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THE MAIN REASONS FOR RESEARCH help with history assignment: help with history assignment

The key aim of research is to generate new information, expand and validate existing knowledge in order to enhance practice, according to Field (2011). Nursing practice should be evidence-based, as described in the nursing committee report (Briggs report), in order to enhance the standard of care for patients and the general public (ICN, 2009The method of study applies to all methods used in a research process by a researcher. This includes both the quantitative approach and the qualitative method (Kathari, 2004).

A convergent/deductive rationale is used in quantitative analysis. Since it operates on a theory, it is often referred to as a “top-bottom” approach; it analyzes a large interest before it is restricted to a conclusion (Gabriel, 2013). In contrast to this, divergent/inductive reasoning is used in qualitative research; it creates a new theory for experimenting with and investigating phenomena in quantitative research.

Positivism is focused on quantitative research; it is analytical in nature as it produces information and fact from the researcher’s single concept and prediction, empirical validation and experimentation. Qualitative research, on the other hand, is focused on perception; it is subjective in nature, drawing its understanding from the researcher’s interpretation of various views of people’s perceptions, actions and understanding of their natural environment with little to no prediction (Myres, 2008; Collins, 2010).

A quantitative research is conducted in an experimental/controlled environment which ensures accuracy of result (Anderson, 2006). Qualitative analysis, on the other hand, is often referred to as naturalistic science because it is performed in the subjects’ natural environment. This provides the researcher with an understanding of variables that could impact the research sample, such as low education and illiteracy, which could be socio-economic.

A quantitative analysis is a systematic, organized and rigid type of research used to collect data using Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) whereas while qualitative analysis is systematic, it is scalable and uses an unstructured data collection method..

Data collection techniques in quantitative research include survey, organized interview and non-participant observation, while participant observation, unstructured interview and focus group discussion are used in qualitative research (Bamberger, 2000).

In conclusion, while the approach of quantitative and qualitative research has its limitations, they both have their strengths; thus, neither is superior to the other and both should be used to increase efficacy in nursing practice (Burke and Larry, 2012). Qualitative research provides a theory for experimenting with quantitative research; whereas qualitative research validates these hypotheses, they work together to enhance practice (Barrett, 2012).

Metabolic acidosis in acute myocardial infarction ap american history essay help


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The acid-base state of Mr. B is partly offset by metabolic acidosis. Mr. B has hard breathing, referred to as Kussmaul breathing, which compensates for metabolic acidosis (Gandhi & Alkholkar,2015). In Mr. B’s case, lactic acidosis and the base deficiency caused metabolic acidosis. Weak perfusion and hypoxia induce lactic acidosis. Mr. B’s 70mm Hg pO2 and 88% sat O2 indicate mild to moderate hypoxemia.

Myocardial infarction raises cardiac pressure and lowers cardiac output. The renin-aldosterone-angiotensin system is activated, and renal perfusion is decreased. Renin in kidneys, which develops angiotensin II shift, is activated by renal vasoconstriction and poor perfusion (Dixon & Abbate, 2015). Angiotensin II and released norepinephrine increase vascular resistance in non-vital areas of the body and decrease filtration in the kidneys and potassium waste (Huether, 2017, p. 123).  Aldosterone induces sodium reabsorption in response to Angiotensin II. Norepinephrine allows potassium to move intracellularly. Such processes facilitate hypokalemia (Dixon & Abbate, 2015). An electrocardiogram indicates hypokalemia.



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Hajime No Ippo a Japanese Boxing Manga. history essay help: history essay help

Hajime No Ippo season 4

George Morikawa writes Hajime No Ippo, and it is a Japanese Boxing Manga. Kodansha has serialized it in the Weekly Shonen Magazine. The series is concerned with Makunouchi Ippo, the protagonist. He starts his boxing training and later on receives many titles for emerging a winner after slaying many of his opponents in the ring. With the release of the first three series, there was broad acceptance of the show, which gave it a large fan base. The many viewers are still waiting on the release of Hajime no Ippo season 4.

Is the season renewed or canceled

The season is not canceled, and the news on its renewal has not yet been confirmed.  Soon, the show will be back on our screens. There is no set date of when it is likely to be released. The chances of renewal of this season are relatively high as it lays the basis on the history of long difference.

