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Essay topic – Recycling

This essay topic is Recycling. In brief, recycling is simply reusing a substance or using waste product to create a usable product. The write up will focus on the explaining more on what recycling really is, what it means and the several elements of recycling. It will also feature information in support of recycling as a way of saving resources as well as funds. Recycling helps re use resources that previously had been used into making new products. The significance of this topic is the fact that in today’s world, conservation happens to be number one priority in moist parts of the world. This is as a response to the shifting global climate and global warming. Many professional watch groups believe that recycling can greatly reduce the effects of global warming and environmental effect caused by the exhaustion of the limited and now highly scarce resources such as water and trees. Discussing this topic then will not just be an academic affair but a general issue that will go a long way in being in the frontline to advocating for conservation. The main focus is trying to help the reader understand that recycling is not just a business as many might believe. It is a lifestyle and should be encouraged for its farfetched benefits to the human life and environment. The perspective being presented is the saving that one can make from recycling and the pride that comes with knowing that one is involved in conservation efforts. This is a very popular issue and therefore has sources everywhere ranging from books, the internet, journals and environmental publications as well as grapevine. However, the main source is the day to day experiences related to the topic.