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In this paper you will be analyzing the themes of loyalty, betrayal, and friendship between the characters in the

In this paper you will be analyzing the themes of loyalty, betrayal, and friendship between the characters in the play.
Choose either the characters Brutus or Antony from the play and think about the friendships they have
Brainstorm about two friendships your chosen character had in the play. At least one of your body paragraphs should focus on your character’s friendship with Julius Caesar.
Who is the friend?
What interactions do we see in the play, and what inferences can you make about the friendship? How does Shakespeare show us the relationship?
Does your character remain loyal to this friend? If so, what reasons do they have to remain loyal?

You will be writing a Thematic Analysis paper.
This type of paper is based on a particular question or theme.
When working on this paper, you will reveal and develop the central theme in a specific literature work using various literary devices such as metaphor, personification, comparison, and other techniques.
In this thematic analysis paper you will focus on the themes of loyalty, betrayal, and friendship in Julius Caesar.
What to Write

The character you chose to focus on (Brutus or Antony)
The three friendships you will examine (remember one of them must be with Julius Caesar)
The quality of friendships this character had overall
Body Paragraph #1: Friend 1
A descriiption of friendship #1
Identify and discuss interactions and inferences in the play about loyalty or betrayal with this friend.
Use at least two quotes to support your ideas.
Body Paragraph #2: Friend 2
A descriiption of friendship #2
Identify and discuss interactions and inferences in the play about loyalty or betrayal with this friend.
Use at least two quotes to support your ideas.
Body Paragraph #3: Friend 3
A descriiption of the friendship with Julius Caesar
Identify and discuss interactions and inferences in the play about loyalty or betrayal with this friend.
Use at least two quotes to support your ideas.
Discuss the quality of your character’s friendships
Discuss what Shakespeare wanted to communicate, thematically, about loyalty, betrayal, and friendship in Julius Caesar.

Use MLA in-text citations for quoting Shakespeare
[CLICK HERE for a guide on quoting Shakespeare]
Include 6 quotes total
Have a Works Cited page
Avoid plagiarism in the paper

Key Issues in Any Country on Women’s Or Children’s Health Students Institution

Key Issues in Any Country on Women’s Or Children’s Health






Key Issues in Any Country on Women’s Or Children’s Health

In USA, the health concerns for women and children remain tremendous. These issues must be considered during the course of a person’s life. Childhood, adolescence, reproductive years, and beyond all have an impact on health later in life and across generations. The biological and social determinants of health, such as equality and non-discrimination, interact. Women’s health problems extend beyond sexual and reproductive issues, while children’s health concerns go beyond under-five mortality. Chronic diseases, injuries, and mental disorders disproportionately impact women. UN study has highlighted the magnitude of the problem of violence against women and children. Evidence suggests that women and children are more prone than men to experience anxiety, depression, and psychosomatic symptoms, which are body sensations that are not medically addressed. Suicide is the leading cause of death among women under 60, and melancholy is the most common mental health problem among women. C ervical cancer is two of the most common cancers among women. It is crucial to discover both of these cancers early in order to keep women alive and well. According to the most recent global figures, about half a million women die from ovarian cancer each year, and another one‐third die from breast cancer. The vast majority of these deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries, where testing, treatment, and treatment are almost non-existent, and varicella zoster virus vaccination is still in its early stages. Malaria is a serious health issue that affects men and women alike. Pregnancy reduces a woman’s plasmodium immunity, making her more vulnerable to illness and increasing her risk of illness, aplastic anemia, and death. Malaria in the mother has an impact on the development of the fetus, increasing the risk of premature delivery and low birth weight, which are two of the leading causes of infant mortality.

