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Free College Admissions Essays – Higher Learning College Admissions Essays

Higher Learning After graduation from high school, I plan to do several things. The most important thing I plan to do is go to college. Other than a degree, from a college education I plan to pursue higher learning, to begin a career, and to make history in my family. The first thing I hope to gain from a college education is higher learning. Learning goes far beyond a high school education and is very necessary in today’s society. It allows us to be familiar with our environment and everyone in it, and it allows us to maintain assurance of ourselves. A lot of us would be lost without any learning at all, and our world would be very confused. One must learn to do such things as apply math skills as well as be responsible and independent. I know that a college education would allow me to acquire this ability. Secondly, I hope to begin a career as a result of a college education. As a college student, I plan to study chemical engineering. After taking all the classes necessary for this major and completing them successfully, I hope to be able to begin a career as a chemical engineer. Making history in my family is the most important thing I hope to gain from a college education. Neither of my parents graduated from college, nor did either of my three brothers, but they did, however, graduate from high school. Taking a look back has motivated me to reach farther. As the valedictorian of my senior class, the first in my family, I plan to make history in my family by being the first also to get a college education. Pursuing higher learning, beginning a career, and making history in my family are things I hope to gain from a college education other than a degree. It is very important that I accomplish these goals so that I will have continued success. By the grace of God I know all of these things and many more are possible. If I believe it, then I can achieve it.

Relationships and Marriage – Teenage Marriage Argumentative Persuasive Essays

Teenage Marriage: What’s the Rush? Young people today have a tendency to rush in to commitments before fully understanding what they are getting into. One of the most serious of these is marriage. This commitment is taken lightly by many teenagers. The factors causing teenage marriage are as varied as the effects. Sometimes marriage is looked at as an escape from difficult situations at home or with parents. Parents may even encourage their children to get married before they are ready to assist their own financial situations. Other teenagers get involved in serious relationships from a very young age. This could lead to pregnancy or even the idea that they must move on to the next step before they are really ready. There are several serious effects and problems associated with rushing into marriage. Anyone considering getting married should be aware of some devastating statistics and possibilities. In Eleanor H. Ayer’s book, Teen Marriage, she noted that: “A girl married at 17 is twice as likely to be divorced as a girl 18 or 19. If a girl waits until she is 25 the chances that her marriage will last are 4 times better” (Ayer). More than one half of those who marry in their teens will be divorced within five years (Teenage Marriage…). This large percentage is due in part to the lack of realization of the many sacrifices that must be made in order to have a successful marriage. Another factor that affects this statistic is the widespread acceptance by society of divorce. If people would enter into the commitment of marriage without thinking of divorce as an option, relationship problems would be looked at more seriously and solved before marriage. Many married people must also sacrifice their own independence and their education. There is really no good reason to rush into marriage. If two people are really in love and meant to be together, time will only better their relationship. A happy, successful marriage is worth the wait. Works Cited Ayer, Eleanor H. Teen Marriage. The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc., 1990. Teenage Marriage: Weigh it carefully! Interactive Bible Home page. 8 Feb. 2001

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