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OneSource: Authentic IT Experience

We provide the authentic IT experience that you need to support your technology effectively.

● Do you need a managed services provider with a track record of managing complex systems for hundreds of satisfied clients?

● Would your business benefit from the advice of experts who can recognize threats to your data or networks?

● Does your company need help with setting up and managing its resources in the cloud?

No matter the obstacles you face when trying to grow your business, OneSource has the vendor access, technical capabilities, and authentic IT experience to keep your operations as competitive and lean as possible. We ensure that your company and customer data is safe from any internal or external threats by implementing cutting-edge security systems and training your employees on proactive best practices when accessing and using your company’s IT resources.

Why Your Business Needs A MSP With Authentic IT Experience

No matter how much training you give your IT employees, the activity tends to be isolated, and might not give them the right experience required to set up and maintain complex business systems. A study by SalesForce shows that 6 out of 10 small businesses find it challenging to implement new technologies without outside help. OneSource provides a highly-experienced IT expert who will promote the growth and success of your business. With each of our IT professionals boasting years of authentic IT experience, they provide services that perfectly fit your budget and needs, since they know how to get things done faster and better. Our team assures you of:

● Experience in a range of new and legacy technologies

● Enterprise-grade systems to ensure system reliability and data security

● Professional technology management and proactive IT support

● 24×7 support services and helpdesk whenever you need them

● IT consultancy and strategic advice from experts with experience in emerging tech

● Experience in the administration of solutions from leading technology vendors

Services Where OneSource Has Authentic IT Experience

At OneSource, we provide all our clients with professional services delivered by engineers and technicians trained, qualified, certified, and genuinely experienced in all aspects of IT support. Our team has the following solutions for growing businesses:

1. Managed IT Services

If you have a pressing technology issue and need assistance, you want to get someone knowledgeable and skilled on the phone right away to help you resolve your problem. When you become our Managed Service Partner, we will give you access to some of the most experienced and qualified IT professionals available. Because they know your business environment intimately, they can quickly and effectively resolve technology issues by providing:

● Managed technical support

● vCIO and technology advisory services

● Proactive technology best practices

● Vendor management

2. Cybersecurity Services

The technology we use in business evolves continuously. As a result, companies get exposed to many new types of cyber threats that simple security measures cannot handle. What’s more, according to, 60% of small and mid-sized businesses close shop within six months of a significant data breach. Strengthen your company’s cybersecurity posture in this fluid environment by partnering with OneSource to offer you comprehensive protection for your networks, devices, and data. Our multi-disciplinary team of highly experienced professionals will advise you on the proactive steps you need to take to prevent a breach of your systems. We have the proven ability and technical competencies to provide the following security solutions:

● Anti-malware

● Penetration testing

● Network security and firewalls

● Email security

● Data backup and restore services

● Wireless network security

3. Cloud Solutions And Applications

Cloud services empower your team by allowing them to work securely from anywhere. OneSource’s experienced cloud services experts will implement solutions designed to make your business operations secure, highly scalable, and more agile. Our team has a track record of transforming companies by offering access to cloud-based apps to increase efficiency and, as a result, boost profitability. Our team has genuine experience in implementing the following solutions:

● File sharing solutions

● Hosted email

● Cloud-based business applications

● Hosted Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions

Do Not Gamble With Your Business – Get Genuine IT Experience

If your growing company does not have the resources to match larger companies’ in-house IT personnel, our experienced experts and innovative services will help you level the playing field. We serve as your outsourced IT department, providing a high level of service at a low, monthly cost that you can afford. Talk to OneSource today and see the difference that an authentic IT experience can make to your business.

Gideon v. Wainwrights upheld sixth amendment protection ap world history homework help

Gideon v. Wainwrights upheld sixth amendment protections because the decision affirmed the right to have an attorney. Gideon did not have counsel during his trial, forcing him to cross-examine the witnesses. The case hinged on their testimony even though they provided contradictory information and none of them had seen Gideon committing the crime. Gideon was unable to challenge all of this because of his limited legal knowledge. Hence, he argued that he would have a fair trial if he had an attorney present to challenge their statements. The court affirmed this and emphasized that courts must provide attorneys for clients who cannot afford them. Hence, the ruling served the sixth amendment’s goal to facilitate a fair trial by stressing the right to counsel. According to this case, the right to counsel is crucial in the administration of justice because people like Gideon may not adequately cross-examine witnesses to uncover the truth.

