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Police brutality and racial discrimination global history essay help: global history essay help

Police brutality and racial discrimination in recent years have generated a heated debate concerning how best to mitigate racial discrimination within the law enforcing agencies. Racial discrimination seems to be deeply entrenched in the criminal justice systems of various countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia among others. Racial discrimination in the criminal justice systems in these countries seems to be much entrenched in law enforcement compared to other sections of the criminal justice system. There have been several cases of police brutality especially in these countries where individuals from minority ethnic groups have been illegally harassed, injured or in some cases even killed. The unfair handling of individuals from minority groups has raised the debate on whether the police should be defunded or even abolished or not. This essay argues that police should not be defunded or abolished although it also outlines the reasons that it might be defunded or disbanded.

Anti-police violence activists argue that police should be defunded or disbanded because of racial capitalism fuels inequalities. Racial capitalism fundamentally fans institutional racism that facilitates police violence. The police are paid through taxpayer’s money and the job equipment they use is also purchased from taxpayers’ money. Instead of protecting the civilians, the police are on numerous occasions doing the contrary. According to Pirtle (504) racial capitalism is a basic cause of pandemic inequalities in the United States. Even though Pirtle uses the coronavirus pandemic inequalities in the United States to highlight the disadvantages of racial capitalism but the same applies to police brutality. Racial capitalism causes diverse socio-economic and racial inequalities in society. The police misuse the power bestowed to them by the government through funding. The police are powerful because they are armed and trained thus boast of power over civilians who in most cases are unarmed. Checking their power through defunding can therefore help limit racial violence among the police because they will be powerless to commit the racial atrocities. Freire (44) also states that oppressors usually rape, exploit and exploit by virtue of their power. The police also exploit and racially discriminate individuals from minority groups by the virtue of power. The best possible way of limiting that power is by withdrawing funding. Defunding will restrict the police from acquiring arms that they use to exploit people racially subsequently reducing police brutality and violence. Dhillon (1) concurs with these arguments arguing that indigenous girls are usually criminalized, harassed and hunted in Canadian cities by the Canadian Royal Police and local law enforcement agencies. The constant outbreaks are used for state control and they have been normalized. The outbreaks are usually characterized by the use of deadly force in situations where just and social order should prevail. The use of excessive force on these indigenous girls illustrates the misuse of power by the Canadian Royal Police and local law enforcement agencies. Curtailing this power misuse can be attained through defunding because it is where the law enforcement agencies draw their power. Based on these arguments it can therefore be concluded that police should be disbanded or defunded because of racial capitalism fuels inequalities.

The police should also be defunded or disbanded because the police are contravening their mandate by promoting racial discrimination, torture and murder. The police are mandated with safeguarding the citizens and maintaining law and order but in some cases, the police are doing exactly the opposite. The police in various incidences done contrary to their mandate because instead of safeguarding the citizens some law enforcement officers have been implicated in the murder and torture of unarmed citizens. The police also seemingly promote institutional racism thus should be disbanded because they have contravened their mandate. As per Dhillon (1), the police and local law enforcement agencies in Canada for instance criminalize, harass and hunt down indigenous girls in Canadian cities. The police in Canada have arguably normalized these acts of terrorizing indigenous girls illustrating that they have contravened their mandate of safeguarding the citizens. Embrick (836) also documents that the police have contravened their mandate by terrorizing civilians. Embrick highlights the chilling murder of 25-year-old Freddie Gray in Baltimore on April 19th, 2014 to illustrate police contravention of their mandate. Gray died due to the massive injuries he sustained on his spine, vertebrae and larynx. Authorities in Baltimore quickly admitted that the police substantially contributed to Gray’s death. Gray was assaulted by six police officers and was denied proper medical attention when he required it. The police officers even after assaulting him negligently handle him for instance they failed to buckle him while transporting him to the police station in the police van. The Freddie Gray incident is not isolated but there are numerous other cases like this. The incidences show that the police are seriously contravening their mandate. The police are also contravening their mandate and promote racism by enhancing white supremacy. The idea of white supremacy according to Pulido (810) emerged as a way of explaining how white people were advantaged over others by virtue of being white. The police today are seemingly pro-white supremacy because they ethnically profile minority groups giving the advantage of the white over ethnic minorities. Police violence is racially motivated because most victims are indigenous populations. The police should therefore be disbanded or defunded because officers are contravening their mandate and doing the opposite of what is expected of them. Contravention of their mandate, therefore, means that the police as an institution have lost meaning thus be disbanded or defunded and the funds meant for it be redirected to other sectors of the economy.

