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Essay on Internet Privacy – Cookies and Privacy on the Internet

Cookies: Privacy on the Internet?

Today, many web sites on the internet can use “cookies” to keep track of passwords and usernames and track the sites a particular user visits ( But, the use of cookies to track user’s browsing habits is becoming a concern of many internet users. These concerned people are beginning to think of cookies as an invasion of privacy. Companies with web sites can use cookies to track what sites you visit frequently and then select specific ad banners to send to you on the web while surfing ( Electronic Frontier Foundation’s program director, Stanton McCandlish points out, “The potential problem is that companies without a sense of ethics could be doing [the] same thing and selling addresses to offline marketers” ( The government should realize the hazards of internet cookies and enforce a ban on their use.

For those not familiar with the internet type of cookie, provides the definition of a cookie and some of the ways they are used. The site states, “a ‘cookie’ is a small piece of information sent by a web server to store on a web browser so it can later be read back from that browser.” When you visit a cookie-using site on the web, that site will save a small text file in your browser’s folder or directory. This file will tell them who you are if you ever visit their site again. The site goes on to explain in more detail the different areas where a cookie can be used. The various tasks that can be performed by a cookie listed include online ordering, targeted marketing, user ID’s, and site personalization. It is true that there are some beneficial uses of cookies. For example, personalizing a certain …

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… sites’ cookies, these sites will not gain anything from you. If everyone were to stop allowing cookies on their personal computers, web sites would find that cookies do not benefit their business and would possibly stop using them. Tell others about any concerns you may have regarding cookies. You may educate someone about cookies that knew nothing before and help him or her understand why cookies are not an essential part of the internet.

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Horrors of Animal Research, Testing, and Experimentation

The Horrors of Animal Testing

The torture and murder of millions of animals annually has been occurring for centuries now. Every year we ignore it, and every year the numbers grow. The act of vivisection or the practice of experimenting on animals began because of religious prohibitions against dissection of human corpses. After religious leaders lifted these prohibitions, it was too late. Vivisection had become a major part of medical and educational research. As well as major part of product testing in many companies. Experimenting and testing on animals is morally wrong because, it is inhumane and torturous. We, as a country, should not condone cruelty to animals. Why is it a person can be charged with a crime for not feeding their pet, but these companies torture and murder millions of animals and nothing happens to them? Because we as people will do nothing to stop these hanious crimes.

The reason we cannot prevent these terrible acts is because we do not know they are occurring. Millions of people do not realize simple products and drugs we use every day are tested on animals. Although animal testing of certain pharmaceuticals and chemicals is still mandated by law, but there is no law that requires testing of personal care and household products. These laws that require animal testing of certain drugs and chemicals were developed very casually back in the 1920Æs. Today, we know that non-animal test methods exist and that these tests are more accurate in predicting toxicity than are crude, cruel tests on animals. Many companies resist progress because the crude nature of animal tests allow them to market many products that might be determined too toxic if cell culture tests were used. These are the companies who…

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…any new alternatives to dissection. These include many new computer programs and very thorough coloring books. These teach without the constant supply of animals. Animal testing is a horrific action that takes place everyday. In today’s society we should not condone this behavior. It wastes a lot of money and time. Everyone should be seeking a way to stop these terrible acts.

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