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FLOODS IN INDIA 3 Running Head: FLOODS IN INDIA 1 Floods in


Running Head: FLOODS IN INDIA 1

Floods in India


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India’s 4th Largest City Is Pretty Much Underwater

India’s fourth largest city which hosts approximately nine million residents has been completely pretty much under water after a record much rainfall in the past month. The Wall Street Journal has reported, the runway from Chennai’s airport had been submerged seven feet of water on Thursday which left many planes and hundreds of passengers stranded. Many businesses which included Hyundai and Ford companies and the main rail way station of the city were also shut down. Bloomberg had added that water is neck deep around neighborhoods, roads have been washed away, telephone network is down, and many areas have no power. More than 250 people have lost their lives in the floods since November while others more than 2000 people have been evacuated.

Chennai received almost 48 inches of rainfall in November, which read more than three times the November normal amount, Bloomberg reports. Losses to business amounting up to $2.2 billion with automobile, tourism, and the IT industry being those hardly hit, the journal reports (Selvavinayagam, 2016).


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