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Informative Essay: Cloning and Genetic Engineering

Unlike so many issues, much of the debate about cloning and genetic engineering is about acts that have never been committed. They are unique in the fact that we have never before had the technology to perform these acts. We do not know the consequences of cloning a human being. We do not know the damage we can do by altering someone’s genes. We do not know what disease we can cure. We do not know the limits of the evil we can unleash.

Since we have not reached the full potential of the power we wield, we can only speculate on the outcomes of our actions. There is no history, yet. There are only possibilities. The job of sorting out the possibilities is the realm of the philosophers, the dreamers, and the writers. These people see all possibilities, good and bad. They are the ones who inspire us to work onward. They are the ones who warn us of the worst we can do. The ideal is seldom reached and the worst is seldom realized because of the reflection they give us. Only one path will be traveled. Only one history will be made. The Human Race only gets one chance to get it correct.

The Catholic Church has a simple point of view on cloning and genetic manipulation: it is bad. Someone might sit back and think to themselves, ‘Why not? Isn’t creating life a good thing? It seems that gene therapy can heal people and save lives. Why does the Church forbid this?’ The answer to this is another fairly simple answer, ‘The creation of life is God’s job.’ (the Pope) The act of creation is not in itself a bad act. It is the consequences that result from the use of such power that is the truly the harmful part. The ultimate evils are our separation from God and the harm we do to others. Due to our flaws, humans are not capable o…

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…be different problems than we anticipated. When the day comes that we finally do accomplish these things, we can only hope and pray that we have chosen the correct path.

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Potential Abuse of Human Cloning

Potential Abuse of Cloning

It is understood that using forms of genetic manipulations has great potential, if the usage is based on the idea that it will be used to improve agricultural production, medicine technology, and the like. To use cloning as a coping device for those who mourn loved ones, or simply cannot deal with nature’s life and death process, however, is simply wrong. It is not only idealistically wrong, but ethically, morally, and even lawfully unjust. If cloning human beings becomes a reality, it will be the process that will slowly deteriorate the diversity of the world, and the ability for people to deal with negative occurrences in their life.

Ethically and politically cloning seems to be breaking all the rules, already. Supporters of cloning are pushing for a reform of any law or constitutional right, banning cloning, to be changed. Cloning is currently backing an ethical uproar around religious communities, due to its new explosion of advancements. Contemplations of a new race, and its laws, are already in the making.Despite the hoards of people who are anxiously gathering to ban it, scientists are continuing to push forward with experimentations.Some of them believe that no matter if a person, or group, likes cloning or not, they better learn to deal with it because it will not be stopped.It is hard to say whether or not the growing populations who are against cloning will be able to do anything to prevent it as a whole, or even partially.Regardless of how the U.S. chooses to deal with this issue, each country has their own plans and opinions.There are many variations on the new cloning policies, and the outcome of this new technology will be very interesting to see.

There are three different types of cloning.The first two are somatic manipulation and germline genetic manipulation.Somatic manipulation only changes the somatic gene makeup of a single person (their physical appearance).Germline genetic manipulation, however, passes all manipulated genes throughout the future generations (so any odd physical appearance or disease that is eliminated in one child will be forever eliminated in it’s heritage line) (Hayes pars. 10-11).

Many doctors are now suggesting parents test their unborn children and cure them of any maladies they could possibly encounter during their entire life through somatic manipulation (mostly including major outwardly physical disabilities).This way they can do everything possible to “perfect” their child’s outward appearance and mental abilities prior to birth.

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