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Free College Essays – Analysis of William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 19

William Shakespeare is considered to be one of the most significant English poets and dramatists of all time. Shakespeare is credited with writing 36-38 dramatic works and many sonnets.
In most of the sonnets the form is of three separate quatrains and a closing couplet for emotional and dramatic climax. Some sonnets seem open and addressed to the world. Others are too cryptic and personal to be intelligible. Sonnets 18-125 deal gradually with many themes associate with a handsome young man. The poet enjoys his friendship and promises to immortalize him through his poems.
“Sonnet 19″ is addressed to time and is dedicated to a very special friend. In the first quatrain of the sonnet, the author talks about the devastating effects of time: it affects everything and nothing can escape its impact. The poet directly addresses time and vividly describes its effect on the sharp claws of the lion. Time wears away their strength, spoiling and eroding them. Shakespeare then writes that time forces the earth to “…devoure her owne fweet brood” (2). Everything that is born of the earth return…

The Key Elements of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

The Key Elements of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man provides an introspective exploration of an Irish Catholic upbringing. To provide the reader with a proper interpretation, Joyce permeates the story with vivid imagery and a variety of linguistic devices. This paper will provide an in-depth of analysis of the work by examining its key elements.

The central theme of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man is Stephen Dedalus’ alienation and separation from his trinity of family, country and religion. Stephen’s separation from his family is evident when he literally flees from his father by “walking rapidly lest his father’s shrill whistle might call him back.” Stephen’s separation from his clique is demonstrated by his adoration of the poet Byron, who his schoolmates (Boland

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