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How The DHS Is Able To Get Innovative Technology Do My History Homework


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A study is done that highlights the importance of regional approaches in getting to access a greater region and more cultural knowledge. These regional approaches create multi-organizational relationships, collaboration, and coordination to help the DHS in terms of preparedness, response, and recovery. Real-life examples are given; for example; In Florida, the author highlighted that their regional approach fostered strong horizontal and vertical networks. It was also noted that there was security preparedness and intergovernmental cooperation. The structures put in place were most effective in large cities, counties, and special districts to detect a number of vulnerabilities. In these areas, the local officials were seen to have a high level of reporting any issues. Regions, where these structures weren’t in place, tend to report less and in general have lower cooperation among the government entities and as a result, they have reported a lower preparedness rating. The DHS has a task force, Security Policy Institute Task Force, which mentioned mutual-aid agreements, interstate compacts and regional coordination plans have been seen to facilitate regional coordination better. While they are not nearly enough, a more complex process is usually put in place for severe regional collaborative efforts. All this efforts being put in place have been seen to improve interrelations between the collaborating regions. These efforts have seen a growth of positive relations among even the citizens who have been seen to contribute to inter-trade activities in recent days. The positive interrelations have even been a contributing factor to the citizens learning more about each other’s culture. It has been seen that while the initial policies create a positive environment, the positive environment leads to more interactions and the more positive interactions that are present, the easier the local authorities and citizens of these regions find sharing actionable Intel that proves to be vital to DHS. The policies put in place have seen a high-performance regional partnership be born, but the issue becomes how to practice value and justify the partnerships all while enabling practices that as seen as supportive towards the sustenance of these partnerships and creation of even more (Alonso-Conde et all, 2017)

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The security of the general public of the people of the united states is the responsibility of homeland security. Under the Homeland security act in 2003, the body initially started its operations to curb interior cases such as border security, management and prevention of disaster, anti-terrorism and immigration. President Bush established the Office of Homeland security as a response to the 11th September attack. He instated the then governor Ridge to act as the president’s assistant to run the agency. The creation of the agency came as a result of incorporating several agencies. Some of the agencies incorporated included Federal Protective Service, Federal Emergency Management Agency and many more. Peter Andreas said that the department is one of the most significant government reorganisations since the end of the Civil war. The department’s jurisdiction lies within the civilian protection both within and outside the united states’ borders, whose main agenda is to prevent and combat and prepare for emergencies that can occur within its borders. It is headed by the secretary of homeland security, who is deputized a secretary.

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Major changes have been made by managing the department of homeland security since President Bush formed it. On the 15th of February of 2005, Ridge was succeeded by a federal judge called Michael Chertoff. In August the same year, a court order was issued to stop the department from controlling the contracts of employees, especially in unions; this judgement was made on the grounds that it did not oversee and regard the rights of the employees. The following year, the DHS gave its final standing on the matter, which stated that it would no longer pursue the rules it had formed and that it would enforce the already existing civil labour laws.  The most notable change that was made in the department was when President Trump placed his signature on the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency act in the year 2018, and the act increased the responsibility of the body in national protection.

A two-layered National Terrorism system history homework

The department of homeland security replaced the former advisory system with a  two-layered National Terrorism system comprised of alerts and bulletins. The bulletins gave the secretary of the department the authority to share crucial information with the necessary stakeholders who are to take preventive measures to combat the situations. On the other hand, alerts are used when it comes to specific situations. These situations are of high importance as they are issued when there is a direct threat to the United States. Alerts are categorized into two; elevated and imminent. Imminent alerts are issued when there is specific information pertaining to an attack and bears important information on the matter. An elevated alert is given where there is a known attack or threat, but the specifics are not known. In 2002, the Advisory system formed by the department formulated a colour code scheme that is used to evaluate the extent of a situation or threat.