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Formalistic Approach Ode to the Death of a Favorite Cat (Favourite)

Formalistic Approach Ode to the Death of a Favorite Cat (Favourite)

In Thomas Gray’s poem “Ode on the Death of a Favorite Cat,” we find many examples of the Formalistic

Approach. In this poem, we find numerous examples of alliteration, rhyme scheme, puns, and creative word

choice. This poem is very joyful and fun to read because the author is very creative in his choice of words and


In the first stanza, we figure out where this event is taking place or in other words, we find out the setting. The

cat is standing on a ledge in his owner’s house looking down into a fish bowl and gazing at gold fish. In this

stanza, we find patterns of rhyming. Within this stanza this rhyming pattern is A, A, B ,C,C,B. In the first stanza

they would be the first two lines (side and dy’d), the third and sixth line (blow and below), and fourth and fifth

(kind and reclin’d). Line six of this stanza states” Gazed on the lake below” (Gray line 6) represents word

choice. Gray could have just stated that the cat…

A Formalistic Analysis of The Fatal Sisters

A Formalistic Analysis of The Fatal Sisters

In “The Fatal Sisters” Thomas Gray has created a monologue pregnant with references to history, geography, and mythology. These reappearing references and allusions enrich the text, as they allow a closer look at the political situation surrounding eleventh century Britain. The poems’ sixteen stanzas exhibit an ABAB rhyme scheme, which provides for systematic organization and positive aesthetic effects. Closer examination of the setting, tone, and imagery of the poem permits insight into the text’s content and artistic genius.

The setting for “The Fatal Sisters” is an eleventh century, war-ridden Ireland. The nation’s fate appears to rest upon the shoulders of a few bloodthirsty monarchs who are entangled in a never-ending conflict. Their massive armies wage battle after battle and therefore tint Britain’s outlook upon society and its future. It is at such a troublesome time that twelve mysterious women are observed to “weave the web of war” and in such a way create the future of their nation. This very day is ironically…

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