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growaw Chopin’s The Awakening as a Tragic Bildingsroman

The Awakening as a Tragic Bildingsroman

I have always considered this a tragic bildingsroman A professor suggested that this was a love story. If it is its love of self or finding it. It is no more of a love story than Call of the Wild. I guess because it has a woman and love it constitutes a love story.

I agree that Reiz symbolized romantic art and ideals and Mme. Ratignolle. However Edna was less romantic because her confinement was real. Betty Freudian has this same sort of problem in the Feminist Mystique.

A physical independence as symbolized by the birds seems to be the best analogy for her needs through out the book. I didn’t think the hypertext guide quite covered this. Birds were present throughout the novel, in dreams and in her life (more than just that parrot). The fact that she was not able to be confined by anything which demanded her caged, her children, her husband. She did not enjoy these people or their cages because they used her for their own gain. A guy suggested in another class that she should have thought about that before she was married and had kids. I guess that would be easy for someone to say who will never bear children or held accountable for their existence, or dependence on him. (NO, not all men are this bad!) Her sorrow over Mme. Ratignolle’s child birth represented a birth in herself. An awakening that she had been reborn. By the way, the hypertext did not explain all the awakenings she under went or parallel them with the times she woke up and went to sleep. She tells her husband that marriage is a “lamentable spectacle”.

At the cottage with Robert, she was not Sleeping Beauty but a Rip Van Winkle. Sleeping Beauty was passive, Edna certainly was not that. The cottage I felt represented indulgence almost gluttony without the negative connotation. She is finally enjoying herself- HER- Self. The church was another oppressive cage in her life. Every mention of it in the book was a negative one although Edna says that she is religious. It just happens that her encounters with it in the book are miserable.

In addition, I felt the rings were not explained. There are at least five separate mentions of rings throughout the novel, each at critical times.

Free Awakening Essays: Impressions

Impressions of The Awakening

I liked “The Story of an Hour” much better than I liked “The Awakening” for a few reasons. First of all, “The Awakening” was entirely too long to say what it had to say. I do not really understand the point of having Edna spend all of that time away from Robert. At first, I thought it was to prove how much she missed him, but then she started fooling around with the other guy. To me, this does not indicate that she missed him very much at all. So what was the point of that whole boring part of the story? It made me want Robert to hurry up and come back so we could get on with it (which I guess Edna was thinking the whole time). Then when he does come back, they admit their love for one another, but they still are not together.

I guess the ending just kind of pissed me off. I don’t get the point in her “waking up” and being free to do whatever she feels, but she still cannot be with Robert. Another thing I did not like was the constant references to waking up and awakenings. I think that when a story is really good, you need to think about it, whereas this story just comes right out and tells you where the turning point is. It was obvious to me by that point when she learns to swim that this will be a turning point in her life, so I don’t like the fact that Chopin practically spells it out for us.I do like the fact that, Chopin, living in the times that she did, had the courage to make such a stink! I liked the part where Edna is lying in the hammock, and her husband is yelling at her to come inside to go to bed while she stubbornly refuses.However, Chopin ruins it for me by telling us that Edna makes a conscious decision never to obey her husband against her will again.

I think the portrayals of Edna’s two friends serve to contrast what she is(or society believes that she should be) with what she will become. Adele is the mother-type who sacrifices all for her children and her husband, and she even assumes a motherly role in the life of Edna, giving advice and trying to protect her friend all the time.

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