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Posh Nosh is an up market organization, which offers take away, catering services and eat-ins in the UK already having a chain of 10 outlets around London as per the Case. Human resource management (HRM) and personnel management both related to managing human factor in the organization. However one needs to understand the difference between two. Today, HR manager plays an important role not only in staffing but in shaping and managing human resource with participating in the business strategy.  However, according to a way of thought by some experts, HRM is nothing more than a renovation of progressive personnel management. This is because they emphasize on the fact that most of the firms in the UK have cost centric strategies till date (Bratton & Gold, 2012). Therefore the role of HRM, difference between HRM and personnel management…show more content…

Task: 1 Human Resource Management and personnel management


1.1: Difference between personnel management and HRM in practice


Many experts tried to determine the scope and meaning of HRM through explaining various models and tried to differentiate between HRM and traditional personnel management in the recent past (Bratton & Gold, 2012). There are various models of HRM explained by various experts. According to the HRM model by Guest (1987), Personnel management focuses on rules and regulations and follows centralised approach. Whereas HRM is flexible and decentralized approach focusing on the business strategy (Marchington & Wilkinson, 2008). When HRM strategy is applied in an organisation people policies and strategies are linked


Elements Of The Marketing Process Of Pepsi online history assignment help



Outcome 1


1.1 explain the various elements of the marketing process with respect to the given organization


Pepsi enjoys a great position in the market today. Pepsi has a wide range of products i.e. around 3300 products. These products include fruit juices, packaged water, energy drinks, fruit drinks and much more.  


Elements of Marketing Process


Under the marketing concept, Pepsi must find a way to discover unfulfilled customer needs and bring to market products that satisfy those needs. The process of doing so can be modeled in a sequence of steps: the situation is analyzed to identify opportunities, the strategy is formulated for a value proposition, tactical decisions are made, the plan is implemented and the…show more content…

Market research will provide the exact amount of market information that will permit the firm to select the target market segment and optimally stable the offering within that segment.  




Marketing Mix Decisions:


Detailed tactical decisions then are made for the controllable parameters of the marketing mix. The action items include:


• Product development – specifying, designing, and producing first units of product


• Pricing decisions


• Distribution contracts


• Promotional campaign development (, 2012)


1.2 Evaluate the benefits and costs of a marketing orientation for a selected organization in the context.


Market orientation is a company philosophy focused on discovering and meeting the needs and desires of its customers through its product mix. Unlike past marketing strategies that concentrated on establishing selling points for existing products, market orientation works in reverse, attempting to tailor products to meet the demands of customers.


Cost benefit analysis can best be done with the help of the SWOT analysis.




• Pepsi has got a very strong brand name all over the world


• It is a global brand


• Its products are available in affordable prices


• Company also owns other brands like Miranda, Dew,…show more content…

Political environments are under local and national governments laws, regulations, and political parties, which can’t be apprehended unless the government allows it to be. (Shma, 2012)




2.2 propose segmentation criteria to be used for products in different markets of the given organization.


Segmentation is a process of dividing the market into small portions where each portion shares the similar kinds of needs, characteristics and buying behavior.


For Pepsi, segmentation can be done on the basis of geographic segmentation, place of consumption and demographics. (Weinstein, 2004)


Geographic segmentation helps in knowing the customer base located in specific geographical area. It helps in identifying what products are more popular in those geographic segments. For example Pepsi can make geographic segments on the basis of provinces and districts in Pakistan. This segmentation will also help in adopting appropriate strategy for the segment. Place of consumption refers to the places where coca cola products consumed more e.g. theaters, cinemas, public places, restaurants


Investigation On The Motivation Behind Addiction ap art history homework help: ap art history homework help

Investigation on the Motivation behind Addiction  


Menaka Serres


Hunter College City University of New York








Addiction and its many implications has been a topic of great research and conversation.  For centuries, we have associated addiction with drugs, however, addictive tendencies and the motivation behind addictive behavior is not only about the object or the individual but about the bonding and connection that it provides to the individual.  In other words, the issue that that is being brought to light is not the problematic consequences that arise from the object of addiction but more so that the motivation behind addiction to anything—even T.V. is related to the human need for connection and bonding.  Often times, this need is over looked and really not associated with addiction.  Thus compelling research suggests that sociality and connection is far more central to the conversation of addiction than most expect it to.  Interventions such Motivational Interviewing therapy have shown to address substance abuse.  Changing unhealthy lifestyle behaviors is an important issue. A key barrier to behavior change is a lack of motivation. Motivational interviewing (MI) is a counseling approach designed to promote behavior change. It aims to strengthen personal motivation for, and commitment to a specific goal by eliciting and exploring the person ‘s own reasons for change within an atmosphere of acceptance and compassion.  In this regard, the


Examples Of Immanuel Kant On God And Morality world history essay help

Immanuel Kant:
On God and Morality 
One of the most influential philosophers in history, Immanuel Kant, is one of the most studied philosophers due to his contradictory statements about God and morality. Immanuel Kant executes an effective and irrebuttable theory that states that the existence of God is a rational belief along with the belief system being a matter of faith, this theory refutes the three traditional arguments that attempts to disprove the existence of a higher power due to the inability to show physical proof of the Christian God. Physical proof is the basis of establishing the truth, however, Immanuel Kant changes the playing field by theorizing that the belief in religion is a rational thought and religion itself is a matter of faith. However, the argument that those who are immoral and do not reserve happiness will be punished in the afterlife to dictate whether or not choosing to live a moral life is worth the dedication. In addition, the traditional arguments that refute the existence of God disregard the source of morality, of humans in the sense that moral actions are objective, however, the belief that moral people will be rewarded with good fortune and immoral people will be punished with misfortune. Morality along with the pursuit of happiness would become obsolete without the belief that those who perform moral actions are rewarded, due to the large population performing immoral actions that seem more rewarding and worthy of their time. In the

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