The sixth amendment also provided the right to cross-examine witnesses that is crucial in a fair trial. In this case, the accused is given a chance to confront the person accusing them and test their credibility. Cross-examination is a fact finding venture that enables the defense to assess a witnesses’ statement to find possible weaknesses. The jury must believe the witness and find them credible for the prosecution to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt. Human beings are imperfect, and witnesses can make mistakes. Some may lie under oath while others could easily fabricate lies for personal gain. Therefore, the defense is given a chance to expose false witnesses and test their theories to help a jury determine the truth. Every accusation has two sides that must be heard to determine who is right or wrong, and cross-examination facilitates this opportunity.

Cold Pressed Juice by Naturalis Juice Ltd do my history assignment: do my history assignment

Cold Pressed Juice by Naturalis Juice Ltd


Cold-pressed juice is a new way of making juice using the HPP. Cold-pressed juices are healthy and filling, hence ideal for people struggling with or with a desire to live a healthy life free from lifestyle diseases. Obesity and diabetes are on the rise in the USA due to the unaffordability of healthy foods alongside rising unemployment and busy lifestyles.

Naturalis Juice Company will bridge the gap between affordability and healthy beverages; hence it is critical in the fight against lifestyle diseases. Cold-pressed juices are beneficial as they promote better metabolism by providing energy, contain anti-inflammatories, anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals, which are essential for good health. The products are reasonably priced to ensure affordability across all stratifications. Finally, Naturalis juices are great for detoxifying, remedying skin damage, and are a great starting point for people wishing to live a healthy lifestyle.


FDA – Food and Drug Administration

HPP –High Pressure Process

PSI – Pounds per Square Inch


Cold-pressed juice is an innovation that makes healthy juices from vegetables and fruits using the hydraulic press method. The method preserves the nutrients from the juice’s ingredients, unlike popular centrifugal and masticating juicers that separate juice from the pulp. The benefits of cold-pressed juice include:

Promoting weight loss among pre-obese and obese people with a desire to live a healthy life.Lower cholesterol, especially juice made from apples, grapes, strawberries, and citrus fruitsCold-pressed is anti-inflammatory as the juice retains all vitamins and mineral content from the fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contain quercetin and polyphenols that reduce inflammation.

People living in the USA, like the rest of the people living in developed countries, have realized the need to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Lifestyle diseases such as obesity, overweight, diabetes, and heart disease are common, yet they can quickly adopt healthier lifestyles, such as eating heathy. Americans consume a lot of fast foods, which are fatty, over-processed, and have low nutritional value. That, coupled with a busy lifestyle that limits people’s ability to exercise, compound the Americans’ threat of lifestyle disease. Eating healthy, is a step in the direction towards a healthier lifestyle. A majority of people think that exercise is the remedy to better health. However, it is impossible to exercise lousy eating habits away. The first step to a healthier you is to make a conscious decision to eat healthy foods, such as consuming cold-pressed juices. Naturalis Juices Ltd. is a company that produces and distributes healthy cold-pressed in the USA. The company’s cold-pressed juices are loaded with nutrients that promote a healthier body, are great for detoxing the body from the effects of poor nutrition, and increase hydration while providing energy, therefore reducing the likelihood of indulging in unhealthy fast foods.


Lifestyle diseases are caused by poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. Cold-pressed juices, can influence body metabolism by providing nutrients that are absent in most processed foods. In the USA, popular meals are pizzas, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, bagels, all of which are fast foods with low nutritional value. People desire healthier and convenient meals and drinks to replace the unhealthy foods and soda they consume throughout the day. However, with tight work schedules, school obligations, and family responsibilities, there is limited time to cook healthy meals. Therefore, a healthy filling juice is a significant lifestyle change that will promote good health among the consumers.

Naturalis Juices identified a gap in the health and wellness industry. The United States Department for Health and Human Services, in a bid to reduce the money and resources spent treating lifestyle diseases, begun a campaign that implored Americans to adopt healthy living. Food, drinks, and exercise are essential for a healthy life, free of lifestyle diseases. The CDC projects that adult obesity in the USA is 42% and at 19% for children aged two and eighteen. These rates are alarming, and show a picture of an unhealthy population.

