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Expansion Of Patients’ Involvement Initiative Summary History Assignment Help In Uk


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Benefits of Improved Patients` involvement

Nurses and other healthcare team members get high-quality data from the patients and the family through improved patient involvement. The data gaining is because the patients feel safe through involvement. Patient engagement also enables patients, caregivers, and the healthcare team to make appropriate decisions of the form of treatment and management. Moreover, through technology, the relationship between the patient and nurse extend beyond treatment of the disease. Holistic care for patients occurs when the communication channel between the patient and the care provider is sufficient. By creating connective environment, transparency and clear communication improves.



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Implementation and Interpersonal Collaboration

Patient-centered care is a means of utilizing patient engagement in care. Through patient-centered care, active participation occurs which enables sufficient communication between the nurse and the patient. Furthermore, patients and families are consumers of healthcare. They have emotional, physical, and mental effects of the care they receive. By enabling close relationship between healthcare providers and the patient, meeting of the patients needs becomes easier. Recognizing technology also improves utilization of patient involvement in care. Through technology, patients need to find it easy communicating with their health care providers at any point and place. Physical contact limiting through technology is improving the health system because patients are able to communicate with the nurse and physician from home. Also, nurses and other healthcare workers have to be creative and compelling to improve communication and access. The health team need to work together to create a conducive environment for the patients.

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Evaluation and Cost

Patient satisfaction is indicative of a positive healthcare management. Patient involvement evaluation is through the patient activation measure (PAM). It is a scale used to measure the level of patient involvement and engagement. Patient engagement efforts by nurses and doctors improves utilization of healthcare services. Patients utilize healthcare services when satisfaction and involvement occur during hospital visits. Retrospective ways of ensuring evaluation of engagement in the health system is through surveys. The Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Process and Services are tools for survey that show the patient satisfaction experience. Real time patient engagement survey is useful as they provide instant data from the patient. The information is useful for making changes and guidance immediately after service delivery. Individual review on satisfaction by the nurse and doctor through interview, and questionnaire format show patient involvement.

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In conclusion, quality improvement facilitates better healthcare utilization. Patient involvement in care helps bridge the gap between the healthcare provider and the patient. Through quality improvement on patient involvement initiative, the health system improvement occurs. Patient participation is through decision making and general care. The care givers also play a critical role in the care. Through their involvement, patient, family, and the healthcare providers get satisfaction of the services. A holistic approach to healthcare needs for the patient and family is through patient engagement initiative.