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Interview – UT Faculty

For the faculty interview, I decided to choose my law professor, Eric C Chaffee who teaches courses related to business law, tax law, commercial law and contract law. He has also been awarded in several occasions for this teaching. Professor Chaffee was the very first teacher I had interacted with at the University of Toledo and in class; I came to know that he was very relatable and welcoming educator. On discovering that I had to interview one of the University professors, right away I knew I would interview him.

Something I think was noteworthy, before the interview is that, before I interviewed him, we were walking to his office, and we had a five minutes talk on basic information. My major, where I was from, and what attracted me to the University of Toledo. After this, the transitioning into the interview became less onward and much smoother than I expected. It took away the inevitable pressure which came with such interviews and was helpful in hindsight.

I selected four questions which I had created for the interview. I opened with what he liked most about teaching as I felt that it was appropriate first question. He answered that being interactive and actively being involved in many legal academic professional organizations has been the best part of his career after serving as the President of the Central States Law School Association.

The second question was whether he thinks that the University had enough staff and resources to handle both online and full time students. He pointed out that, even if the institution had an incredible teaching staff, there was a need to hire more professors due to the growing number of students. The current staff is forced to work extra hours to support their students. Although he admits that the administration is very supportive, if they want students to be more successful, they should consider hiring more teaching staff.

The Last question was whether he thinks the online program is effective enough to support the students under the bachelor’s and graduate degree programs. His response was; although, online courses have always given students the flexibility of taking their classes anytime, anywhere they are. The tricky part of it is that students say, is staying on top of them. To do so, it may require commitment, discipline, and organization of oneself, traits that any student who needs to be successful must possess, no matter the path they undertake in completing their degree. Whether online or in person, both are pretty similar things when it comes to being a student, although unlike their peers in the classrooms, students undertaking online programs receive no-in person reminders of when tests are scheduled or when papers are due.

While I enjoyed my interview with Professor Chaffee, he struck me as intelligent, smart, attentive and above all, a dedicated staff member of the University of Toledo (Berg, Jessica & Michael, 2015).

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