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The Significance of Physical Education in American Schools




Hommes, Tiffany J., Bemidji State University, USA




Background Many children in America do not receive the needed amount of physical activity needed to maintain a healthy weight.  Approximately17% of children are obese (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2016) and one in three children are overweight or obese (American Heart Association, 2016). This is a local and national emergency that needs to be addressed to keep children healthy, prevent morbidities, and control the costs that are associated with being overweight or obese.  Pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and hypertension in children is at an all time high. However, research indicates that only 3.8 percent of American elementary schools provide daily physical education (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2007).  This paper will discuss the importance of daily physical education in our schools. There is an abundance of support to provide daily physical education in our schools.  First Lady Michelle Obama is leading a national initiative called “Let’s Move” to reverse the childhood obesity epidemic.  One of the initiatives in “Let’s Move” is to increase physical activity (Let’s Move!) In fact, Healthy People 2020 has objectives to increase the portion of the America’s private and public schools that require daily physical education (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 2011).  There is also a national initiative, the FIT Kids Act of


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President Clinton introduced the Health Security Proposal in 1993. The Health Security Proposal was supposed to be the answer to the United States healthcare crisis. The Health Security Proposal was to provide comprehensive universal healthcare to all Americans, with a key provision in the proposal known as managed care or competition. This would allow states and employers to work together to make different plans available in return, providing competition among the different providers of the healthcare plans The proposal was also going have large employers pay for healthcare while, small employers would have subsidies provided by the government. The proposal also offered other cost controls and insurance reforms.  


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The proposal was dead and so was the idea of managed care. The debate of healthcare continued and there were new initiatives introduced to control cost and improve quality of care.  According to Wang, “improving healthcare quality includes many methods.  Pay-for-performance (P4P) and public reporting (PR), of hospital quality data have become two strategies to improve the quality in healthcare”.  While, the Health Security proposal did have a report card to monitor the quality of the plans it did not have any metrics to monitor the quality of care or patient outcomes. The proposal had failed to provide universal access to health care, there was not equitable sharing of benefits and burdens.The Health Security proposal fit a combination of politics on Oliver’s analysis.  It was a combination of entrepreneurial and incrementalism politics.  According to Oliver (2006), “Incrementalism is a natural byproduct of “interest groups politics” that occurs when both benefits and costs are concentrated. With clear winners and losers, the level of conflict is high and the outcomes of any single proposal is highly unpredictable” (p. 211).  The proposal was incremental at best because there were going to be 40 million uninsured American left without coverage and it did not do enough to provoke system wide cost containment (McLaughlin & Zellars, 1992, Cantor, Long & Marguis, 1995).  Oliver defines


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Environmental conservation is the practice of managing the environment. Naturally the environment is a self-sustaining entity but, due to harmful intervention from man starting largely in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries this frail entity has suffered.  In response many changes have been enacted in attempt to preserve the environment. Many progressive conservation policies, clubs, organizations and parks were formed in attempt to counteract the near permanent destruction to the environment caused by American urbanization, industrialization, and western expansion. Through the work of conservationists throughout two conservation movements the environmental mistakes of the eighteenth and nineteenth century were overcome. The effects their work would shape the country both politically and socially throughout the twentieth century. Conservation is the policy and philosophy of managing the environment. Throughout American history, there have been two major conservation movements.  The first conservation movement started in the 1850s and lasted for nearly seventy years. It began in response to the realization of the inalterable damage done on the environment and natural resources by the western frontier settlers of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.  The second conservation movement, known as the environmental movement, started in the 1960s. With an increased attention on personal improvement, physical fitness, and wellness, concern for the environment


The Kano Model For Customer Satisfaction history assignment help in uk

One of the most used models for customer satisfaction is the Kano model, which has a high performance and sufficiency in most businesses. Japanese Noriaki Kano a well-known global quality theorist believes that there is a strong relationship between “quality” and “customer satisfaction.” From Kano’s perspective, today quality enumerates an integral part of any business. It is one of the key factors in global competition, and because of the growing global competition, the ability to supply customer needs is not only possible through current products, but also by producing innovative products and approaches to meeting his expectations, and this will depend on the exact perception of his various needs and desires. In this regard, he thinks that…show more content…

This table shows whether the regression model can significantly (and appropriately) predict the dependent variable changes. For a meaningful review, we look at the last column of the table (sig). This statistically meaningful column shows the regression model that if the obtained value is less than 0.05, then we conclude that the model used is a good predictor of the satisfaction variable. The significance level in our research is less than 0.05, which indicates that the regression model is meaningful. The SPSS software provides several tables for analysis. In this discussion, we will focus on the most important of these tables. The first Model Summary table is a summary of the model. This table shows the values of R and R Square. The value of R equal to 0.795, indicating a simple correlation between the two variables, that is, the intensity of the correlation between the two variables. As shown by the value of R (Pearson correlation between two variables), between the two independent and dependent variables the correlation is very strong. The value of R square indicates how much of the dependent variable can be explained by an independent variable. In this research, the quality of electronic services can explain 63.2% of customer satisfaction changes, which is actually a remarkable