Review of Major Health Issue

Children and adults who have had multiple severe disease throughout their lifetimes may acquire a partially resistance to severe or fatal malaria. Due to the change in their body’s immune system and the addition of a new organ (the placenta) with additional places for parasites to cling, pregnant women lose some resistance to plasmodium infection. Malaria is caused by Malaria, a plasmodium parasite spread via the bite of infected female anopheline mosquitoes. Malaria infection produces different issues depending on whether the malaria transmission region is steady (high) or unstable (low). Women in high-transmission regions have evolved protection that protects them from severe sickness, but parasites target the placenta particularly, putting them at danger during pregnancy. Malaria infection increases the risk of maternal anemia and low-birth-weight neonates. It is particularly difficult for women who are pregnant for the first or second time, as well as younger women and HIV-positive women. In lower altitudes, women have developed no immunity to malaria. Severe malaria, fetal anemia, and premature delivery are all risks of severe disease.

Malaria can be prevented with the use of mosquito repellents and bed netting. In a study in the Bolivian Amazon, those who used insect repellent and insecticide-treated bed netting had 80 percent fewer malaria attacks. Diethyltoluamide (DEET) and picaridin are two repellents recommended by the CDC for malaria prevention. For malaria protection, DEET doses of 4 to 30% are effective. There is no link between higher concentrations and increasing toxicity. DEET’s efficacy reaches a nadir at a concentration of 35%. A 5% practical advantages roughly 90 minutes of total protection, whereas a 25% formulation provides more than five hours of protection.

Each year, roughly 2,000 cases of malaria are discovered in the United States. The vast majority of cases in the United States are caused by travelers and immigrants from disease countries, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Insecticides, drainage channels, and the extraordinary effectiveness of window screens were utilized in the early 1950s to abolish transmission of malaria in the United States. Malaria has resurfaced in American hospitals as patients return from areas of the world where the mosquito-borne disease is widespread.

Poverty boosts malaria preconditions and dissemination paths, making malaria control difficult. People’s perceptions of illness, in this case malaria, have an impact on whether or not individuals seek medical care. Native tribes in India’s Uttarakhand state, for example, refuse to be treated for plasmodium or engage in parasite control because they feel mosquito bites are harmless and malaria is a minor disease. Malaria infection can be transferred by those who have not been treated for it. According to research from rural areas in other developing countries, mosquitoes do not spread malaria. Insecticides generate a foul odor that prevents people from spraying their homes in different parts of underdeveloped nations. As a result, refusing to allow mosquito treatment increases mosquito density, resulting in more mosquito bites and the spread of malaria. Malaria is spread through sleeping patterns such not using mosquito nets or other protective devices, sleeping outdoors, and sharing a bed with children. To protect humans from mosquito bites, bed nets, insect repellents, and house screening and site choice should all be employed. Malaria stifles investment and tourism, alters land use patterns and crop selections, resulting in sub-optimal agricultural production, reduces worker productivity, and decreases learning. Malaria might place a strain on national economies, with some nations’ GDP decreasing by much more than as 6% as a result of the disease.

Insecticide resistance exists, and it has an influence on transmission. Despite the fact that only a few pesticide classes have been authorised for use in vector control programs, widespread usage of insecticidal treatment nets and IRS in endemic regions has reduced worldwide risk of becoming infected during the last 15 years. Pyrethroids are currently the sole insecticide used to treat bed nets in order to protect against mosquito populations. Insecticide resistance has been found in all main anopheline vectors across the world. Furthermore, resistance to efficient antimalarial medications is spreading. Diagnosis and treatment using safe and efficient antimalarials has been a foundation of malaria eradication efforts. Over the last fifty years, nations in WHO SEAR have been the epicenter of malaria parasite resistance to practically all antimalarial medication classes, with subsequent diffusion to other WHO regions.

Finally, there is a socio-cultural barrier to malaria eradication. Malaria intervention efforts primarily focus on the pathogen as the causal agent, the person as the host, and the mosquitoes as the vector, but social interactions, which is diverse and nuanced, is sometimes overlooked and disregarded when devising intervention techniques. This is most likely due to interventionists’ lack of comprehension of how people struggle with illness and the ways they use to manage it. Improved knowledge and understanding of community views and beliefs about malaria and the agents that cause it might benefit in the establishment of control methods. Effective intervention approaches are either less efficient or less spectacular under conditions of low acceptance and escalating opposition.

