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Managerial Approach And Political Approach Ap American History Essay Help


Zia, Y., Khan, M.Z. ( ). A comparative review of traditional and new public administration and critique of new public management.  The dialogue. 9(4).

Zia and Khan review the traditional approach of public administration and its three different perspectives including managerial approach, political approach, and legal approach; each coming from a particular political context and each emphasizing different values. They go on to discuss modern administration has to deal with the problems of technical complexity, new technology, professionals who move in and out of public organizations with ease, public-private partnerships, and the meshing of powers in addition to more public demands for services. They conclude that in order to fully understand public administration leadership, there is a need for a new approach that combines the values of traditional public administration and those advocated by the New Public Management.


The role of ethics in shaping public leaders summary history assignment help writing services: history assignment help writing services

Letter to SID Instructor


The role of ethics in shaping public leaders is the title of my research paper. The question I will attempt to answer is can they ever get past the temptation of power and greed? In today’s world it seems a day doesn’t go by without a story about a public leader somewhere that has done something the public deems unethical. This topic is far-reaching and is an important issue to discuss as the general attitude towards our public leaders declines at a rapid pace. Never in our society has there been such a distrust and disdain for the people that used to be revered and trusted. This past presidential election polarized the country and there hasn’t been much evidence of this changing. Has the ethics and moral values of those in the public eye really changed so much or do we just know about their actions more due to the 24/7 news cycle that not only reports on but actually searches out sensational content about elected officials.

The summary and introduction of my paper will discuss the issue at hand. What role do ethics play in shaping public leaders? Why is it important to have ethical leaders?  The actions of public leaders are important in promoting good conduct and encouraging an ethical culture. In doing so they reinforce and maintain high standards of conduct, which makes their constituents, trust in them and believe they can handle difficult and complicated problems. I used the disciplines of sociology, psychology and economics to address the question. The first section will define ethics and discuss the rules that define them.

what role ethics play in public leadership summary history assignment help

theories that developed. Then I will look at what role ethics play in public leadership. The next section will look at the followership of public leaders, what tactics do leaders use to gain followers. After that I will make a case for actions speaking louder than words. In conclusion I will summarize all the information I’ve discussed and emphasize the importance of ethics and ethical behavior in people who have been elected by the public to lead. I used scholarly journals, articles, websites and books as the bulk of my research for this paper.

The challenges I’ve faced during this process is remaining focused on the one piece of such a large puzzle. Ethics is a broad topic and I had to be disciplined in order not to veer on to something else. The assignments and professor helped me to articulate more clearly what I thought I knew I wanted to say. It’s much easier to have a conversation about a topic with only your opinions but is much more difficult to put those opinions in a written format with evidence to back up your thoughts.

I will continue my research in looking at what has worked in the past and what hasn’t. Is there anything that can be done to ensure the empty campaign promises can be curbed in favor of genuine, thoughtful discussions on what candidates would like to accomplish as a leader? I would like to research possible ways to transform the entire campaign process from top to bottom. It has become a machine that panders to the noise of the media using rhetoric and negativity. There are many avenues this topic can take and ethics is at the heart of all of them.


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Long-range Energy Alternative Planning system (LEAP) is the most preferred energy modeling tool as opposed to the Open Source Energy Modeling System (OSeMOSYS). LEAP entails the ability to autonomously calculate the least cost dispatch and expansion capacity of the Transformational modules supply side. However, this ability works via the help of OSeMOSYS.

Learning to Read sampled summary do my history assignment

Learning to Read

I do remember learning to read while in elementary school. We started by looking at the alphabet letters pinned on the wall with an illustration of a word relating to each alphabetical letter. We had to recite the alphabet while linking a word denoting the alphabet letter. This was easy since we only had to say the phonetic sounds of the letters. Afterwards, we identified those sounds in words on the page and tried to link them together in order to pronounce the word. I remember working through the elementary books beginning with the simplest and gradually getting more advanced as I was able to master reading simple words.

Before going to the elementary school, I had already started learning to read some few words on my own. I could recognize words from stories that my mother used to read to me and this gave me a good start when I joined school. One of my strengths was that I was a fast learner despite taking long to learn how to write. At first, I could try to read from the Peter and Jane books at home and this enabled me to master reading easily. Some of my weaknesses included inability to pronounce some words properly, short span attention, and being too playful.

Learning to read and learning to read and follow instructions today can easily be related. Reading instructions demands keenness and attention to detail, in the same way learning to read needs. However, reading and understanding instructions is quite complex since some instructions require deep analysis and internalization, unlike learning to read which only needs memorizing and repeating the same process until one learns the words. However, it is right to say that learning to read and reading instructions are closely related.