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M6D1: What’s the Value of Stakeholder Analysis?



Module Notes: Stakeholder Analysis

Hughes, R. (2010). Step 3: Stakeholder analysis and engagement. In Practical Public Health Nutrition, (PDF ATTACHED) 57-69. Hoboken, NJ, USA: Wiley-Blackwell.

read the assigned book chapter on stakeholder analysis and then engage in a conversation on the following discussion questions, one at a time:

The article discusses the role of data collection in the process of conducting a stakeholder analysis. As you read about data collection, what techniques do you feel are most valuable in gathering this information? Why? What techniques might be less useful or yield information that might be biased? Why?

Sometimes, stakeholder groups are clearly at odds with each other. How can we deal with these differences? Is there a way to acknowledge these differences and come to a solution?