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How to Ask For a Feedback On Your Writing

As a writer, getting feedback is very important to track your own progress. However, how can you ask for feedback on your writing?

No matter how many conferences you attend and many books you read, direct advice with regards to your work-in progress is more important since it will exactly let you see what is working well and what needs improvement. However, if you do not have many writing contacts and are equally new to writing, getting advice at all could seem difficult. Maybe you already have posted some of your work on a forum or blog but unfortunately, no one commented or the comments were genuine and yet, not mainly helpful.

To help you out, take these simple yet effective tips:

Try reading their work
If you are planning to correspond with a Joyce Carol Oates or a Stephen King, the first thing you need to do is to open a handful of their books in order to better become familiar with their writing or rather, choose another professional writer whose work you know. It is only fair if you read some of their work first and ask them to read the work that you have done.

Perform a background research
The best thing to do is read fact-based information and some reviews about them. Follow their blogs and on social sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Learn the type of philosophies they have with regards to writing. Also, find out how they got started and what they are working on currently. This will help you craft a more private letter.

Pay attention to your subject line
In writing, the titles, email subject lines and headlines needs to be eye-catching. It is indeed worth the time perfecting your subject line tone or else, it would not be opened at all even if you wrote an excellent letter.

Send a snail mail
Differentiate yourself from other people who shot off plenty of emails to a bunch of well-known authors. Personalize your message by snail mail. Include your email in the letter.

Check your purpose
By its nature, the method of another viewing your output is to highlight the good and indicate weaknesses. Be honest and clear about the real reason why you have sought the opinion of someone else.

Make it simple
Since professional writers are busy people, do them a favor by fairly getting to the point in a quick way. They will surely appreciate your brief message. If you want, acknowledge that you understand they are busy and you appreciate them to take time reading and responding to your letter.

Make it simple for them to reach you
Give them a lot of options to reach you. You can give your Skype account, email or phone number. Let them know when you are available to talk and, be sure you are available if they try to get in touch you.

Show gratitude if they write back
Thank them if they managed to draw their attention and they decided to respond to your message. It is definitely a big deal that famous authors took the time responding to you. Therefore, the least you can do is to acknowledge their effort.

Whether you are asking a friend, meeting a professional one-to-one or sharing in a group, requesting for feedback serves as a test of determination of any writer. However, there are many ways you can do to make the procedure less distressing. Mentioned above are some of the recommended tips to help you get it right.