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Future Information Security Trends african history assignment help: african history assignment help

Future Information Security Trends


Kasi Research Project Tekes Safety and Security Research Program Final Report, March 11, 2011


Olli Pitkänen, Risto Sarvas, Asko Lehmuskallio, Miska Simanainen, Vesa Kantola Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT / Aalto University Mika Rautila, Arto Juhola, Heikki Pentikäinen VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ossi Kuittinen Sitra




Executive Summary


This report presents the major findings of the research project Kasi – Future Information Security Trends (Kasi – tulevaisuuden tietoturvatrendit) conducted by Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. The project is a part of Tekes Safety and Security Research Program (Tekesin…show more content…



This report could not have been possible without the vision, support, ideas and expertise of a number of people. Therefore we want to convey our gratitude to the project ‘s initiators, promoters, industry sponsors, and workshop participants who shared their knowledge and inspiration. The persons and organisations that have contributed to the conception, financing or fulfillment of this effort include: Jussi Jyrinsalo, Jyrki Pennanen, Toni Loivakari, Petri Mäkynen (Fingrid Oyj), Mari Herrala, Timo Kievari, Mirka Meres-Wuori (Finland ‘s Ministry of Transport and Communications), Vilma Lehtinen (Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT), Gabriel Waller, Kimmo Hätönen, Perttu Halonen (Nokia Siemens Networks Oy), Ossi Kuittinen (SITRA, the Finnish Innovation Fund), Suvi Sundquist, Janne Peräjoki (TEKES), Marja Dunderfelt, Tapio Haapanen, Arttu Lehmuskallio, Seppo Kalliomäki, Titta Penttilä (TeliaSonera Finland Oyj), Anu Helkkula (Aalto University), Matias Vierimaa, Pasi Ahonen, Sami Lehtonen, Matti Penttilä (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland), Jorma Laiho, Olli-Pekka Heinonen, Simo Alho, Mirva Savikko (Yleisradio Oy) and Pekka Nykänen (Pöyry Telecom). Since this project was not an isolated affair, but a part of a more comprehensive national program, we also wish to extend our thanks


Case Analysis Of Telstra history assignment example









Telstra is the biggest telecommunication company in Australia, it is leading the industry by offering a full range of services in the telecommunication industry.




1. Marketing strategies:




1.1 Target Audience




Telstra Target audience




Telstra Target audience is every single person that can use a mobile phone or has access to mobile phone. Business people, farm workers, students, business, school kids, there are simple services also for people who are technology savvy. (phillip dimond Telstra major project)  




1.2 Market Segmentation




*Demographic variables


• Telstra  marketing strategies is focusing more on age, gender and income (Walker, Boyd, Mullins & Larreche, 2003).


• For Example Prepaid mobile services are available for…show more content…

This virtualization service will reduce cost and the company will have reduction in server related capital investment by 70% and a reduction in operational cost by 30% to 40% compared to the physical server.( Accenture_Client_Success_Telstra_Virtualization)




This step allowed Telstra to decrease its cost and gave them opportunity to give better service for Telstra customers and offer them more data and minutes of talk better coverage customer satisfaction will increase.




Telstra has implemented a new service for businesses allowing them to access Microsoft access 365, HR, CRM, and Finance. Cloud application allows businesses and companies to perform everyday job, they can access their emails, and could share documents, even save information. They can do hard jobs like complex business solutions and accounting, human resources management, and customer relations.


Cloud application is an online service that can be purchased online and will save customers from paying money for IT skills on a pc server of to pay upfront fees to install software on the pc.(Telstra-business-enterprise/cloud-services)


The Hrm Function Of Job Analysis history assignment help cheap: history assignment help cheap

Executive Summary

This essay is basically focused on the telecommunication company Telstra’s business objective, which was set up by the CEO Solomon Trujillo of downsizing 10,000 non-core and redundant jobs roles.
Furthermore, by the integrated HRM functions which are job analysis, job design, compensation management & industrial relations, the objective was achieved by the CEO of the company by the end of the year 2008. During his tenure he achieved the target, although the market value & the share price of the company was 25% lower than the previous years.

It is the objective of this essay to critically analyze how four HRM strategies are integrated to enable Telstra to downsize 10,000 jobs.

Firstly, this essay will critically analyze how the HRM function of job analysis is integrated to assist to identify duplicated job roles to be targeted for downsizing. The purpose of this paragraph is to critically discuss how the HRM function of job analysis is used by the HR department of Telstra to identify the duplicated job roles & responsibilities after the appointment of its CEO Solomon Trujillo during the year 2004-2008. De Cieri (2007) highlights that work dissection has concentrated on breaking down the current employments to accumulate data for other human asset administration practices, for example, choice, worker improvement, performance management and compensation. Job analysis occurs by designing & administering a skill audit

The Impact Of Refresher Training On Job Knowledge history assignment help in uk

Refresher training is for current employees who are repeatedly written up for deficiencies in job-knowledge and attitude.  This course includes, time management, hands-on task training and stress management.


Leadership training is for high-performing workers who have mastered their core competencies and are ready for management and leadership roles.  It also provides a venue for advanced skills development training.  This course will address topics such as decision making, employment laws, managing conflict, performance appraisals, supervisory duties, verbal judo, and diversity training.


Just-in-time training is reserved for part-time or seasonal employees.  This is a blended but condensed version of the orientation training and refresher training topics.  Training courses ensure employee readiness to complete a task but the only way to ensure training priorities have been met is to complete an evaluation.


Evaluation Process El Vee’s evaluation process incorporates both short-term and long-term feedback.  One of the short-term mechanisms is a “pre- and post-test” (Rajeev, Madan, & Jayarajan, 2009) and interviews of the supervisors will occur thirty days after completion of the training.  Long-term evaluations will include a review of performance appraisals, interview employees who attended training, and review customer satisfaction surveys.   Training and development are necessary for continued growth of employees but it can never replace the benefit of constructive

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