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Observe a speech-language pathologist or audiologist. You are responsible for arranging this observation. Reach out to speech-language pathologists or

Observe a speech-language pathologist or audiologist. You are responsible for arranging this observation. Reach out to speech-language pathologists or audiologists who work in settings in which you are interested in working or who work with populations with whom you are interested in working. Explain that you are a student enrolled in an introductory Communication Sciences and Disorders course and that you are interested in learning more about the profession of speech-language pathology or audiology through observation.

Prior to your observation, review the expectations regarding professionalism outlined on the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders Undergraduate Student Handbook. Of particular importance, be respectful and maintain strict confidentiality.

I observed a Speech-Language pathologist her name was Justina Lapiri from St Joseph’s Health in Paterson, NJ. I then have to write a 1 page reflection in APA style regarding my experience. But all i observed was her assessing the patient and trying to get him to speak since he was extubated. I did not get much experience but do you think i can get help with this even if you have to add extra since i did not get enough observation.

Then the professor said to,

Provide a summary of your experience. Be sure to include the name of the facility at which you observed and the name of the speech-language pathologist or audiologist whom you observed. However, do not include identifying information regarding client(s) whom you observed.

What do you anticipate will be the most rewarding aspects of a career as a speech-language pathologist or audiologist?
What do you anticipate will be the most challenging aspects of a career as a speech-language pathologist or audiologist?

In the article, “Data Mining Architecture: Components, Types & Techniques” (

In the article,

“Data Mining Architecture: Components, Types & Techniques”

( )

The author discusses components, architectures, and techniques of data mining. Pick a topic from one of the three-section and expound on it. The idea is to take the information provided and explain it as if you were having a discussion with someone who knows nothing about data mining.

The paper is to be a minimum of three pages and requires a minimum of three reference

Complete the week’s readings prior to writing your paper.


1. This paper must be formatted in APA Style 7th edition.
2. All work is to be original.

Question 1 (5 points) A pharmacy technician who improperly reveals medical information

Observe a speech-language pathologist or audiologist. You are responsible for arranging this observation. Reach out to speech-language pathologists or Writing Assignment Help Question 1 (5 points)

A pharmacy technician who improperly reveals medical information about a patient could be sued for which of the following?

Question 1 options:


Medicare fraud


Invasion of privacy




Medical malpractice

Question 2 (5 points)

The basic premise of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is that all employees

Question 2 options:


should adhere to certain basic health mandates.


should pursue goals of occupational safety.


have the right to choose their healthcare providers.


have the right to be protected from foreseeable injury and death.

Question 3 (5 points)

Which of the following statements about HIV testing is true?

Question 3 options:


A positive HIV test result doesn’t require follow-up tests due to the high accuracy of the testing.


Some HIV tests can provide results in as little as 20 minutes.


HIV testing is now conducted routinely as part of a standard general check-up for most patients.


Testing isn’t normally necessary as HIV symptoms manifest early and are distinctive.

Question 4 (5 points)

Most HIV testing is

Question 4 options:


mandated by insurance.


controlled by state law.


federally mandated.



Question 5 (5 points)

Which of the following disclosures would not be allowed under the HIPAA Privacy Rule? Assume that the patients haven’t authorized the release of their PHI.

Question 5 options:


A drug rehab center releases details of a celebrity’s struggle with addiction as part of a public service advertisement against drugs.


An employer releases details of an employee’s disabling accident to OSHA.


A hospital releases details of an Ebola patient’s illness and treatment to the CDC.


Doctors in California release details of patient diagnoses of food poisoning linked to tainted orange juice to the FDA.

Question 6 (5 points)

The job of a privacy official is to

Question 6 options:


develop and implement privacy policies and procedures.


determine what information is private and what can be disclosed.


monitor the use of passwords and other types of security measures.


conduct risk management procedures related to privacy issues.

Question 7 (5 points)

The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act applies to _______ insurers.

Question 7 options:









Question 8 (5 points)

Who or what determines the information to be included in an incident report?