Despite these arguments supporting the defunding or disbandment of the police it should not be disbanded or defunded because reforming the criminal justice system is more effective than the two. Disbandment or defunding of the police is extremely radical and will create new issues in society. The most effective way of achieving change in the police is through reforms. Hewitt (315) highlights the significance of reforms in the justice system. Hewitt argues that the relationship between indigenous people and the Canadian justice system has been fraught with difficulties. An experiment targeting to address a disproportionate significant number of indigenous people appearing in courts. The Crown started financing Aboriginal justice programs and the results recorded were encouraging. The case of the justice system reforming to address the needs of the aboriginals and yielding positive results illustrates that reforms are effective compared to disbandment and defunding of the police. Kelley (8) opine that social movements generate new ideas and new approaches. The new ideas in this case cannot be disbandment of the police but finding ways to make the police effective. Van Ness (1) agrees that reforms are effective. He highlights the effectiveness of reforms by documenting how 40 states joined the Canadian government to sponsor a resolution on restorative justice. These countries did this during a UN commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice meeting in 2002. Van Ness argues that the significant number of states that sponsored the resolution showed the significance of reforms in the justice system. Reforms can therefore be more significant in resolving police violence instead of defunding or disbanding of police.

Police should also not be disbanded or defunded because they play a critical role in the fight against crime. It is not all police officers that contravene their mandate and do the opposite of what is expected of them. In most cases, it is only a few rotten elements within the police that go against the service mandate and engage in illegal activities especially racial violence. According to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (119), the police have adopted new policing strategies and are substantially succeeding in combating crime. Police are today using proactive approaches to deter and combat crime. These proactive approaches have successfully fought crime. Disbanding or defunding the police will therefore significantly curtail the war against crime. Defunding or disbanding police can therefore enhance anarchy and plunge any country into anarchy. Ideally, a country cannot run without the police because crime is everywhere thus the need for police to fight it. Countries also need an order to run smoothly thus the lack of police is a threat. Defunding the police limits their ability to tackle crime subsequently causing disorder in a country. According to these arguments despite the calls for disbandment or defunding of the police it should not be disbanded or defunded because that can destabilize a country as police are vital in the fight against crime.

In conclusion, this essay argues that police should not be defunded or abolished despite the availability of reasons for its disbandment or defunding. Even though anti-police violence forces have called for the disbandment or defunding of police because of racial capitalism fuels inequalities and police contravention of their mandate by promoting racial discrimination, torture and murder. Police should not be disbanded or defunded because they play a critical role in the fight against crime and because reforming the criminal justice system is more effective than disbanding or defunding. Without the police to fight crime in a country the chances of lawlessness emerging are high and that poses a high risk of a country plunging into anarchy. Police should therefore not be disbanded or defunded no matter the circumstances.

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UNDERSTANDING THE HINDUISM RELIGION history assignment help and resources: history assignment help and resources

There are several texts and transcripts in Hinduism that characterize the religion and offered to learn material for the people who believe in the religion and the Hinduism culture. Among some of the most significant texts is the Bhagavad Gita which is undoubtedly one of the most significant texts in Hinduism. Translated directly to English, the Bhagavad Gita is English for the Song of the Lord/ God and tells a story of a young prince by the name of Arjuna and his conversations with the Hindu God Krishna. The texts in the Bhagavad Gita can have a high influence on the development of other sub-religion in Hinduism such as Buddhism since some of the themes that Krishna describes as they communicate with Arjuna such as the truth of existence and self-devotion have become primary in the teaching of Buddhism and Hinduism. The context of the conversation between the Arjuna and Krishna was the battle between Pandavas and Kauravas who were Arjuna’s family and a rival family.

