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Mass Shootings and Masculinity

The article by Jennifer Wright (2018) reveals that mass shooting in the US is usually associated with men. According to the author of all mass shootings happening in the US from 1982, only three have been linked with women. Although women consist of almost 50% of the affected victims, female killers are very few.  Notably, most people live within a culture that worships men with guns.  In many situations, the desire to kill is motivated by a catastrophic sense associated with male entitlement. Male workers have disgruntled almost 30% of mass shootings in workplaces. The problem that makes men become shooters is not that they are mentally disturbed.  For example, 23 % of US women are diagnosable with mental illness compared to 16.8% of men, which does not make women shoot innocent people (Wright, 2018). The main problem is that men do not have coping skills to make them believe not everyone takes them as exceptional. From this article, it is clear that gender is a crucial factor in determining cases of mass shootings.

Describe the virtual world of gaming summary art history essay help

                                                           Gaming Addiction

Well received by people of all ages, the virtual world of gaming, a place anyone could escape into to blow off some steam, relax and feel the excitement that comes with it. Nobody thought a time would come where the conversation would switch from the love of the game to addiction to gaming. This type of addiction to gaming has manifested itself in people forgetting the real world while embracing the virtual gaming world. It is excellent to do things we enjoy but can a hobby turn into an addiction? Like old habits dying hard, this form of addiction can negatively impact people, inevitably leading to a series of social problems.

The genesis of the discussion changing from the love of the game to addiction to gaming has been observed over time. A parent innocently purchases a new video game for their child, which tends to cause excitement. Slowly afterward, it starts to grow immensely, affecting their grades in school and developing unwanted behavior. These behaviors include; not seeing friends as often as they used to like most of their time is spent gaming, fidgeting when not playing, underreporting how much time they spent on the screen when they played in secret, headaches, and hand pains from too much screen time and use of controllers. Parents find it hard taking the video games away from their children as the solution to the problem because, in an attempt to do so, they are met with rebellious behavior from their children because they are angered as a result. While the pattern has often foreseeable, naming it, on the other hand, has been difficult.

Substance abuse causing side effects in mental health history essay help: history essay help

Like substance abuse causing side effects in mental health, addiction to gaming is said to be a disorder that could be diagnosed as a mental health illness (Rumpf, H. 556 -561).  Teenagers’ addiction to gaming aligns similarly to the so-called process addictions, which include behavior such as shopping and exercising, which have the same effect as drugs have on the brain. The “feel-good” chemical dopamine in the brain is triggered, creating the craving and compulsion of the behavior; therefore, kids addicted to video games feel an uncontrollable urge to continue playing games. On top of that, it clouds the mind with the feeling that gaming is more important than any other activity, causing an overlook of the negative consequences of behavior such as relationships, work, and academic performances.  Compulsive gaming is not only affecting teenagers and the youth but also adults. Modern-day gaming consoles are very sophisticated as they have been revolutionized to suit each and everyone’s gaming experience. Many of the adult gamers who are deep into the virtual realm are spouses and parents. They spend vast amounts of their spare time gaming, therefore, neglecting other adult responsibilities. Eventually, this video game addiction ends up causing severe consequences that affect their marriage, physical and mental well-being, career, and finances (Bonnaire, C. 521-530)


The explosion of Covid 19 worldwide Summary history assignment help in uk

Since the explosion of Covid 19 worldwide, the usual way of living has changed significantly.  Lockdowns and curfews slowly became the new reality, and social isolation had to be implemented to keep the virus from spreading. Before the pandemic, people were playing video games for hours daily. These numbers began to rise in 2020 as contact between people had to be reduced to curb the disease from spreading. Some of the measures taken were; Introduction to remote learning, adults, were asked to work from home, limitations of activities outside the home, i.e., take away services in hotels, bars were closed, no fans in stadiums, and plenty more activities put to a standstill. Staying at home all day can be boring, and anyone would be in search of an activity that is both fun and time-consuming. The virtual world of gaming was going to be an avenue where most people would walk on as a distraction to pass the time and battle loneliness as well as isolation. This unconsciously made people unaware of where to draw the line between carefree gaming and addictive gaming (King, D. 184-186).