Proposed Key Interventions

The government is bolstering infrastructure and local competence (including logistics, management, communication, and training) Distribution of commodities (including antimalarial drugs, rapid diagnostic tests, insecticide-treated nets, and appropriate insecticides for residual spraying) Increasing the private sector’s involvement. The US President’s Malaria Project is a US government project aimed at significantly decreasing malaria deaths and illnesses in Sub-Saharan African target countries, with the long-term objective of a malaria-free world. Donors contribute money to assist reduce epidemics like AIDS, TB, and malaria, as well as enhance health systems. More than 80 nations have contributed to the Global Fund or vowed to do so in order to speed up the fight against the three illnesses. The Global Fund receives the majority of its funding from public sources.

Key stakeholders Announcement Walton Family Health Center in the Bronx, New York,

In this paper you will be analyzing the themes of loyalty, betrayal, and friendship between the characters in the English Assignment Help Key stakeholders


Walton Family Health Center in the Bronx, New York, will be holding a meeting with its stakeholders on April 21st, 2022 at the conference room in the first floor. The key stakeholders invited at the meeting are the physician’s director in Walton, two nursing professionals; one male and female, Telehealth director in Bronx, Chair of Patient Safety, Technologist and technician manager, Director of Information Technology, EPIC Compliance Officer, and few community leaders. The main aim for holding the meeting is to present the key aspects of a plan to adopt the new or upgraded telehealth technology proposed. This telehealth technology will involve the adoption of an upgraded EPIC Medical system, to closely monitor patients and improve on the beneficial impacts of health. The meeting will also present details on how and when to implement the epic system, the needs, the expected outcomes other major considerations. Towards the end of the meeting, key stakeholder concerns, and views will be addressed. The presentation conferenced in the meeting will also be available to stakeholders on Walton healthcare portal.


Purpose: To review and educate stakeholders on Epic plan and implementation, to seek opinions, and to respond to any gaps, and concerns.

Attendee introductions

■ Introduction to Epic system

■ Effectiveness and patient outcomes

■ Success measurement criteria

■ Patient Considerations and privacy concerns

■ Project initiation and Timeline Assumptions

■ Concerns and views


This meeting aims to discuss planning, problem-solving, and critical considerations of implementing an upgraded epic system at Walton Family Healthcare. To fulfill this purpose, the meeting will start by making attendee instructions where every stakeholder will introduce themselves and share the purpose for wanting to serve. The epic telehealth system will then be introduced; its function, necessity, patient outcomes, and effectiveness. Patient confidentiality and privacy concerns will also be discussed. The steps and timeline needed to deploy an upgraded epic system will be presented. Finally, concerns, comments, and views from stakeholders will be discussed.

What is an epic telehealth system?

A virtualized Electronic Health Record (EHR) system designed for hospitals that can handle all facets of an institution’s day-to-day operations, particularly patient medical information. 

Are accountable for medical records organization, safety, management, and access.

Provides an appropriate interface for health data sharing, recording, and storage.


Epic Systems is one of the leading suppliers of health informatics, with large U.S. medical institutions mainly using it to retrieve, manage, store, and exchange medical data. The corporation is known for being a technology pioneer and providing quality technologies and associated services. Healthcare professionals and caregivers utilize real-time audio and visual communication to assess medical issues and progress through the systems. The systems also allow access to test results, make appointments, seek medication renewals, and communicate with patients.

The importance of telehealth during the pandemic is to help patients with diabetes. It may provide tighter glucose control, improve clinical outcomes, reduce hospitalizations, and prevent covid-19 by having virtual visits instead of in person. As a result, the system is a promoter of quality care.

Effectiveness and patient outcomes

enhanced reporting and data analytics

improved patient care

increased productivity and efficiency

Security of data

Reduced risk of covid-19 infection

AMA 2021.


One of the primary goals of Walton’s healthcare facility is to offer the best possible treatment to better patient outcomes. Optimizing the epic system will help increase coordinated care, decrease risks of Covid-19 infection through interoperable workflows, and boost provider-to-patient and provider-to-provider communication. Additionally, more efficient workflows and better work practice methods will be established. This motivates professionals by simplifying their everyday tasks and reducing any unnecessary labor that may have resulted from workarounds.

