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FDI inflows to India, year-wise sampled summary as history essay help: as history essay help

Source: Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade | MoCI | GoI | Ministry of Commerce and Industry | GOI, 2021)

(SULTANA et al. 2019) suggests that the impact of FDI on the Indian economy, has been a consistent development of study something that has impacted the overall study and the research studies conducted in the past on the inward flows of the FDI. With the purpose of understanding and effectively laying out the comprehension of the impact of FDI on the Indian growth variables and additional factors such as the human development index or even the population overall (Mohanty and Sethi, 2019). It is very likely that the overall aspect of FDI impact on the Indian economy is required to have an inclusion of various factors and aspects (SULTANA et al. 2019). The paper very minutely attempts to find how responsible FDI could possibly be in the possible changes in the own variance (Rao and Dhar, 2018). Use of different FDI factors have been considered in the present paper and the paper has findings and relevant assurance on how the FDI flow has impacted not only the Indian economy but also foreign direct investment has impacted the human development index, the population in overall across the country and the Sensex index (Chakraborty, 2019). These relevant finding s have been extracted from the analysis with the aspect of piling all the FDI related factors such as the foreign exchange reserves, exchange rate or even the import and export data that are there (Mohanty and Sethi, 2019). Use of gross domestic products, human development index or even population, inflation, Sensex or even the economic variable have been considered in the data analysis to have the relevant findings by the use of the regression model (SULTANA et al. 2019). With the effective data findings and then relevant impact that the FDI have on the economic growth variables in India have also some effective practical implications for instance, it allows the policy makers to effectively understand and comprehensively summarize and conduct the decision-making process son how much to invest and where to invest as far as then FDI is concerned and with that the identification of area where the optimum use of investment is not happening becomes much more convenient and is relatively explored to a great extent in this present paper (SULTANA et al. 2019). The savings and the investment rate of the country especially in the perspective of how Indian economy has been affected are some of the most frequent aspect and relevant sections of the present study (Mohanty and Sethi, 2019). FDI relies on these factors to a large extent and the paper has findings justifying then same, that have been early discussed (Rao and Dhar, 2018).

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(Source: India | Data, 2021)

3.1 Introduction

In order to complete the research efficiently, the developments of research related information such as the research approaches, methods, designs, and all the other relevant information have been accumulated a justified in accordance with the research area (Bose and Kohli, 2018). With the early selecting of the potential research methods, the study would-be completed and executed successfully and the desired research outcomes would be derived effectively. The present study is exclusively focusing upon the negative effects of inward FDI in India and how that affects the whole national economy of the host country in the context of India (Mohanty and Sethi, 2019). It is very likely that to collect all that specific data from the previous literature, the present study is going to obtain a series of qualitative data from various articles, journals that are published recently under the same research topic (Rao and Dhar, 2018). It is very likely that the overall that the overall research methodology is required to design the entire research process with absolute blend and all of the essential elements that could possibly help the researcher to effectively achieve the primary objectives successfully something that would help the present study to get proceeded successfully. The research methods have been selected and considered based on the over. With the involvement of the research methodology and the effective and systematic research methods, and the strategic ways that enable the present study to steer towards the success (Dannels, 2018). With an aim to enlighten the methods that the researchers are required to incorporate into the present study, an effective research methodology allows the research prices to accumulate and put various relevant activities for any research into consideration and help assimilate into the overall research developments (Schoonenboom and Johnson, 2017). Having appropriate research designs would also help the present study to get effectively address the research questions and the research objectives effectively something that would contribute to the research success effectively and would help find the relevant at findings and meanings to the present study (Dannels, 2018). In conducting and acquiring both external financial and non-financial support for its development but very few studies are based on negative side of FDI Indian and in this way, we are ignoring the effects of FDI on Indian economy, so, this prospective need to consider for doing research related to FDI in India. This research will be a valuable source of information for big business houses in India listed in stock markets and work at international level because it will make them realise the negative effect of FDI on India. The useful data would help for new start-ups, public and government authorities as well as be this they will understand the importance of development, support, and maintenance of domestic & small business for protecting some weaker sectors of Indian economy.

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Research philosophy

One of the most crucial and the most relevant element of the research study, research philosophy is extremely contextual and with its involvements, helps the research process to determine the research psychology in its earlier stages. By detraining the research psychology in then initial stage, and directing that towards a systematic way would help achieve the research success. Possibly classifying into the four main categories, research philosophy has interpretivism, pragmatisms, positivism, and realism. Positivism, interpretivism and realism do fall under the primary category of epistemology (Dannels, 2018). Positive philosophy is concerned with the facts that have positive outlook and positive elements without nay speculative examination. The sample structures are generally large and highly structured for positivism. Use of measurement and quantitative is quite frequent and common (Schoonenboom and Johnson, 2017). The aspect of realism is another philosophy where the chosen research method is to fit the subject matter. Finally, interpretivism, that is small in samples, and se of qualitative data is usually used mad is investigative in nature. The present study is attempting to focus and identify the negative impacts of the inward impact of FDI on the host country- India, therefore the researcher had considered interpretivism as their research philosophy as their present research philosophy to conduct the present study (Dannels, 2018). By interpreting the human responses to the elated research area or to the same topic, the present study would attempt to analyse and conduct the research considering interpretivism research philosophy (Dannels, 2018). Interpreting the social world in a subjective manner in terms of the social world is something that with the help of interpretivism research philosophy would become possible for the present research it would help the present study to find to concentrate on the understanding one the way people mutually understand the world from a social perspective and how that could possibly help the overalls data to get effectively conducted with research relevance (Schoonenboom and Johnson, 2017).

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Research approach

Research approach helps formulate research phases that allows the entire research to get executed in an effective sequence and that helps with the execution of the research work in a systematic manner. The entire research process is highly dependent on the research approach as to is able to determine the possible sequence of activities and allow the research to get completed with its desired mechanism and desired success (Schoonenboom and Johnson, 2017). Classifying into the two main sections, the research process could be categorized into deductive and inductive. These two-research approach enable the research to have developed the framework that would be helpful for the overall analysis and overall successful execution of the present research (Dannels, 2018). Deductive research allows the research process to test out the existing frameworks and theories and complete the research successfully. It helps the researcher to effectively consider the existing theories, the framework and even the research related topic effectively something that helps to meet then research hypothesis (Schoonenboom and Johnson, 2017). However, for inductive research approach it allows the researcher to create and develop and a few framework and even theoretical viewpoint by collecting data and effective observation in accordance with the data potential and its mechanism. This allows the research data to effectively get conducted and effectively allows the research to loosely follow into a newly developed framework as the research gets executed (Dannels, 2018). The present research is considering inductively approach to effectively generate meanings from the set of collected data and information. In the process of developing meanings, identifying patterns and relationship to established theory is how the presence study will be conducted (Schoonenboom and Johnson, 2017). It is also very important to consider that the inductive approach does not prevent the researcher from using any of the existing theories or to use them formulate research questions that are required to be explored (Dannels, 2018). With the systematic procedure of inductive approach collected data will be analysed in which the analysis is most likely to be guided by the research-oriented objectives. In the process of understanding and acquiring knowledge, establishment of the relationship between observation and theories induction research is a form of reasoning that helps generate meaning and understandings (Schoonenboom and Johnson, 2017).