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Gwadar Sea-Port Descriptive Summary Global History Essay Help

Gwadar Port

Gwadar Sea-Port is among the three largest of its kind in Pakistan. It is a deep seaport which is located at the heart of Gwadar City in Balochistan and attached to the coastal side of the Arabian Sea.  The Sea-Port is a major feature in China Pakistani Economic Corridor (CPEC) plans.  According to Gwadar Port Authority (2019), Pakistan as a country has two operational international seaports.  These ports include Port Qasim and Karachi port. The current demand brought about by more trades and expansion of investments renders these two ports insufficient to handle demand growth. This brings up the need to upgrade the next bigger available Port to international levels to ease maritime operations in the country. The Port offers many investment opportunities in storage, warehousing travel, export/import, and tourism. The Port is supposed to act as a gateway for Pakistan and the world at large. It is to form a maritime hub that can work as an international airport. This project needs a lot of investments, though. For this, agencies such as national legislation should be accounted for. The authorities to get involved in the matter should also be looked at. The present ports have no expansion capacity. Gwadar port is the only Port promising to handle about one million tons of cargo per year. This is also supported by the Port providing significant transportation infrastructure and industrial oil.


The plan for Port Security ap american history essay help: ap american history essay help

The plan for Port Security

Features of the port security plan must include a critical need for all vessels to have an ISPS certificate. From time to time, inspections should also be carried out to ensure all regulations are being followed. This security plan should be based on security assessment (International Ship and Supplier Association, 2016). To avoid confidentiality breaches, the plan should be protected from unauthorized access. (International Ship and Supplier Association, 2016).

The clauses listed above can work well with few national laws on maritime industries in Pakistan. These acts include the merchant Shipping Policy, Merchant Act of 1923, KPT Act of 1886, Marine Insurance Act of 1938, and many other laws and legislation. According to Tahir, 2017), Sections 555, 554, and 556 of the Pakistan Merchant Shipping Ordinance (2001) stipulate that any vessel on the Port must uphold all the environmental safety regulations and should not in any case discharge any harmful substance into the sea. The other major act which enables Pakistan’s Maritime authority to utilize economic opportunities around the Port is the Pakistan maritime Security Agency Act (1997). This act also helps in protecting the Port and surroundings from unauthorized resource exploitation. The Gwadar Port Authority Ordinance of 2002 must be considered in expanding the Port to international businesses and trade.

Disadvantages of Product positioning art history essay help

Alternative interpretations on Vinaysheel Kapgate 

Disadvantages of Product positioning

I seem to disagree with your post-Vinaysheel on how the product positioning has led to the success of the marketing. One of the roles of product positioning is to position its products in the minds of the customers, which as a result leads to more competition that may end making their competitors take their customers, particularly in the case where there are no more powerful strategies put into practice. Under the product positioning, customers are believed to have vague ideas concerning the firm’s brand, which restricts them from having an awareness of the right things that motivate them to purchase that particular product. On the other hand, differentiating may not always be helpful in an organization as it increases operation costs, thus restricting from using it mainly when they want to advertise on the marketing segmentation. Customers respond differently, where sometimes most of them respond negatively, mainly when there are no proper strategies to exercise in an organization to ensure an effective marketing operation. Differentiating in marketing restricts the growth of the organizations, which makes small organizations find it hard to progress from one level of operation to another level. Automakers cars are believed to spend billions of dollars for them to successfully be transformed into greener battery that has powered vehicles which means for this kind of vehicle to operate well, more funds must be used, and that means that there will be restriction of some nations to use this kind of cars. Before a product fits in the marketing, one must first consider some factors such as cost, durability, and availability to ensure there is effective marketing.


Paschen, U., Paschen, J., & Kietzmann, J. (2017, May). Cool Marketing for Icewine? Investigating Producer’s Product Positioning, Segmentation, and Marketing Mix for Canadian Icewine: An Abstract. In Academy of marketing science annual conference (pp. 337-338). Springer, Cham.

Sytelä, M. (2021). Differentiation of Microbrewery Marketing in Finland, Germany, and the USA.

Hsu, A., & Mapes, B. (2021). A seismograph for measuring the transformation to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions–discussion paper.






Monetary Policy descriptive summary art history essay help: art history essay help

Monetary Policy

Monetary value is how the money is supplied by increasing the interest rates. It usually contributes to the bank’s stability to achieve and maintain low exchange rates on the currencies.   It can be divided into an expansionary policy or a contractionary policy. Expansionary occurs to reduce the interest rates, leading to an increase in the supply of money. Also reduces unemployment because the short interest rates make businesses not borrow money, thus not expanding their businesses. This expansion monetary usually increases the money being printed, thus making the purchasing power decrease of the currency in the country, favouring the foreigners since they purchase more money with their currency, especially if their currency is devalued. 

The correct answer is- False.