Optimizing systems will allow the work team to examine and fine-tune diabetic information collected. Therefore, making system changes has a direct influence on workers’ performance. It helps them become more productive by equipping them with the right technology, efficient processes, and a trustworthy platform in user-driven analytics, reports, and monitors. Although the upgrade process may add more workload, the end effect is a reduction in the resources required to achieve compliance requirements. Finally, epic will ensure that patient data is secure.

outcome measures, evaluate the quality of existing data


Safety of care

Readmissions of diabetic patients

Financial status

Patient experience


Several outcome measures can be used as metrics to assess the effectiveness of the epic system at Walton healthcare. The diabetes mortality rate is an essential indicator of population health. By upgrading the healthcare system at Walton Healthcare, the stakeholders will be able to assess the effectiveness within one year whether or not the system has brought change. Medical errors are assessed through outcome metrics for the safety of care. Common safety of care outcome metrics includes skin and hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). HAIs are infections caused by viruses, bacteria, and fungi. There will be few skin illnesses and hospital-acquired infections among diabetic patients through remote monitoring. Even though many skin infections are not expected due to covid-19 preventive measures, hospital-acquired infections could be closely monitored to assess the effectiveness criteria of epic systems.

Readmissions are expensive. An expected comparative reduction in 1-month all-cause readmission rate will contribute to cost savings. Therefore, the financial status of the facility will be seen to stabilize. Upgrading the Epic system will increase the accuracy and consistency of the data for effective decision-making. Finally, reviewing patient comments, recommendations, and experience with the upgraded systems will be an important metric. For instance, patients can review the length of stay to show their satisfaction with the system. Such views can be obtained through surveys or reviews on Walton’s official website.

patient confidentiality and privacy concerns

Access control

Authentication details

Institution regulations

Encryption of patient data

Regular risk assessment

Training healthcare providers


Numerous concerns have been raised before concerning the privacy and confidentiality of the existing system. Moreover, vulnerabilities in accessing system data were highlighted several times, and some healthcare providers sought to know the safety of data. As a result, the upgraded system will be enforced with the necessary tools to counter existing gaps and concerns. To ensure confidentiality and privacy, the upgraded system will enable end-to-end encryption of transferable data. For Walton providers to adequately protect patient data, encryption is required. Despite precautions, data breaches do occur, thus protecting details from cybercriminals.

Through access control, epic systems will only open a door for viewing, manipulating, storage, and sending of data for authorized personnel. Any technology used to collect or maintain clinical records should provide a log report that shows who viewed, when, and what data they obtained. Therefore, through regular risk assessment and logs, the epic system will guarantee that staff is only looking at the information they need to do their jobs and confirm that no illegal access occurs.

Biometric options a will also be provided for regular healthcare providers. All personnel will provide login details to ensure no open access to data. Furthermore, the system will require updating personal login details at the end of every month to ensure optimum confidentiality. Regulations will also be given to ensure that no data gets out of the institution without authorization. As a result, staff must be trained.

Initiation Steps

Clarifying problems that are to be solved

Assembling implementation team

Preparation of software

Determination of hardware needs

Transfer of data

Provision of training and workflows


Gathering of feedback for continuous improvement


Practitioners, nurses, technicians, and administrative staff will help with the process by teaching new skills to teammates and working as mediators to report difficulties along the way. After identifying an implementation team, the software will be prepared while also considering the necessary hardware needs that will work smoothly. Completing these steps will require data to be transferred to the updated system while ensuring that it remains safe and organized.

To reduce the amount of stress healthcare providers may endure, developing workflows before system deployment is critical. Inefficient processes and a lack of trained professionals may compound problems during the deployment process. Therefore, staff will require training so that the system will be launched. After launching and familiarizing the system, users will be required to provide feedback for improvements and assessment of flaws.

timeline needed, assumptions

Building software

Training staff

Transferring data

Assessment of feedback and improvement – continuous


Epic is the future of Walton Healthcare

Epic system is expected to improve patient quality, financial status, and secure data.

