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Homer’s Odyssey and the Odyssey of Our Lives

Homer’s Odyssey and the Odyssey of Our Lives

Homer’s Odyssey is a magnificent mythological tale. This work was presumably created after his encounter with goddess Athena. Although Odysseus’ journey is filled with unrealistic adventures and mythical powers, some principles behind this story can relate to our everyday lives. Odysseus’ adventures in Odyssey relate to the heroism, intellect, and ruthlessness that are in our lives.

Odysseus’ determination of returning home will help him prevail. Odysseus’ determination rises above hunger and would starve himself if that was needed. However, his crew does not have as strong as a will as Odysseus does, and for giving in to their temptation for food, the gods punish them by diverting them from coming home. The Sun’s retribution is showed here, “Out of the ship my comrades fell and then like sea fowl were borne by the side of the black ship along the waves; God cut them off from coming home.” (Homer 121). Odysseus’ crew had slain and eaten the cows of the exalted Sun even though they had been warned. Odysseus proves that his determination to return home is strong than hunger. To Odysseus, once he has reached his goal, even food shall taste much greater than before. His heroism shows that he is very determined and confident that he will overcome all obstacles and will reach Ithaca.

Odysseus is not afraid of death. His journey down to Hades and his conversation with Achilles shows that he thought of death as some light matter. When Odysseus spoke with Achilles, he said that Achilles should be happy with death because he is the ruler of the lost souls. Achilles remarked, “Mock not at death, glorious Odysseus. Better to be the hireling of a stranger, and serve a ma…

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…ght or flee, if any man will save himself from death and doom. But some here will not flee, I think, from instant death”(Homer 213). Odysseus builds up his courage and he has his moment.

Odysseus’ journey is like many peoples’ journey in life. His journey was hard, excruciating, and painful, but at the end he harvests sweet fruits from his heroism, determination, and ruthlessness. People in today’s society opting for an easy way in life do not find their way “home” and do not fulfill their goals. The harder journey….the sweeter the reward.

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The Role of the Gods in Homer’s The Odyssey

The presence of God in our belief system is something that many cultures have taken for granted. In Odyssey book, this presence of God or Goddess is even tangible because in this epic, mortals have the abilities to talk them, to see them and to feel their presences around them. Since the beginning of the epic, Odysseus has always been helped by Athena (goddess) who is Zeus’ daughter and Zeus who admired the man’s faith, courage, strategy and intellect. In ancient Greece, the Gods’ power has constantly been praised and known as the God’s Love. In Homer’s Epic, what has really attracted my attention is how God in his highest love Odysseus and been always with him during his journey. Odysseus also knew that he would not be alive if he was not praising the names of Gods especially with the goddess Athena. In Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey, gods play a very important role to the plot of the story. They are the one deciding if someone can survive or not according to the sacrifice that the person made for them. In the book 1, Athena said to Zeus her father, “Didn’t Odysseus please you with sacrifices beside the Greek ships at Troy?” (Homer 65, book1). In this part Athena was trying to plead with her father Zeus in favor of Odysseus because she wants to help him to go home, while others are trying to provoke his death. This love that Athena has for Odysseus and his family is revealed throughout Homer’s epic. Although Athena supported Odysseus throughout his voyage, other gods including Poseidon, Calypso, and Circe made it difficult for Odysseus to return home, such in our real life, some people will make your life hard, but you have a good faith as Odysseus, you should always find your way out. Our God is omnipr… … middle of paper … … those phaeacians who have helped Odysseus to return home. And for Calypso, she tried to offer Odysseus the immortal life and promising him to be his eternal wife, but Odysseus’s love for his wife Penelope pushes him to fight for his return To summarize Athena’s love as an angel to Odysseus and his family, she managed everything in her power to bring him back home. She helps him to defeat all the suitors who destroyed his house. It is kind of Athena has devoted her all life to Odysseus and his family. Athena is the goddess everyone wants to have as guardian for his life. She went against her uncle Poseidon to fight for her Odysseus. At one point, we can even think that Athena is also in love to Odysseus because she has never him down. But the real truth is Athena is an amazing goddess who protect Odysseus no matter what because this is the Love she has for him

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