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How and why Learn new skills and try new things in life african history assignment help: african history assignment help

Learn new skills and try new things


You have been wishing to learn several skills but have not had enough time to learn; this is the time to do so. If you’ve never learned how to ride a bike, then this is the time to learn. Try out the new sport that has been trending for a while. The recipe that has been scaring you. Try them all and learn something; this way, you’ll create memories that you will cherish for life.



Lastly, remember being alone doesn’t have to be lonely.

Feasibility report and business plan sampled summary history assignment help in canada


Sometimes we have a hard time making choices on what we want to eat as it can be hard to decide with what seems like a limitless amount of food options that surround us. Like a hungry person who can’t decide the best option to eat, you have many different choices. There are sit-down restaurants, grocery stores to eat at home and quick fast-food restaurants. The big difference between the three is that you want to eat as fast as possible these days. This is why I believe I must make this feasibility report for you and other individuals looking for the best fast food option to take a bite.

Smart food restaurant Taken from the word time out, will give the newest treats for you. It serves a variety of food that will surely captivate your heart. The Restaurant will offer the most delectable meals in town with tempting goodness of our dishes, and ask for more. Meals are no Big deal because we offer healthy but sumptuous delis for the busy you. And don’t worry; affordability is one of our priorities here. Bedazzles by the price of our dishes because here in Smart food, your money has excellent value.

The Restaurant finest cooks are very far from ordinary. Their culinary sophistication. We promise to serve only all of you. So, come on, whether you’re in the mood to party or feeling somewhat hungry, we got the perfect dining haunts for you because this is a great dining spot for every tummy.

MARKETING FEASIBILITY ASSIGNMENT SUMMARY women’s rights history essay help: women’s rights history essay help


Studying the market is an essential point that is indispensable in studying any economic feasibility for any proposed project because it shows the success or failure of any investment project in providing services or products to the most significant number of consumers. It also shows the power of a project in continuation where it determines the degree of competition, policies of pricing, among other important matters to any project that continuity and success.

Target Market

The Smart Food Restaurant’s target market are the residents in the community. We choose age, income, occupation, and family size for our target market, including the customers in the residential communities comprising single-family and multi-family housing.  We also target the students.



It is the one that competes in the same services and the same market. The competitors include existing fast-food operators and vendors in the locality of the Restaurant.

Marketing Program and Strategy Sampled summary apus history essay help

 Marketing Program and Strategy

The strategic marketing defined below explains the value that we will bring to our clients and the foods and costs associated with our services.


Our product is the location, the design and condition of the facilities, quality of food and service, price, and the total guest experience. We will work on the quality of our facilities, foods and services to be more competitive, and we will maintain credibility with our customer.


To simplify billing to clients, the Smart Food  Restaurant will work on a fixed pricing structure in foods that we sell. In time the Restaurant may consider a cash-and-equity arrangement, or potentially all equity for specific projects. Before we can begin with this stage of pricing, we will need more experienced finance and accounting skills to determine the proper equity stakes that should be requested.


The place is very accessible and ideal. The recommended area for the proposed business setup will be a densely population. The main reason for such location is the presence of the target market.

Promotion and Advertisement

It is one of every person expecting from a new business firm that arises in their eyes. The first plan marketing program distributes flyers and leaflets about the promos, discounts, newly released products, and establishment benefits.

 Developing and retaining potential customers

To earn that, we will handle customers we will have Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Hospitality. Friendly staff may also take away for might coming back of our customer, resulting in force multiplication.