Key improvement criteria


Epic is the future of Walton Family Healthcare. Through financial, data, patient, and provider improvements, Walton will be able to take its next step to become a nationwide health institution. To ensure continuous improvements using the upgraded system, regular assessments will be done, and stakeholders will be required to work cooperatively.

2 1 Graduate Research Paper Outline Legal Aspects of Industry Bhanu Chanti



Graduate Research Paper Outline

Legal Aspects of Industry

Bhanu Chanti Rama Sesha Reddy Dwarampudi

University of Central Missouri


KFC Corporation, established in Louisville, Kentucky, is one of the few American companies with a strong, decades-long history of success and innovation. KFC has approximately 21,000 locations in over 130 countries and territories worldwide. It all started with a cook who devised a soon-to-be world-famous recipe more than 70 years ago, a list of secret herbs and spices scrawled down on the back of his kitchen door. Colonel Harland Sanders, of course, was that chef, and today KFC is the world’s most successful chicken restaurant chain, specializing in the same Original Recipe as well as Extra Crispy chicken, home-style sides, and buttermilk biscuits.

Products and services are essential in all organizations. The quality of services given by each KFC branch has been one of the most important reasons in KFC’s ability to grow customer satisfaction over the years, since its real product includes not only delicious chicken but also a good service to its target customers. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is a fast-food restaurant that uses conventional ingredients and manufacturing procedures to process and serve its meals. 

Then there’s the issue with KFC’s food. Despite the notion that KFC fries its chicken fresh at each location, the corporation has been dogged by allegations of using steroids to create “Franken chicken.”

However, KFC is seeing a decline in revenue due to poor food quality, and the company has lost more than 1,200 net stores in the United States over the last 14 years, falling from 5,472 locations in 2002 to 4,270 sites now.

In this paper, I’ll examine the benefits and drawbacks of KFC, as well as a SWOT analysis. I’d want to research and work on this topic more, and I’d like to learn more about the legal issues that have arisen at KFC.

SWOT is an acronym that stands for a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. A business’s SWOT analysis can help it develop new strategies and plans to make more money and sell more things. A SWOT analysis is a method for organizations to determine where they stand in the market and to acquire a broad view of their operations. It facilitates their decision-making and helps them address their weak points. In anything that can be sold to a market in order to satisfy a want or need. KFC is well-known for its fried chicken in many forms. KFC’s main product is chicken pieces that have been pressure-fried using the original recipe. Extra crispy chicken is created by marinating the chicken in garlic and then coating it twice in flour before deep frying it in an industrial kitchen style machine.


KFC is a well-known fast food restaurant with over 20,000 locations in 120 countries. Which enables it to reach a large number of people in the market? Many people are familiar with and trust the KFC brand as a result of its early franchising and international expansion. KFC has long been recognized as a major participant in the chicken restaurant industry, with annual sales of more than a billion dollars. KFC is a well-known fast food brand, both when customers eat out and when they order food to be delivered. Despite the fact that there were many new competitors in the fast food industry, the company was able to retain a huge number of loyal clients. KFC is the most popular chicken restaurant chain because it is convenient and offers a variety of chicken options.

It’s like KFC – Pizza Hut – Taco Bell all rolled into one! KFC can offer goods it does not have and meet additional customer wants as a result of its cooperation with other Yum! Brands.

11 herbs and spices: The original 11 herbs and spices recipe. KFC’s chicken formula contains a trade secret that gives the corporation a competitive advantage in the market.

KFC is the most well-known firm in the world that sells chicken as its main product. KFC distinguishes itself from other fast food restaurants due to its well-known motto and chicken items (Jenkins, 2021). 

China has a strong position. KFC earns half of its revenue in China, where it operates over 4,000 locations. As China’s fast food business expands, KFC’s presence in the country is one of its key benefits.


Suppliers who are untrustworthy. Over the years, KFC has hired suppliers who have provided infected poultry or mistreated chicken to the company, resulting in a reduction in sales and a terrible reputation.

