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Is the service you provide confidential?

The privacy of our customers is at the top of our list and we will ensure that your personal information is secure. This information will not be seen by either a third party or the writer. All your details will be safe and you are the only one who can give them out. However, we do not recommend that you share your details with your writer because it is against our policy. This is in order to keep things professional. No need to worry about your personal information going to the wrong hands.

Do you have additional charges?

No, there are no hidden costs. You will only be required to pay extra in case you make changes to your paper or you need some extra work done which is not in the agreement. You will know how much you are supposed to pay by doing a calculation on our prices page. We include all the costs that you have to pay openly and we will not have any other cost once you place your order.

Will my paper be free of plagiarism?

Once you place an order on our website, we guarantee you of quality work that is plagiarism free. We ensure that we do a thorough scan on the completed work before sending it to you. We ensure that the paper is 100 percent plagiarism free before sending it to you. This is to ensure that it meets the standards that you want.

Will the paper be ready when I need it?

Yes. We ensure that you get your paper on time. However, you have to make sure that you send all the necessary details concerning the work so that there is no delay. Our team of writers is well trained and has faster typing not only to provide you work on time but also quality work. We always make sure that we meet the deadline you have given us.

What criteria do you use in choosing a writer?

We choose a writer who is qualified in the area of the subject that you want done. For instance, we will choose someone who is experienced in humanities to do a paper in history while a writer who is experienced in literature will be chosen to do an essay about war and peace. We have writers for different niches so there is nothing for you to be worried about.

Is it possible for me to communicate with my writer?

Yes, it is possible to communicate with your writer. This is to ensure that you are in control of the project. You can reach your writer by using our messaging system to send him additional instructions if there are any. This is also a good chance to know the person who is writing your paper.

How do I send writing material to the writer?

If there are any book abstracts or outlines that relate to the project, then they should be uploaded when you are placing your order. We advise that you send all the required materials when placing your order so that the write will get started with the project right away.

Is there a way in which I can monitor my order?

We always make sure that we put an update on your personal profile to keep you updated on how the project is going on. In case you need to get more information, then you can contact us through live chat or our messaging system. You can also give us a call to get clarifications on any issues that is not clear.

What makes your company different from other academic writing companies?

We have a team of writers who are experienced in this area. We also ensure that you get original content. You can find more information on our guarantees section.

What are the formatting styles that you use for custom essays?

We give you the option of choosing the style in which you need your essay to be written. Some of the formats that we use are APA, MLA, Chicago and Turban. We will ensure that the paper is delivered in the format that you have specified. You can also choose to relevant in case you want something that does not have a heading and title page but formatted in any of the styles that are available.

Are your papers plagiarism-free and original?

The papers will be written out of a blank paper. Everything will be original and as a consequence, it will be free from plagiarism. We are also using a system to find out if there are possible similarities with other papers. Our company is always assuring the clients that they will only get unique, original and plagiarism-free paper from us.