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Just a Well-mannered Kid

All of my life I have been known as a well-mannered kid. Sometimes I wonder if there is something wrong with me. Why am I so well-mannered? Recently I heard a song on by a band out of New Zealand. The song lyrics stated very well the position I find myself in.

Don’t smoke

Hate dope

Don’t laugh at dirty jokes

Got a mom

And a dad

The only ones I ever had

And I want to know

If I’m coming down with anything

And I’ve got a hero that I’ll follow to the end.

I often hear people talk about their problems and trouble they have to go through and find that I am not able to relate with them. I have never been offered drugs, never been in trouble with the law. My parents love me and my brothers and sisters. I have always gotten good grades. And I wonder why. Why is it that I am different from so many? It is not because of money or material things; I never had much spending money except what I earned by working with my dad in his business. I never had the newest nicest clothes either.

But what I did have were values, morals that my parents taught me. They raised me to know the difference between right and wrong and then to go beyond knowing and do the right thing – something worth more than any amount of money or popular appearance.

Limiting the Extent of Patents on Information Technologies

Limiting the Extent of Patents on Information Technologies

Abstract: In recent years, patent laws have been extended beyond physical inventions to cover techniques and methods employed by software developers. Yet at certain point, processes are abstracted beyond the level specific implementations and must be considered to be ideas, to which patents do not apply. Certain companies in the field of information technology, however, seem intent on pushing the extent of their patents beyond reasonable limits, effectively staking claims on ideas rather than implementations. This paper concentrates on how CMGI/Alta Vista may be taking advantage of this area of the patent system. I first detail the nature of this abuse, and then describe what steps may be taken to prevent such situations in the future.

For the past two hundred years, the United States Patent and Trademark Office, or USPTO, has recorded patents for the purpose to protecting inventors and the products of their efforts. As the value of information as a commodity has increased in recent years, the USPTO has extended its reach beyond physical inventions and into the realm of information technologies. While the importance of protecting intellectual property is clear, patents now seem to run the risk of affording overly broad to patent holders on certain technologies. This is forcing other developers to abandon projects or pay licensing fees for processes they could have developed independently. A recent patent suit by Alta Vista claiming that “virtually everyone out there who indexes the Web is in violation of at least several of [our] patents”i illustrates the extent to which patent laws are being applied and abused. Alta Vista’s patent…

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