 The contradictory policy usually slows the rate at which money is being supplied and thus lessening inflation. It decelerates the growth rate for money by maintaining short term interest rates. It brings about increased unemployment, and business and consumers spend a lot of money, especially if this is implemented vigorously. Monetary policy in other words is a conversion of money supply, money printing or reducing supply of money through changing rate of interest or eliminating additional reserves. Through, it is somehow in contrast to the economic policies such as fiscal policy that relies on government expenditure, borrowing, and taxation as a government technique to control economic cycles such as recession.



Externality, also known as spillover, refers to benefits or costs that an individual, group or organization gains or incurs in society due to the production and consumption of goods and services. Two categories of Externality are negative, also known as the cost incurred or positive, also known as a benefit.


The correct answer is (a). Air pollution from a smokestack at a factory upwind from a city.

Negative Externality refers to the costs that an individual, company or a group of people incurs due to the production and consumption of goods and services. For example, when an individual consumes particular commodities such as demerit commodities in society, negative effects arise on other parties. Air pollution is always considered a negative externality. Air pollution is a negative externality since it introduces an external cost to society, not the transaction of products causing pollution. 




Negative Externality:

Negative Externality is the cost that an individual in the society incurs due to the production and consumption of goods and services. In other words, it is a difference that is introduced social cost and private cost of a decision or an action.


It is not true.

The pool of common resources refers to a category of commodities comprising of man-made or natural resources systems. Their characteristics or sizes makes them expensive. However, it is not difficult to keep out potential benefactors from gaining advantages from their usage. Over usage of common resources results in economic problems in society. For example, it results in the misfortune of the commons. Self-interest from users results in the damaging of the resources hence disadvantaging the rest of the users. The common misfortune is termed an economic challenge where everyone has an entitlement to utilize resources at the expense of the rest of the users. As a result, there is underinvestment, consumption and finally exhaustion of the resource.


Annual Review of Psychology ap american history essay help

                         The theme of revenge in Edgar Allan Poe, “The Cask of Amontillado.”

A natural response when receiving slander is to fire back and seek revenge. Many say nothing is sweeter than revenge (Jackson, 330). Poe underscores this truth through the deeds of history’s killers and victims, Montresor and Fortunato, in Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Cask of Amontillado.” Montresor brings Fortunato deep into the tombs of his ancestors, burying him in the wall as an act of retribution on Fortunato, under the false notion of the mysterious cask of amontillado. Poe achieves his goal of comparing his character to his two-faced personality by setting an ominous tone. Poe, on the other hand, most vehemently supports the view that Montresor and Fortunato are opposed.

Poe uses a new approach, depicting the scars of deep anger, pride, retribution, and outright horrors to illustrate another side of human feeling. We see a madman’s mind being forced to do something horrific due to an unknown insult from someone he considers a friend. Montresor’s thirst for vengeance, as well as his determination to go to any length to exact it, is motivated by his overpowering pride and desire for triumph.

Montresor presents some hints regarding Fortunato’s wrongdoing at the start of the story: “The thousand injuries of Fortunato I had borne as I best could; but when he ventured upon insult, I vowed revenge.” (Arntzen 907). He doesn’t go into depth about the insults and claims they’re buddies, but he’s plotting a horrific retaliation. Fortunato can no longer stand Montresor’s pride, and his insane mind has turned to plot his demise. From his first quote, he exudes an excessive pride, which Fortunato cannot allow to go unnoticed.

 Despite his desire to kill Fortunato, he must ensure that he escapes his intentions. Montresor understands he wants to win in the end, so he devised a comprehensive strategy to eliminate Fortunato. He feels that if Fortunato is entirely quiet, he will be able to maintain his position of triumph and, of course, reclaim his pride. He must demonstrate his authority in such a way that Fortunato is aware that he is a small man for the rest of his life. Montresor refuses to drown in his vengeance and senses something upstairs. So he deliberated long and hard before deciding to abandon Fortunato and drive away his servant during the carnival season. He dispatched a servant to establish that no one had shown up to see what was going on. This demonstrates how determined he was to exact vengeance and finally quiet Fortunato. It was the ideal time for him, as he was making preparations.

When Fortunato states he doesn’t recall the Montresor family motto, readers are reminded of Montresor’s desire for vengeance. Montresor wants to remind him, but he responds with his slogan, “No one attacks me with impunity.” (Arntzen 1667). Fortunato may think it’s a simple message, but Montresor sends him a letter of vengeance. Montresor claims Fortunato has harmed and insulted him at the start of the novel. As a result, the motto discussed the revenge he was seeking and informed Fortunato that he should pay the price for his attack. Fortunato, on the other hand, saw nothing. As he moved farther into the vault, Montresor remained cordial. Montresor was resolute, and he maneuvered so that Fortunato had no idea what he was planning. So far, he appeared to have succeeded since Fortunato was unconcerned about a planned attack on him.

In conclusion, Poe reveals the darkest of human emotions in The Cask of Amontillado. Montresor states that Fortunato harmed him and that he resolved to avenge himself in the narrative. Montresor was able to murder Fortunato to satisfy his pride and demonstrate that he is the best.




Jackson, Joshua Conrad, Virginia K. Choi, and Michele J. Gelfand. “Revenge: A multilevel review and synthesis.” Annual Review of Psychology 70 (2019): 319-345.