Question 8 options:


Department of Health and Human Services






Healthcare facility

Question 9 (5 points)

The technology that identifies people through body characteristics is known as

Question 9 options:




latent identification.




genetic testing.

Question 10 (5 points)

Under what circumstances may a health insurer charge a higher premium to someone with a genetic disposition to breast cancer?

Question 10 options:


The patient’s mother has breast cancer, but the patient doesn’t.


Health insurers can never discriminate based on genetic information in this way.


The patient’s sister has breast cancer, but the patient doesn’t.


The patient has breast cancer.

Question 11 (5 points)

Which of the following are considered acceptable PHI disclosures?

Question 11 options:


For meeting prescription quotas established by pharmaceutical companies


For research, under certain conditions


For certain public health purposes


For certain funeral home and organ transplant purposes

Question 12 (5 points)

Examples of public health authorities include which of the following?

Question 12 options:


Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)


World Health Organization (WHO)


Centers for Disease Control (CDC)


Food and Drug Administration (FDA)


Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Question 13 (5 points)

Which of the following are core elements of the authorization to disclose?

Question 13 options:


Signature of the individual or a representative and the date


Statement of the individual’s right to revoke the authorization


Description of the purpose of the disclosure


Description of the information to be used

Question 14 (5 points)

Rules concerning medical records can be approached from which three of the following perspectives?

Question 14 options:


The destruction of the record


The purpose of the record


The content of the record


Retaining the record securely

Question 15 (5 points)

Which third parties have a financial interest in medical records?

Question 15 options:






Insurance companies


Colleges and universities

Question 16 (5 points)

According to the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA),

Question 16 options:


insurance providers must pay any cost associated with the requested change to a medical record.


healthcare providers must correct any medical record change a patient requests.


the process developed by HIPAA must be followed when requesting a correction in medical records.


patients have the right to have errors in their medical records corrected.


the patient has the right to pursue legal action if a healthcare provider doesn’t follow the rules HIPAA established.

Question 17 (5 points)

The minimum necessary standard applies to all situations except disclosures

Question 17 options:


required by law or for compliance with HIPAA rules.


authorized by the patient.


related to treatment.


authorized by insurance providers.

Question 18 (5 points)

An audit must be requested on behalf of which of the following individuals or organizations?

Question 18 options:


The private organization providing financial assistance


The peer review organization


The medical provider


The third-party payer


The employer

Question 19 (5 points)

Match each of the following terms with their correct definitions.

Question 19 options:





Evidence that tends to prove or disprove an issue significant to a case


Evidence that refers to the evidence the court should accept as proof


Secondhand evidence where witnesses are reporting what others have said to them

Question 20 (5 points)

Which of the following patient information is included in a medical record?

Question 20 options:


Treatment results


Health insurance information




Patient’s history


Diagnostic and therapeutic treatment

Course Description & Textbooks The primary objective of this course is to

Course Description & Textbooks

The primary objective of this course is to enhance students’ understanding of how to lead from their identity as a female with a unique God-given call on their life.

Course Textbooks   

1.  L.D. Scanzoni and Nancy Hardesty (1992), All We’re Meant to Be: Biblical Feminism For Today,  Erdman’s Publishing Company

2.  John D. Garr (2014) God and Women: Woman in God’s Image and Likeness, Atlanta, Ga, Golden Key Press 

3.  Halee Gray Scott (2015) Dare Mighty Things: Mapping the Challenges of Leadership for Christian Women, Zondervan 

4.  John D. Garr (2012) Feminine by Design: The God-Fashioned Woman, Atlanta, Ga, Golden Key Press

5.  Michelle Derusha (2014) 50 Women Every Christian Should Know: Learning From Heroines Of The Faith Paperback, Baker Books

Course Resource Electropic LLC Notice: Contains Confidential Information Electropic LLC is a

Course Resource

Electropic LLC

Notice: Contains Confidential Information

Electropic LLC is a respected and profitable website design and hosting company in Colossal Corporation’s technology group. Melissa Aldredge has been a project manager at Electropic LLC for several years and was recently considered for promotion to a senior project manager position. Ultimately, the promotion was awarded to another long-term employee, June Pyle. June and Melissa have a history of one-upping each other and sharing an internal rivalry within the company.

