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The continuum of mental health step 2 world history essay help: world history essay help

Step 2:

The continuum of mental health is the balance between wellbeing and unwellness. For example, parents, who belong to a different generation from me, respond to the resource regarding social content and understanding of mental wellbeing (What is Mental Health., 2021). The parent’s response to the resource reflects that it is a really surprising move from the CEO, as my parents had never been treated so and there were some workplace bullying, criticisms, they needed to face (Sick days for mental health gets an unexpected response from CEO. NewsComAu, 2021). Thus, their response was like it is good to see that nowadays, an employee with a mental disability would not be discriminated against or criticized rather they are cared for and loved for by their CEOs and the entire workforce (Dobson et al., 2019).

A hope for the current and upcoming generation do my history homework

Step 3:

The subject matter in the article can be considered as a hope for the current and upcoming generation (Beyond Blue., 2021). Initial responses received from the individuals reflect that this would be a solution to all the Australian employees, who find themselves alone, feeling lost, worthless, defeated, and hopeless including all the negative thoughts pressurizing them to commit suicide. The responses consider the subject matter as hope to all mentally disabled people working in any of the Australian companies and hoping to have such a CEO supporting them mentally and psychologically (Jaegers et al., 2020).

MENTAL HEALTH IN CONTEXT STEP 4 help with history assignment: help with history assignment

Step 4

In a social context, the responses reflect that mentally challenges employees are usually criticized, discriminated against, not taken into consideration, and make them feel as they are priceless, they are only a mistake and they worthless (Putnam et al. 2017). This society looks into their interests rather than also looking to the interests of others, specifically the mentally disabled people. This is the reason for which every 1 out of 4 people would experience a mental disorder, where every 1 out of five young people can also experience the same and 90% of suicides occur due to the social discrimination faced by mentally challenged people (Seaton et al., 2017).


Step 5:

What means “mental health”, I think everyone would be having own response to this question, but my response is quite simple and easier to understand (Mindmatters in minutes., 2021). What I found throughout the materials about mental health is that it is our ability to cope with the challenges that we everyday face and these challenges are driven by either risk factors or protective factors such as a family’s support, having a good friend circle, whereas risk factors can be like chronic illness that a person suffers from. Hence, the risk factors enhance the challenges; although protective factors help a person to deal with his/her everyday challenges (Løvaas et al. 2018). Considering the current situation of the Australian workplace is a really important topic as the peace, productivity and fruitfulness of the workplace are getting deteriorated by the social contexts of considering mental health. If this current situation would not be taken into account, the leading causes of death such as workplace stress, anxiety and depression would never be stopped, where the Australian men are found to be at higher risk as compared to Australian women (Sadness., 2021).

Australian workplace is to be taken into consideration as their openness to sexuality encourages hyper-sexuality that overall hampers the balance of gender inequality leading the Australian workplace to get depressed and anxious employees (Stander & August 2015). Some major reasons lead an employee to experience stress, anxiety and depression, where stigma leads to the race of such a feeling. Stigma is all about stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination, which is not such a big matter from an anti-socialist or partial body, but only a mark of grace it is (War, 2021). But, the consequences of this so-called “mark of disgrace” sometimes lead an individual experiencing self-harm or even harm to others (What’s so funny about mental illness? | Ruby Wax., 2021). Mental health is such a term that is frequently misunderstood and this misunderstood is sometimes driven by our parents as well (Park & Zarate, 2019). For example, what they expect from us cannot be all-time delivered to them, they expect positive results from us, however nothing positive at that time happened to us and at that time, pretending to have positivity is the only option for a child to her/his parents. These expectations can also cause mental stress or pressure onto the child, a parent’s definition of joy can do vary from a child’s definition of joy and this mismatch leads a child to face pressure (Inside Out – Riley argues with her parents., 2021).