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Exploring the Court System Essay university history essay help: university history essay help

Exploring the Court System  


This assignment is based upon two court visits, one to a criminal (Magistrate’s court of Sunderland) and one to a civil (County court of Newcastle) court. The assignment is apparently significant in terms of its relevance to the general study and understanding of the underlying principles and theoretical concepts of the English legal system and the environment in which it operates, and in terms of formation of argumentative opinion on the English court system. The objectives of this assignment are:


  · To outline and compare the roles and functions of the particular courts visited in respect to their jurisdictional areas, i.e. cases they handle.


  · An attempt…show more content…

with breaches of law that affect the general public. Their aim, and, thus, any other criminal court’s aim, is to provide punishment to those who have breached any law that is accepted as a rule by the society, i.e. anybody opposing the majority’s view. According to surveys they deal with more than 95 per cent of all criminal cases.


  The general types of cases that can be tried by magistrates are either summary, i.e. without a jury, or either-way offences, i.e. with the presence of a jury, if the defendant wishes so. Even if a case is too serious to be dealt with by a magistrate’s court, it still has to undergo its committal proceedings prior to reaching a higher court, to determine whether it is worth a trial in a higher court at all. Committal proceedings are held where there is an either-way or an indictable offence, in order to assist the magistrates decide whether there is a prima facie case, i.e. it must be tried in a higher court, or not. Defendants may only use written evidence during committal proceedings.


  It is also immensely important to mention that the prosecution’s task in any criminal case is to establish a person’s guilt beyond any reasonable doubt, that happening due to potential severe implications following one’s conviction, e.g. public humiliation, loss of job and/or liberty and moral suffering caused, to name but few. Magistrates can penalize


How Did the Current Criminal Justice System in the US Evolve? history essay help

How did the current criminal justice system in the U.S evolve?


The development of the criminal justice system in America was greatly influenced by English common law. However, there were some notable differences. In developing what would become the Constitution, the Founding Fathers were also influenced by the fractious relationship the colonies had had with the British sovereign and by Enlightenment philosophy of inalienable human rights. After America became a sovereign nation, it created a written constitution which specifically delineated the rights of all citizens in what came to be known as the Bill of Rights. The process of judicial review of American law was established with the U.S. Supreme Court case of Marbury v. Madison (History and organization of the federal judicial system, 2008,  

Laws and actions of law enforcement officials must honor the rights of all American citizens, including the right to be free of unreasonable searches and seizures. Regarding this Fourth Amendment right, for example, the doctrine of the ‘fruit of the poisonous tree’ holds that illegally obtained evidence must be excluded from trial (Fruit of the poisonous tree. 2012, University of Cornell Law School). This reflects the idea that it is better to let a guilty person go free versus putting the maximum amount of persons behind bars to ostensibly keep the state ‘safe.’

Gradually, over the development of U.S. history, the tension between the rights of the federal and


The Criminal Justice System history assignment help in canada: history assignment help in canada

Garland (2001), view on “the criminal justice system in America was created to keep communities safe, to respect and restore victims, and to return offenders who leave prison to be self-sufficient and law-abiding.  Treatment simply did not work either by therapy or broader social programs and became is a monumental failure that our states and nation can no longer afford” (p.61)


Garland (2001) stated “that the collapse of faith in our correction system began a wave of demoralization that undermined the credibility of key institutions of crime control, for a period of the whole criminal justice system. He further emphasized that during the late 1970s and 80s; the demoralization influence of what David Rothman called, the failure model spread into most areas of criminal justice.  Garland was influenced by the negative research reports and increasing crime rates by a pervasive sense of disillusionment and pessimism, because one institution after another was viewed as ineffective or counter-productive”. (p.61)


Pollock (2006) in his book “ethical dilemmas and decisions in criminal justice” stated that “Our society today believed that many people repress their desires to commit offences. We therefore enjoy punishing others who are caught committing these crimes, but the questions then are do punishments help?  People are still sentenced to death for the same crime that some have committed and faced death as the consequence for their crime. The view not only lacks support of


A Fierce Debate About Crime And Punishment university history essay help

Dante williamson




While both texts have great points one has but one has good points. The texts “Rough Justice A Caning in Singapore Stirs Up a Fierce Debate About Crime and Punishment by Alejandro Reyes” and “Time to Assert American Values”. The text that has the better evidence is “Rough Justice A Caning in Singapore Stirs Up a Fierce Debate About Crime and Punishment” by Alejandro Reyes it’s because it has more , logical evidence and its tells the reader that these types of punishments have been going on for a while.




“Rough Justice A Caning in Singapore Stirs Up a Fierce Debate About Crime and Punishment” by Alejandro Reyes is the better text because is has a lot more Logical evidence. In the text “Singapore has succeeded in keeping

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