Negative publicity. PETA has given KFC a lot of flak for the way its chickens are bred. It also received negative press for serving chicken wings with organs. KFC has received a lot of negative press in the past. This has severely harmed the company’s reputation.

Food that is bad for you. The majority of the items on the KFC menu are rich in calories, salt, and fat. Such a menu item elicits criticism from obesity-fighting organizations, undermining KFC’s popularity. Customers frequently do not want to purchase nutritious goods.

There is a high rate of employment turnover. KFC jobs are low-paying and low-skilled. It leads to poor performance and high turnover, which raises training costs and raises KFC’s costs.


There is a greater desire for healthy foods. As the demand for healthier foods increases, KFC may add more healthy food options to its menu, transforming its weakness into strength.

This service delivers home-cooked meals. KFC may take full advantage of this opportunity to reach out to more customers. The service is still being tested.

The company is expanding its lone chicken product line. KFC may expand its food offerings. They may serve pork, beef, or entirely vegetarian dishes, which would appeal to a broader audience and attract more consumers (He, 2018). 


Fast food restaurants abound in wealthy countries. People in industrialized countries already have a lot of fast food restaurants, making it difficult for KFC to grow in these countries due to the abundance of fast food restaurants.

There are numerous fast food restaurants in the area. Local fast food businesses may serve food in a more local manner and offer a menu that is fairly comparable to what people in the area want. KFC is in jeopardy since there are more local fast food companies with lower prices. KFC does an excellent job of tailoring its menu to local tastes.

People are growing increasingly concerned with what they eat and how they spend their lives. It is because the government and other organizations are attempting to combat obesity, which causes people to consider healthier foods rather than what KFC mostly offers on its menu.

The people who are suing KFC. There have already been numerous cases filed against KFC, many of which have been dismissed. Lawsuits are expensive because they need a significant amount of time and money. As long as KFC operates in the same manner, there is a significant likelihood that more costly cases will be brought.

Currency fluctuates. Some of KFC’s revenue comes from operations in foreign countries. That money must be converted into dollars, which may reduce the company’s profits, especially if the dollar rises versus foreign currencies (Sichol, 2019). 

The greater part of the chickens developed for KFC are quickly developing assortments that arrive at butcher load in less than 30 days. The strain to get birds to develop rapidly and produce however much bosom meat as could reasonably be expected has brought about wellbeing and government assistance issues, for example, powerlessness to move and liver and cardiovascular breakdown. One in each ten KFC chickens experiences hawk consume, which is brought about by smelling salts from other birds’ dung and can consume the skin of the leg. This is a condition that is usually experienced in birds that don’t move around a lot. As a rule, the quantity of birds biting the dust or being separated because of illness, injury, or faltering is diminishing (Gómez Albuixech, 2020). 

Notwithstanding, the weighted death rate on KFC ranches stays around 4%. Around 400 birds will bite the dust or be winnowed in a group of 10,000. As per the British Poultry Council, the business overall had a death pace of 2-3 percent. As per the UK’s Red Tractor ranch confirmation program, mortality can’t surpass 5%. KFC’s most memorable creature government assistance report was adulated by basic entitlements associations for its eagerness to disclose the information. The information will be utilized to survey how well the organization is acting regarding creature care, for example, death rates, anti-toxin use, and loading thickness. It’s superb to perceive how straightforward the organization has been in giving significant data and bringing up regions that should be possible better. Creature government assistance is presently not a theme that is examined in a dim way in the present climate. Individuals are turning out to be more mindful of the meaning of working on their lives (Jenkins, 2021). 

KFC says it means to progress a greater amount of 34 providers to more slow developing assortments are less inclined to become unwell or harmed, lessening the requirement for anti-microbial. Regardless of the way that anti-infection use has been declining, the firm expressed that it was examining the reason why there was a humble expansion in the quantity of individuals who bought their merchandise from them a year ago. Europe and Thailand, as well as Brazil and Thailand, should work together to progress to more slow developing chicken varieties. The price is determined by the customer’s opinion of the item’s worth. It is up to the customer to determine the value of a product. When people view a product, they consider what it means to them, not just how it looks. If the price is cheap, the buyer may believe that quality is being sacrificed. When determining a pricing, it is critical to learn everything you can about the brand and its history (Jadhav, 2020). 

