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My Trip to the Abortion Clinic

When my college roommate, Sandra, came out of the bathroom with her pregnancy test and this funny expression on her face, we just knew she was pregnant.

Teen pregnancy is a common occurrence, and, yes, it can happen to you. People in general seem to have an idea of the stereotypical teen that becomes pregnant; uneducated, low-income, or “easy”. Sandra, however, is attending a very good four year university, was raised in an upper middle class family and is also a peer educator. She gives seminars on birth control and STD prevention and knows all the risks involved in having sex. Sandra claims to have always used a condom during intercourse. However, she was not taking birth control. Due mostly to human error, there is a 14% chance of becoming pregnant even with the use of a condom, but if a condom is used properly, the chances of becoming pregnant drop to 3%.

After Sandra found out she was pregnant, she was faced with a couple of decisions. Thoughts such as, ” should I keep the baby, should I have an abortion, should I give the baby up for adoption,” were probably running through her mind. Any decision that she makes is going to change her life in some way.

After evaluating her current situation and talking with the father (her now ex-boyfriend), Sandra decided to have an abortion. Following this decision, there were many other choices to make. She had to decide what clinic she was going to go to, how she was going to pay for it, how recovery time would affect work/school etc. Sandra made all of these decisions, as well as the decision not to tell her parents. In our state, the patient does not need to have parental consent to have an abortion, however, this law varies from state to state. This posed another problem…

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… or general anesthesia, which is an intravenous sedation.

After the operation, which only takes about ten minutes, each girl was brought into a recovery room. The patient then spends up to one hour in the recovery room, where a medical personnel monitors her condition. After that, the patient is released, provided she has someone to accompany her.

As Sandra and I walked out, I reflected on all that I had seen. I had always pictured an abortion clinic as being a frightening, rundown place, filled with sleazy doctors and sleazy people. This particular clinic was not like that at all. Everything was very professional, just like it would be at any other hospital. The clinic did, however, have a very tense, highly emotional atmosphere. It changed many of my misconceptions about abortion clinics and was an emotional experience, one that I will not soon forget.

I Write from the Heart

Recently a friend of mine read a couple of my short stories. One was a story that was very near and dear to my heart. She looked over at me, tears streaming down her face, and asked how I could write something that was so painful to relive, yet which made someone such as herself feel as if they were living the experience themselves. I explained to her that is what a personal essay is supposed to do – touch someone; pull on the heartstrings of the reader.

Her reaction also confirmed that I had succeeded in writing my story the way I had intended. I wanted my reader to feel what I felt, for that personal essay was taken from an experience that changed my life forever.

There are as many forms and variations in writing as there are stories. I prefer to write either poetry or personal …

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