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Eva Mitchell Child Development history assignment example: history assignment example

The Eva Mitchell Child Development Center is a daycare center for employees and students of Hampton University. On October 10, 2017 I was part of the first group that attended the development center to participate in a classroom observation of students and teachers. We wanted to be able to observe both younger and older children. In order to secure good and well-rounded observations they split us into two groups. My group followed the oldest children of the two groups, around the ages of two to four years. The second group mirrored ages two and younger. After thirty minutes we were to switch classrooms and watch the succeeding group. Upon entering the room, you see colors surrounding every surface of the area. The walls are covered in the…show more content…

One thing I wish we could have done differently was make it mandatory to be at the center on time. Every time a late student walked in it made it further difficult to take the attention away from us. Consequently, making me question whether the kids would have acted accordingly had we not been there.  


We entered the room towards the middle of story time, but throughout the remanding reading I noticed a few things. During the reading, the teacher spoke in a monotone voice and had little facial changes. As a child, I remember getting read to and how exciting it was to hear the different voice octaves in the speaker’s voice as they told the story. When the character was saying something exciting her voice, tone, and facial expressions should have changed to represent that excitement. This animation would grab the child’s attention and further build the student’s interest in reading. Additionally, I noticed how half the students seemed to be into the book, eyes focused on the teacher and/or making comments about the book when they felt necessary.  On the other hand the rest of the students seemed less focused with wondering eyes that seemed to frequently find us in the back of the room. I didn’t fine my observations during story time too telling because the students were still getting use to us being


Flood Insurance And Natural Disasters advanced higher history essay help

Floods are the leading cause of natural disasters in the world and the second deadliest weather related hazard and the number one natural disaster in the United States (Doocy, Daniels, Murray & Kirsch, 2013) In fact, during the 20th century alone floods are responsible for more than 6.8 million deaths worldwide and for over 4,500 deaths in the United States over the last 47 years (Ashley & Ashley, 2007). Additionally, floods pose a significant risk to property and safety. It is estimated annually that floods cause billions of dollars in damages (Brody, Zahran, Maghelal & Grover, 2007). According to the National Flood Insurance Program from 2011 to 2015, the average flood claim amounted to more than $46,000 and total flood insurance claims…show more content…

Currently more than 3.8 million people reside in the Susquehanna River watershed, thus many people have become dependent upon the river for livelihood (, 2015). Unfortunately, the Susquehanna River basin is one of the most flood prone areas of the United States, and has an annual flood damage average of more than $133 million dollars (, 2015). Hence, due to the proximity of the town of New Cumberland and Cumberland County to the Susquehanna River, flooding is likely to adversely impact my community. In response to a trauma or disaster preparedness, Cumberland County has a Level III hospital, Carlisle Regional Medical Center, and a Level II Trauma Center, Geisinger Holy Spirit located in East Pennsboro Township. Currently, there are 15 Level II trauma centers in the State of Pennsylvania (DuPuis, 2017). Furthermore, there are several other small community clinics as well as a military clinic located on Carlisle Barracks. As far as Emergency Medical Services and first responders, Cumberland County contains 16 municipal police departments and are supported by Pennsylvania State Police (, n.d.). Additionally, the county possesses 34 fire companies and 11 Basic and Advanced Life Support Companies (, n.d). Thus, in an area of 555 square miles adequate response times and presence are maintained. Due to the potential


Aggression and Violence in the Media Essay history assignment help in uk: history assignment help in uk

Assignment 2: Aggression and Violence in the Media

Dr. Santiago

Strayer University

Social Psychology 110

May 30, 2015

1. Briefly describe at least one (1) episode of a television show in which you observed aggression or violence. 
Sons of Anarchy is a crime drama television series about the lives of a close-knit outlaw motorcycle club in Charming, CA. In one episode, the mother of the president of the motorcycle club shows her aggression and violence towards her son’s wife. During this episode, Tara wants out of this lifestyle and is threatening to take the couple’s two sons with her. At the same time, the DA is threatening to put Tara in jail if she doesn’t give them information on a recent school shooting that the MC…show more content…
Her character is known for being the queen bee of the motorcycle club. She demonstrates violence in this episode because she was content with stopping Tara from ratting her son out to authorities. For example, she brutally murdered her daughter-in-law to protect her son from going to prison and to prevent her from taking her grandchild away from her. 3. Discuss at least two (2) possible reasons why the selected TV episode included aggression or violence. Provide a rationale for your response. 
The Son of Anarchy TV series is built on the foundation of aggression and violence. The motorcycle club made most of their money by illegal activities such as trafficking drugs, prostitution and by importing weapons to sell to other gangs. One reason this TV episode included aggression or violence was that Jackson was trying to save the club from being taken down by law enforcement. Another reason for aggression and violence in the episode is that Gemma was trying to protect her son from being put in prison. The SOA’s series lived and breathed on the unexpected twist and turns of their illegal and violent acts. 4. Describe at least two (2) ways that media violence can cause desensitization in people. Justify your response. 
The exposure to media violence can desensitize people to violence in the real world. It can make them less sensitive to the pain and suffering of others. For Instance, someone who regularly watches violence on TV may begin to be less emotional about

Information System (IS) Implementation Challenge Issues history assignment help book

Information System (IS) Implementation Challenge Issues

The impediments that an IS framework faces change as it advances through its different periods of execution. While unreasonable targets and a severely evolved project plan are generally vital toward the beginning of the venture, client association, correspondence among taking an interest gathering, and outside conditions that cause changes in the undertaking plan become more troublesome during the genuine execution stage. Poor project management, which incorporates vague objectives, improper cut-off times, and ineffectively assigned assets, is referred to as a reason for project management disappointments, which can bring about project scope extensions, like expanded costs and length.