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Industry and Market Analysis. help me with my history homework: help me with my history homework

Industry and Market Analysis

Size, Growth, and Structure

The professional cleaning industry is expanding rapidly. Considerable socio-economic changes have created a necessity to have professionals undertake cleaning services both within domestic and industrial complexes. It is a young industry but one that is growing exponentially. While many of these companies are start-ups, a few of them are fully developed. Several socio-economic reasons explain the emergence and growth of the professional cleaning industry. First, on a macroeconomic level, the economic conditions in the country have forced many families to work considerably long hours a week. Balancing domestic chores and work responsibilities has become problematic. As such, many families have opted to engage in professional cleaning services regularly. Professional cleaning entails a wide range of activities, from cleaning floors, compounds, and general household goods. Secondly, on a microeconomic level, there has been a general improvement in conditions of living. A significant number of households have moved towards high-income households, thereby increasing the general purchasing power. Enlisting the services of professional cleaners has become not just more accessible, but most importantly, necessary, thereby creating a large market that many companies can share.

Industry and Market Trends. ap american history essay help

Industry and Market Trends

On a macroeconomic level, advancements in technologies have led to the improvement of cleaning equipment. The existence of these equipment has necessitated the growth of the professional cleaning industry. Most of the equipment is owned mainly by professional cleaners. Most organizations or families do not have these requirements. For organizations, it is easier to engage professional services than to buy the equipment as the cost of purchasing and storing them is high. As such, professional cleaning services have seen an uptick in their demand across industries and classes.

On a microeconomic level, there has been a general shift in lifestyle. As living conditions improve, generally, the use of professional cleaning services has become necessary. This increased demand has seen a proliferation in the number of companies providing cleaning services. The market continues to burgeon as professional cleaning increasingly fits into the changes in people’s lifestyles. It has even become a local phenomenon as sustained by improved purchasing power.



Market Segments and Reasons for the Target Market. history homework: history homework

Market Segments and Reasons for the Target Market

There are various market segments for this industry. The most common ones include cleaning services for organizations (commercial) and cleaning services for households (residentials). There are large, middle-range, and small organizations that increasingly enlist the services of professional cleaning organizations. There are also individual business people who operate large industrial complexes that require professional cleaners (commercial). Primarily, professional cleaning services have targeted these large-scale premises. However, residential cleaning has emerged as one of the newest segments of this industry. Most families, small or big, have adopted professional cleaning services, increasing the number of market segments for this industry even further.

MCS targets high-income households as its most preferred market segment. Most of the family members in high-income households work long hours. They have little time to clean to engage in regular domestic chores such as general household cleaning. It is a potent market segment given that they are high-income and can easily accommodate the company’s prices and sales structure and help it achieve the sales targets.


Buyer Behavior across Segments. history assignment help writing services

Buyer Behavior across Segments

Across all segments, buyer behavior is characterized by the need for speedy and quality work. Those operating industrial complexes and large organizations require that cleaners finish their work in time not to inconvenience operations, while the result should always be high quality. Households are more concerned with quality work than the speed with which work is done. Overall, across segments, quality remains a defining requirement.