Melissa recently reported internally that she had learned that June, who was given the promotion over her, had never finished her MBA degree. All of June’s business cards have “MBA” after her name, and the signature line of her email reads “June Pyle, MBA.”  

Electropic LLC’s policy manual states that potential employees must submit transcripts for all degrees listed on their resumes. However,  this requirement was not in place 10 years ago when June Pyle was hired. June has a history of stellar performance and was promoted not because of her MBA, but because of her consistently exemplary work. June has received excellent performance evaluations during her time at Electropic LLC, and her leadership has led to increased revenue as well as positive press for the company. Her record of success is what led to her promotion.

As a result of Melissa’s report, the director of human resources sent an email to all employees who were hired prior to the policy change requiring transcript validation, asking that they provide transcripts to validate their credentials. June did not respond to the director’s request for transcripts and was called into the director’s office. In a very tense and tearful interview, June confessed to the director that she does not have an MBA. She admitted that she was 12 credits away from completing her degree, but when her dad got sick, she had to drop out. She said that she really needed a job to support her family and she put the MBA on her resume hoping it would help her find a job. She shared that she always intended to go back to school but became so busy with work that she didn’t have time. Once she was hired, she felt that there was no turning back and she had to keep the lie going by placing “MBA” in her email signature line and on her business cards.

An MBA was not a requirement for the assistant project specialist job June was hired for 10 years ago, but four years ago, it was made a requirement for the senior project manager position she holds now. Two of the current senior project managers do not have MBA degrees because they were promoted before this requirement was in place.

Vice President Dodger has asked you to write a memo with your recommendations on how human resources should handle this issue. June has a record of excellence with Electropic LLC, and her superiors would be unhappy to lose her; however, ethical practice and the law must be considered here as well.

Rubric for NUR2488 Presentation on Criminal Minds: Due 8/26 @ 2359 Be

Rubric for NUR2488 Presentation on Criminal Minds: Due 8/26 @ 2359

Be sure each section is clearly delineated and covered in a 3–5-page body paper, double spaced, HINT: Use the Headings provided – if you can’t find something, record as “unable to find” or guess as to what the answer may be (and say you are guessing). References and citations in APA 7 format (see example link);

Reporter’s name (you):


Infamous Person:

___/30 points

1. Identify and present significance of: (Use these Numbered/ underlined headings)

A. childhood (2pts)

B. Late-adolescence (2)

C. Early 20’s (2)

D. Family Influence (2)

2. Diagnosis/treatment – (1)

3. Substance Abuse/ alcohol involved? (1)

4. The Infamous Act/ Traumatic event/ Crime (2)

5. Incarceration/ Jail Where? (1)

6. Death or current circumstances (1)

7. How are all the above events tied together? (2)

8. How do the effects of an underlying (often untreated) Mental Illness contribute to a Human Being’s demise? (2)

9. What characteristics of a serial Killer do you see in your criminal? Consider these characteristics:

(Antisocial behavior, Arson, Torturing small animals, Poor family life, Childhood Abuse, Substance abuse, Voyeurism, Intelligence [hi or low], Shiftlessness). (2)

10. Where could health care personnel/teachers have intervened in this child’s life to prevent this tragedy if it were NOW? Paragraph of Your opinion. (2)

11. Wanted poster (Like in the Old West) To show (You may be presenting to class). (1)


12.Choose 3 priority(3 part) NANDA Mental Health Nursing diagnoses. The nursing care plan should include (4

What the diagnosis is related to?

Evidence that supports the chosen Mental Health nursing diagnoses.

Planned outcomes that are patient-centered.- SMART

Nursing interventions that are evidence-based and include rationales.

How will you evaluate the effectiveness of the plan? Include an evaluation tool or rubric?

HINT: See Varcarolis or Ackley (Care Plan book)

13. @ least 3 References and citations in APA 7 format (1) and paper submitted Friday 8/26/22 (1)

APA 7 example:

The criminals name is ADAM LANZA