The inexpensive food partnership likewise wishes to decrease the quantity of animals on the homesteads from which it buys its items. The more creatures that live around other people, the more wellbeing and government assistance hardships they endure, for example, footpad dermatitis and a diminished capacity to show typical ways of behaving. In the event that loading thickness is decreased, chickens with fewer regions to move, less litter, and more noteworthy ventilation are more inclined to foster footpad dermatitis. They theorized that footpad dermatitis could be initiated by an assortment of elements, including how chickens are really focused on and how much food they get. The organization expressed that it gave exhortation to its providers, for example, how to work on the climate for the chickens and the sheet material, to help them in getting to the next level. Yet, that is not the very thing KFC claims. They guarantee that to support loading thickness, extra space and ranches would be required, which would require the sponsorship of government bodies with the power to approve new chicken homesteads, which is a quarrelsome subject Customers can request a refund from KFC if their food does not meet their requirements. This service promise is not mentioned in KFC’s policy. It only works in real time. I went to KFC during a busy time and ordered chicken nuggets and chips with tomato sauce and cheese. I return to reception, and they refund my money because they apologized to the consumer for their errors. Second, KFC offers a service in which they will return or refund money if their products are unsafe to eat or if the customer is dissatisfied with the food they purchased. For example, if the chicken is wet because it was overcooked or there wasn’t enough time to make it crispy, the consumer can return to the store and request a replacement or a refund (He, 2018). 

KFC has a plethora of social media accounts, but they don’t use them effectively to engage with their customers and keep them coming back for more. It makes no difference if they don’t answer immediately on social media. They have excellent visuals and aesthetic design. This could have a negative impact on KFC’s online reputation and image. They should be able to engage directly with their customers if they reply rapidly to customer requests and feedback. When KFC accomplishes this, it allows them to connect with their customers on a deeper level while also making them feel important and valuable. Furthermore, KFC listens to customers and examines their social media input to find out who they are and what they want. KFC may change and increase customer loyalty in this way by fixing failure points, creating fresh special offers, and offering seasonal menu items that customer find appealing (Jenkins, 2021). 

KFC just announced a new KFC App with many fantastic features that allow users to easily make their own meals, save money and buy online, get the latest promotions, discounts, and special offers, and get the greatest bargains. They provide greater value to those that utilize the App. KFC heavily promotes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on their website and through social media. They have made a public promise to its staff and consumers to deliver an ethical workplace, greater transparency and nutritional improvement, and more sustainable company operations (KFC, 2019). They should also share more of the company’s vision and mission with its customers, such as how they want to provide consistent high-quality meals, excellent customer service, and job opportunities around the country via various digital media (Jadhav, 2020). 


In a SWOT analysis, KFC considered its strengths and vulnerabilities. A SWOT analysis is a method for assessing a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This is critical for it to capitalize on its primary strengths, overcome or mitigate its significant weaknesses, avoid major dangers, and capitalize on potential benefits. This is what you must do. The company’s strengths and weaknesses demonstrate how well it can function on its own. I’m talking about how the company operates, how much it costs, how many employees it need, and how it intends to manufacture its primary products. Price refers to the amount of money that KFC customers must spend when they purchase an item. The sum of all the values that people exchange for the benefits of using a product or service is referred to as the price. KFC began drawing individuals from all walks of life, not just the privileged and well-off, as they began offering economy meals. Market skimming is a strategy used by KFC to enter new markets throughout the world. They charge a high price for their products and target the middle and upper classes. They gradually drop the pricing and target the middle to lower classes, so it reaches both sides of the market at the same time.


Jenkins, M. E. F. (2021). Brand Equity and Consumer Willingness to Pay Higher Prices for Angus Beef in Fast-Food Restaurants (Doctoral dissertation, Grand Canyon University).