Additionally, children are contracting lifestyle diseases that were previously reserved for adults, such as hypertension. Obesity in the USA is linked to obstacles to healthy food options and safe physical activity. Some of the barriers to healthy food are poverty, unemployment, and low wages for some workers.

Naturalis Juices is committed to making a positive impact in the fight against lifestyle diseases by providing cheap and filling alternatives to unhealthy beverages consumed in the USA. The company is committed to increasing awareness of the effects of unhealthy soft drinks, including soda and artificially sweetened juices, which are likely to cause lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and obesity. Naturalis provides a wide range of healthy natural juices that are not only filling, hydrating, but which contain nutrients (vitamins and minerals), which promote health.

Advantages of Cold Pressed Juices

Cold-pressed juice is made using the High Pressure Process (HPP) as opposed to heat. HPP, removes harmful bacteria as bacteria do not survive at a pressure higher than 60,000 PSI. Unlike centrifugal and masticating juicing, the technique produces and maintains a higher yield of nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and preserves the fresh taste of the juice. USA’s FDA approves the HPP juicing technique because it preserves freshness, increases product shelf life, without requiring preservatives or heat. Preservatives and heat diminish the quality of products and make them unhealthy. Soft drinks, especially sweetened, carbonated, or loaded with preservatives, degrade the quality of food products by eliminating nutrients such that the products are filling but no nutritional value.

Cold-pressed juice retains its freshness longer than other juices. The technique is ideal for homes and foodservice organizations. Therefore, people who are keen on adopting a healthier lifestyle should incorporate cold-pressed juices in their daily lives. Getting a cold press juicer is a worthy investment that will promote people’s health by hydrating and providing nutrients simultaneously.

Cold-pressed juices have a better consistency than traditional high-speed juicers. Juice made from traditional juicers, such as centrifugal juicers, separate quickly and feature a lot of foam because the ingredients are cut using stainless steel blades during juicing. The remarkable consistency of cold-pressed juices comes from the pulp and fiber retained during juicing. Pulp and fiber are reduced during centrifugal and mastication juicing, hence separating and losing nutrients when using the centrifugal juicing method.


Cold-pressed juice will help the general population work towards achieving a healthy body and adopt healthier lifestyles. The juice preserves many minerals and vitamins that are useful for body metabolism. The influx of cheap, satisfying, but unhealthy food options in the marketplace is responsible for various problems, including reduced productivity, discolored or uneven skin, and high cholesterol, which exposes people to lifestyle diseases.

Cold-pressed juice preserves essential nutrients that detoxify the body. Body detoxification increases energy levels, which leads to increased productivity. Also, anti-oxidants in fruits and vegetables are not destroyed in cold pressing. Beta-carotene, vitamins A, C, and E are essential in stopping and correcting skin damage. Therefore, people with a desire to remedy skin issues occurring from free radicals and damage from the sun should consume cold-pressed juice. To naturally correct or cure damaged skin, a person should incorporate variety and color in the diet. Therefore, cocktails from many fruits and vegetables, including blueberries, strawberries, kale, and carrots, will help in remedying skin damage.

Cold oppressed juices are fantastic anti-inflammatories. Inflammation is the body’s response to injury and toxins. Inflammation does not need medical treatment; however, it causes undesirable symptoms such as pain and fever. People who suffer from chronic inflammation will find that their symptoms are reduced. For example, Arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disease that causes painful joints, making lives difficult for people with the disease. Cold-pressed juices from ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties make the pain from Arthritis bearable. Foods such as nuts and olive oil reduce inflammation. However, fruits and vegetables are loaded with anti-inflammatory nutrients, which reduce the symptoms of the disease and improve a person’s general health. Green leafy vegetables such as collards and spinach, and fruits such as oranges, cherries, and strawberries are great anti-inflammatories, as are walnuts and almond nuts. The cold-pressing technique allows the incorporation of nuts into juices. Therefore, people with inflammatory diseases and symptoms should consume cold-pressed juiced from the mentioned vegetables and fruits to manage their symptoms while improving their general health.