The reason behind the rivalry between these town families was land disputes and family ties. One of the most significant themes expressed in the text includes love which is described by Krishna as they relate and communicate with Arjuna. Other themes include knowledge and karma which Krishna describes during interaction and interaction with the young prince in the text. Additionally, the Bhagavad Gita describes how anyone can be a teacher and social classes do not contribute to the ability to teach. The Bhagavad Gita mostly emphasizes self-realization and accepting reality. It is crucial to study and analyze the themes of the Bhagavad Gita to understand the lesson and the impact that the themes have on real-life and the expression of liberation and life after death.

The Africa Traditional Religious System women’s rights history essay help


The objective of this paper is to define the African Traditional Religious system as the basis of understanding Christian Spiritual warfare within an African context. There are basic African religious foundations that need to be presented and defined and they are essential for any Christian Spiritual inquiry and application in Africa.

Components of African Traditional Religious System. foundational Religious Beliefs.

They are four;


I) Belief in impersonal powers.


This belief is dominant and pervasive in traditional African religious thought. The whole of creation, nature and all things and objects are consumed with these impersonal powers which are called mysterium tremendum by Edwin Smith. It has given various names such as Mana, life force, vital force, life essence and dynamism. Its source is not known but it is usually attributed to the activities of higher mysterious powers. The manifestation and the use of the impersonal powers are related to the practices of medicine men and women, diviners and seers who use natural objects, plants and animals for medicine. The impersonal powers can be used for both good and evil.

TheapplicationoftheBibleandtheChristiangospeltothisveryreligiousbeliefmustaddressitat it’s foundations and roots; what do traditional African feel about the pervasive and dominant presence of mystical powers and forces, what is the nature of this traditional belief in the mystical powers.

Belief in spiritbeings


TraditionalAfricanconceptsofrealityanddestinyaredeeplyrootedinthespiritworld.There are two categories of spirits; non-human spirits and the spirit of the dead. There is a very close relationship between the spirit of beings and the mystical or impersonal powers and forces.

Belief in many divinities.


AfricandivinitiesaremanyandeachhasitsspecificareaofinfluenceandcontrolandsomeofthemwereoriginallymythologicalwithintroductionofChristianityorotherreligionssuchas Islam,thisbeliefwithit’sworldviewmayhaveanaddedfeatureanditishenotheism.

Belief in supremeBeing




thatresultstosuccesstodothismanmustdealwiththespiritpowers.5.Hierarchy of spiritualbeings.


b.Foundational Religious Practices.


The foundational religious practices in the traditional religions are;1)the practices ofestablishinglinks,2)thepracticesinvolvingvariousreligiousandsocialrites,3)thepracticesof establishingvariousspiritualandmysticalcommunicationswithspiritbeings,4)thereligiousand social practices of relating to the various activities.Both the good and evil are found in the traditional Religiousworldview.

Practices relating to spiritual and mystical communications.Theyincludedreams,visions,visionquests,divinationandordeals. 1)Holism/organism

This is aholistic or an organic view of the world which is governed by the law of harmony whichis a state of agreement or peacefulness.These terms are similar.An organic view sees the whole world as a complex structure of interdependent and subordinate elements.A holistic view sees the organic or functional relation between parts and wholes that constitute the wholeworld.

1) Spiritualism


Thisisaspiritualviewoftheworldgovernedbythelawofthespirit.Thereligiousworldgovernedbythelawofthespirit.ThereligiousworldviewiscalledSpiritualismanditis pervasiveanddominatestheentirelifeofman.

2) Dynamism.


This is a dynamic conscious view of the world governed by the law of power.The dominance ofthe impersonal,the unseen and the unpredictable spirit powers and forces in the world,make man to search and look for power which can help secure him in this dangerous world,wherefate,evil,contingency, mortality and death abound.

3) Communication.


This is a communal view of man and the world governed by the law of kinship.The Africancommunal concept is close to that of the organic view of the world which has been treated.