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United States Elections 2016

The elections of 2016 have been termed as one of the hottest contested in the history of America and especially at the presidential level. The two candidates from the two main political sides, that is the Democratic and the Republican Party embarked on a very vigorous campaign each. A lot of lobbying was witnessed with the republican candidate.

The candidate, Mr. Donald J Trump took America by surprise when he announced that he would run for the top seat about a year ago. This is can be attributed to the fact that he had previously denied having any interest in the position several times. He majored on some very risky policies to outshine his main opponent, Hillary Clinton of the Democratic Party. Trump lobbied the war veterans with by promising them a welfare plan policy if elected. He also attracted the support of conservative Americans with the idea of restricting borders against South American and African immigrants who according to him brought unfair competition by providing cheap labor. He endeared the business community with his china policy whereby he questioned the dominance of Chinese substandard products in the American market. He claimed that such products brought unfair competition while Chinese markets do not have American products. The candidate also promised a new, cheaper and more inclusive health policy to replace the Obama medical policy. His campaign had been described as a vigorous one man show because trumps energy was unrivalled and he was able to withstand a united force against him. His performance was so well designed that even some of the democrats supported his policy on war and withdrawing American troops from Middle East (McCarty, Nolan, Keith Poole & Howard Rosenthal).

Hillary Clinton on the other hand performed impressively well by running a smooth campaign under the Democratic Party. America had high hopes of having her as their first woman president to succeed the first black president ever in the history of the United Stated of America. She enjoyed a lot of support from the minority groups in the country, the middle and lower class citizens. She majored her campaign on defending the common citizen and rode on the Obama administrations performance to popularize her quest for the most powerful political seat in the world. Clinton was counting so much on women, youth and minority votes to win the presidential position even though the election statistics showed otherwise. Her campaign however missed a lot of important factor and instead majored on discrediting her main opponent and his policies. Many believe that she did not have a lot of new ideas and most of her policies were just a continuation of the current administration. This led to a lot of voters losing interest in her ands opting for Trump. If she had won the election, she would have made history not only as the first woman president but also the first wife of an ex-president to run and win a major office (Bartels & Larry, 2016).

Both Trump and Clinton had unique policies from each other and some of which were a major surprise to Americans. In general, Americans expected Hillary Clinton to win because she had been considered the favorite candidate. Trump knew this very well and this made him adopt some rare tactic probably learned in his many years in business. He majored on dominance to outshine Clinton by seeking and ensuring that he got massive support in key states that have a majority of college votes needed to win an election. The other two candidates, that is, Gary Johnson of the labor party and Jill Stein of the green party, came at a distant third and the fourth position respectively after results were out.

Looking at Texas, trump won a majority of electorate college votes though Clinton came in at a close second. However, Texas State did not have elections for a new governor. The republicans dominated the majority of seats in House of Representatives in Texas taking the popular of seats while the Democrats minority as a party only won in 8 the districts. The people of Texas are a mixture of conservative whites, Hispanic groups, while settlers and a few other minority groups and this can be attributed to the triumph of the republicans in the state (Scammell & Margaret, 2016). These are the people who value land and preservation of their ancient American culture and they felt that the policies presented by the Republican Party would safeguard their interests and protect their resources. They are the kind of people so value society values and they very well knew that the Republican Party could address that. In Dallas, victoria Neave’s democratic win over the republican candidate brought a lot of excitement to the residents. However, this democratic triumph and a few others in the state could mean a lot of things for the people. Even though the president elect promised to work with and for all, it is general logic that he may not give much attention to the areas that had democratic dominance.

The most recent wave of tension and unrest in universities and colleges in the state could send a message to the president elect that he is not welcome to Texas. The students have been protesting the election of trump since the day the election results were announced. Some of these protests mainly present the issue of racism as trump was perceived as a big racist due to his public outbursts while addressing the issue of immigrants and minority groups. The biggest fear is if the protests escalate to violence, this could turn from an activism issue to a matter of national security hence threatening the stability of Texas. Generally, this election took a lot of people by surprise and it might take some before people get fully accustomed with the outcome. Campaigning are there for candidates to entice themselves to voters while the actual work being one the new administration takes over office (Ansell & Amy Elizabeth, 2016). This will be the period after swearing in of the new president elect kin January. For America, this was a big change and an unexpected turn of events but there is more to watch out for beginning January next year. Nothing much can be said as of now until the new administration becomes functional. All the same, America remains one nation, one people, the great United States of America!

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