Jadhav, R. T. (2020). Sociological study of ganesh festival in pune city (Doctoral dissertation, Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth).

Sichol, L. B. (2019). From an Idea to Lego: The Building Bricks Behind the World’s Largest Toy Company (Vol. 3). HMH Books For Young Readers.

He, Y. (2018). Enhancing International Students’ Experience in the UK through the Development of a Higher Education Co-opetition Framework: An Examination into Welsh Universities’ International Collaboration and Student Recruitment Activities (Doctoral dissertation, Cardiff Metropolitan University).

Gómez Albuixech, T. (2020). Plan de Marketing para el lanzamiento de la hamburguesa vegana de McDonald s en el mercado español. Bienvenida McVeggie (Doctoral dissertation, Universitat Politècnica de València).

Lack of Health Education Student’s Name Affiliation Course Date Lack of Health

Lack of Health Education

Student’s Name




Lack of Health Education

Well-educated individuals usually have better health as compared to uneducated ones. People with knowledge of health issues will always have a high chance of surviving an illness and low mortality rates since they are aware of the self-care precautions to undertake in case of emergencies. Besides, there are low chances of infections and illnesses in educated people as they know the preventive care they need. These people also have social networks and they appreciate good health measures. Low health education, on the other hand, is associated with high mortality rates since they are unaware of healthy practices and do not know what to do in case of an emergency illness. Uneducated people are also associated with poor health at young ages, which may translate to their older ages if not well-taken care of. Therefore, people should embrace health education as it helps enhance healthy lifestyles and the well-being of society.

For example, instances of heart attacks are higher in Asian women than in other ethnicities such as Caucasians due to a lack of knowledge about self-care. Caucasians are able t tell the signs of heart attacks and seek medical attention due to their education levels. Besides Caucasians are able to detect early signs of breast cancer, hence they are more likely to take precautions to counter the disease before it becomes severe (Fukuoka et al., 2017). Besides, the Caucasians’ knowledge enables them to seek early medications. Women with knowledge of the significance of early disease detection are more likely to identify symptoms of cardiac issues and seek medical care for early therapy because they know that heart diseases may get fatal and cause deaths. This is why the American Heart Association has launched campaigns for women to be educated concerning heart attacks, dangers associated with the disease, and measures of suppressing the risk of this illness. Through the already launched awareness campaign, the percentage of deaths associated with heart diseases has reduced significantly.

Also, Claire Gillespie describes how women suffer due to lack of safety knowledge concerning the shelf-life of tampons. She states that most women have no idea that tampons too, have an expiry date. The lack of knowledge makes some women to use expired tampons, which have no indication of shelf-life. These sanitary items are not packed in sterile materials and are therefore susceptible to exposure to moisture and attack by bacteria (Gillespie, 2018). She further advices that women need to be educated on proper storage and safety measures concerning these products. She suggests that with the knowledge, women will be able to detect possible expiration of tampons as characterized by mould patches, discolorations, and bad odor. Use of expired tamps, as Claire states may lead to reproductive infections, itching, and alteration of normal PH of the female reproductive organs. Therefore, women need to be careful when purchasing sanitary towels and tampons to avoid the infections.

Douglas Harper, in the article concerning the uterus suggests that women should have proper understanding of the female anatomy. The uterus is an important female organ as it is the part where the fetus is attached to grow into a baby (Harper, 2001-2022).Therefore, Douglas suggests that the uterus should be given proper care as it is the organ that brings life to earth. It is clear that some women do not have the knowledge on the self-care practices that protect the uterus and the female reproductive organs from dangers. This is why most of them are faced with preventable uterine disorders such as fibroids, endometriosis, inflammations, and uterine or womb infections. Harper suggests that women should be educated on proper self-care measures such as hygiene of the cervical area to avoid infections from the cervix from spreading to the uterus.

Health education is vital for the health of a nation. Therefore, health practitioners should take the initiative of educating people about preventive health care measures to reduce infection rates of avoidable diseases.


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