Hence, because the series has not been canceled, the showrunner will renew it soon, and our favorite show will be back on our screens. We have to wait a little longer to be able to receive the official release dates. Depending mainly on rumors about the release date of the new season only brings forth frustration. Therefore, you should get information from the rightful sources only to avoid that kind of frustration and boredom.


Release date

No official announcement has been made on the release dates of season 4. Due to the pandemic, one cannot tell the possible release date for the show. Several rumors have been spread on the release dates, but it only leads to disappointment. When the dates are confirmed, we will bring forth the good news to you straight away. All you have to do is visit our page regularly to get the latest information early.

The cast of the season

Characters for Hajime no Ippo Season 4 are expected to be the same as those in the preceding seasons. There are no reports on whether there will be a new team of individuals on the new season. However, if there are new characters, we need to embrace them and understand that situations keep changing, so the activities in the series need new personnel. The series new season still focuses on Ippo Makunouchi, the protagonist. Mamoru Takamura is also expected to feature in the new season. Masaru Aoki, who is Kimura’s best friend, will be back and make the show more enjoyable. The other characters in the fourth season include Genji Kamogawa, Manabu Itagaki, and Tatsuya Kimura. Additionally, there will also be Haruhiko Yagi and Tomoyuki Shinoda. Let’s be patient and wait for the featuring of our favorite characters in this new show.


Hajime no Ippo involves a school kid, a victim of the bully who transforms into a great boxer. In this new season, Makunouchi tries to convince Takamura that he has what it takes to be a champion before learning how boxing is done. The coach does not take his request seriously and instead assigns him a nearly impossible task. It aims to determine if he is capable or not. With the best coach, Ippo, he proves that he has what it takes to be the best of the world’s best fighters.

When should we expect

The showrunner of the series has not officially communicated on when to expect the series. Its delay to be released is credited to the pandemic which significantly affected the shooting of new series.  Currently, people are getting back to their normal lives and this brings hope that it will be released soon. If we acquire any information on its release date, we will pass the information immediately. However, we can possibly expect Hajime No Ippo season 4 in 2021 or the early months of 2022.


The new season will be released between 2021 or 2022.  There are assumptions that the school boy will face difficulty trying to resolve why he became a fighter. The season may also bring about the greatly awaited match, that is Ippo vs Miyata. Also, there may be new characters in the new season. With the expectancy of new events, we may encounter new characters in the series suitable for the specific character specifications.


The Hajime no Ippo series is known to be a great show. It has received great reviews from its viewers and critics as well. It managed to win the hearts of many people with the release of the first three seasons. So many people are therefore waiting for the release of season 4 which seems to have taken longer to be released. Anyway, the delay was due to coronavirus pandemic and soon it will be released.





Health Promotion

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Health Promotion involves a broad range of interventions whose objectives focus on reducing health risks and threats (Cragg, 2015). Prevention is categorized into three main sections, which are primary, tertiary, and secondary. Each of these categories can be used by nurses for the determination of the needs of patient education. Primary prevention aims at preventing injury or disease before its occurrence, for instance, wellness and exams. The process also involves health interventions and promotion programs to increase activity among the elderly to enhance their heart health.  On the other hand, secondary prevention focuses mainly on detecting an illness early enough to minimize the effect of a disease whose signs have already been observed. This prevention can be obtained by treating the disease soonest before it causes irreversible harm.   Therefore, nurses can provide education to people on the most suitable screenings at the age of 50, like colonoscopies, if there is no family history of the condition, annual pap smears, and flu shots. Exercise programs, a daily low dosage of aspirin, and a healthy diet prevents further heart strokes and attacks.

Lastly, tertiary prevention becomes significant once an ailment has led to permanent damage already. The category aims to improve their life quality and enhance their functioning ability. At this stage, it is not about prevention, but the effect of the illness is softened by assisting people in living their lives the best way possible (Beale, 2017). For instance, providing education to a patient after surgery on the Coronary Artery Bypass about heart rehabilitation. After determining where the individual lies on this spectrum, the nurse can assist in guiding the patients’ needs. In most health issues, tertiary, secondary, and primary interventions should be combined to achieve meaningful protection and prevention degree.



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