficial in trying to determine and understand those belief systems.