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Isaiah And The Redemption Of Israel Essay Advanced Higher History Essay Help


The Genesis Creation Story And Genesis history assignment help online: history assignment help online

Throughout the first Genesis creation story and the Exodus narrative, God demonstrates the love and concern He has for His people by performing immense acts of hesed. In Genesis, for example, God creates the world so that human beings can love it and love one another, as they were created with his image in mind. In Exodus, the Israelites try God’s patience again and again, but even still, he continues to help them and leads them to the Promise Land. Time and time again, God demonstrates his merciful attitude towards the human race by giving them countless opportunities to be His people. In ‘Second Isaiah,’ God is again depicted as showing mercy and love by trying to redeem the Israelites in preparation for Him to become the God of all nations. ‘Second Isaiah’ uses recurring examples from Genesis and Exodus to demonstrate what God has already done for us, and now, what he wants to do next. In the first Genesis creation story, God already is demonstrating his commitment to the people. In the Old Testament, it is made evident that the creator is the redeemer, and God’s acts of creation are a sign of his pledge of redemption. The same God who created the beauty of the world and the human race will also be the God who redeems that human race. In the Book of Isaiah, God speaks through the prophet and says, “My own hand laid the foundations of the earth, and my right hand spread out the heavens…The Lord’s chosen ally will carry out his purpose against Babylon” (Isa 48:13-14).


The United States Mental Health Care System apus history essay help

Inadequacy of the United States Mental Health Care System: Barriers to Care


According to the World Health Organization, mental illness will affect approximately 25% of people at some point in their life (“WHO Qualityrights”, n.d.).  Despite that, the current mental health care system in the United States is inadequate.  Many aspects of the system need improving, especially the barriers to service.  In fact, approximately 20% of individuals are left without necessary treatment for their mental health disorder (“Mental Health”, 2016). Mentally ill individuals have difficulty accessing necessary mental health care services for various reasons; insurance, socioeconomic status, and mental health stigma can all function as barriers to treatment.  Insurance discrimination can make it difficult for individuals to find treatment (Han, Call, Pintor, Alarcon-Espinoza, & Simon, 2015).  Gaps in insurance coverage can also be a barrier, as they disrupt the long-term treatment process (Gulley, Rasch, & Chan 2011). Socioeconomic status has been found to negatively affect appointment scheduling (Kugelmass, 2016). Finally, stigma in our society can also stop people from seeking out treatment that they need (Bathje & Pryor, 2011).  The mental health system in the United States is not capable of caring for the mentally ill, as insurance, socioeconomic status, and perceived stigma all act as barriers that prevent people from receiving the treatment they need.    


Various aspects of insurance can


The Effects Of The Foster Care System do my history assignment: do my history assignment

Most people have heard about the foster care system. There have been studies surrounding the foster care system.  Most have involved communication issues all around the system. The other is when a person ages out of the foster system and does communication effect what happens? The lack of communication with the foster youth, the lack of communication between the foster care system and the other systems, and lack of basic skills for getting a job hinder the youths that are about to age out of the foster care system and become adults. “Emancipated foster youth” or “aged-out youth” are people who aged out of the foster care system (Curry and Laura). Foster care children make up about forty percent of the “1.4 million children that do not live with their parents or grandparents” (Scannapieco et al).   Maria Scannapieco and her colleagues, Kelli Connell-Carrick and Kirstin Painter, researched what the challenges that foster children still faced and what were some ways to help make it easier in Texas. Since Texas in 2004 had a diverse range of foster children with over 20,000 in foster care. 4,974 of those children were eligible for this study as they were between 14-20 years of age (Scannapieco et al). They did this by asking foster children, their social workers, and foster parents. “A foster parent said, ‘Youth are not informed of the resources available to them to get money for a GED” (Scannapieco et. al).  This is due to lack of communication with foster students and most


Classical Sociological Theory ap us history essay help

Name: Chow Ka Chun Simon; Ssid: 1155032615  


Course Code: SOCI 3003  Classical Sociological Theories


Professor : Chan Hoi Man  Tutor : Joanne Luk    Date : 12th November, 2014  Mid-term Exercise


Topic: Discuss the meaning and significance of social fact. In your paper, discuss why the concept of your choice may be considered as important for understanding the works of the theorist concerned. In addition, you may also discuss the border significance of the concept in helping you to understand the nature of Modern Society and of Modern sociology.  




Background and introduction




Social fact is the most important concept in mastering Durkheim’s theory because it is what Durkheim defined as the subject matter of sociology (Durkheim, 1972: 58).…show more content…

Durkheim also suggested the use of statistics to investigate into social fact. Statistics can reflect social phenomena. They are the external index for individuals’ consciousness. Some criticisms claimed that such index does not represent social currents or phenomena because they are merely the aggregate of individual datum. However, Durkheim argued,  




“ (statistics like marriage, birth rate,) each of these figures contains all the individual cases indiscriminately, the individual circumstances which may have had a share in the production of the phenomenon are neutralized, consequently, do not contribute to its determination. The average, then expresses a certain state of the group mind.” (Durkheim, 1964: 8)




He argued that these social facts arises from social relationships and human association and exist at the level of society as a whole while individual cases are insignificant. The change in the rates (Durkheim calls it pathological) reflected changes in certain social currents or social relationships and it remained as a fact external and coercive to each person.  




In conclusion, social fact were both the way of functioning (like thinking, acting and feeling) and the way of being (the size of population, suicide rates etc). He successfully “extending scientific rationalism to human behavior” and differentiate sociology from other natural and social

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