Poor health caused by sedentary lifestyles and poor food choices contributes to the increasing obesity and lifestyle disease rates in the USA. The general population is aware of the increase in lifestyle diseases and the causes. However, the trend is yet to be reversed since healthy food alternatives are expensive compared to unhealthy options, such as fast foods, processed foods, and preserved soft drinks. Naturalis will bridge the gap between healthy and affordable soft drinks to foster good health among the general population. Our products will be well priced and packaged to ensure accessibility, and affordability across all societal and economic stratifications. In so doing, we shall have joined the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ campaign for a healthier USA.

Naturalis Juices will undertake frequent product innovation to ensure that our customers benefit from incorporating their products into their daily programs. We shall undertake a regular study to ensure that we have products that meet our clients’ needs. For example, clients that need detox products will benefit from a wide range of detoxifying juices that suit their style, taste, and needs. Also, clients who need products rich in anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories, or a selection of potent healthy juices will get that. Additionally, we shall train our staff to offer accurate information to clients, so that the consumers get products that address their specific concerns instead of improving their general wellbeing.

Naturalis Juice is also committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality to gain and retain consumers’ trust. We shall adhere to FDA’s recommendation that cold pressing is done at or below 41°F. Also, storage and delivery will adhere to FDA guidelines to enhance color, taste, and freshness. Our clients will get quality products that will not only quench their thirst, but are also filling and beneficial to their health.

Finally, Naturalis Juices will benefit the digestive system as it is rich in fiber from fruits and vegetables. The body does not break down the fiber as it does when a person consumes vegetables. Cold-pressed juicing allows seepage of nutrients into the body; hence people who consume Naturalis products experience high energy immediately after consuming Naturalis products.


Naturalis Juices is keen to promote good health among American citizens. The CDC and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services noted the alarming rates of increase of lifestyle diseases. Additionally, the organization determined that healthy food and drink products’ unaffordability contribute to the rise in lifestyle diseases among all age groups in the USA. The organization, backed by research, has developed natural cold-pressed juices that not only reverse the prevalence of lifestyle diseases, but will also influence other aspects of healthy living, including detoxification, anti-inflammatories, and anti-oxidants. Moreover, the company’s products are high in pulp and fiber, hence having a desirable impact on digestion and filling. People who consume our products will love the satisfying effect, thus reduce the chance of consuming unhealthy foods. The company’s products are right for the market given the increased awareness and demand for healthy and affordable food and products and services in the country.

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Evidence-based practice is an integral aspect of the

healthcare practice as it contributes to positive patient outcomes. The John

Hopkins evidence-based practice model emphasizes developing a question,

collecting evidence through research, and translating the findings to create

and implement a plan (Oregon Health & Science University, 2020).

Evidence-based practice is thus not possible without research. Nursing

informatics includes nursing, computer, and computer science. Information is

gathered, shared, and translated through a combination of the mentioned facets.

Technology advances dictate that the healthcare industry embraces the

advantages that come with technology use. Quality remains an issue of concern

regarding the healthcare services in the U.S. (Bloomrosen

& Detmer, 2010) hence the importance of evidence-based practice. It is

relevant to note that quality includes all the stages involved in the

healthcare service process. It consists of science, biomedical, technological

processes, to mention a few.

Based on the John Hopkins evidence-based

practice, quality involves asking the relevant and essential questions to gain

patients’ most favorable outcome. Such include questions regarding new

ailments, drugs, improved medical procedures, to mention a few. Evidence

collection involves research that must be carried out within the confines of

and ethical practice. Translating and implementing the findings must apply the

best action plan that seeks to realize positive patient outcomes. For example,

findings that indicate side effects relating to a particular drug would dictate

ceasing the drug usage in clinical practice. The use of nursing informatics

seeks to improve the healthcare practice at every level. Healthcare cannot

achieve nursing informatics quality without the knowledge and expertise on the

same. Applying informatics to nursing practice translates to quality healthcare

and, by extension, positive patient outcomes. Cost impacts healthcare quality (Zaccagnini, & Pechacek, 2021). In this regard,

quality entails the best result possible at the least cost during the research

and implementation process.