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Nursing code of ethics

Both the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics and the International Council of Nursing Code of Ethics are a list of set regulations that govern the nursing practice as a profession in ensuring that there is efficiency and proper mannerism as required for the practice. They help in guiding nurses in different parts of the world to meet their mandate as custodians of healthcare services and messengers of hope to the patient. Most of the themes are common in one way or another and in regard to the specific uniqueness of the nursing needs of the country or region (Blair, Kathryn & Jansen, 2015).

The two organizations code of ethics requires all nurses to dedicate all their attention and commitment towards the patient. The description of patient may cover a single person, community, population, group or even a family. It is also the work of a nurse to protect the rights of his or her patients through advocacy and positive care. Both believe that all nurses owe every patient’s dignity a high capacity of compassion and respect as well as genuine responsibility and accountability. Finally, all nurses should always feel obliged to offer themselves, their colleagues as well as the public in general the respective service in a sensible, professional and holistic manner (Winland-Brown, Jill, Lachman & Swanson., 2015).

Given the responsibility of looking after a conservative Arab woman with a sensitive Muslim culture, it was very difficult to offer the services she required. It is against their culture for an elderly woman to be attended to by a male nurse, especially in cases where her nudity was exposed. Their belief has it that a menstruating woman should not even be anywhere close to a man. This case involved the services of a gynecology nurse to address her menstruating complication and being the only department nurse on duty, there was no option that to attend to her. After a lot of resistance and discussion, it was necessary to give her some medical attention before it was too late as she had lost a lot of blood. So eventually the authoritative decision required in such cases came to play and finally her life was saved (Zahedi, 2013). This example shows cross culture belief difference and hoe they could affect a nurse’s job.

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