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Essay About Love in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby

Little Love in The Great Gatsby

One would think you would be able to find some sign of true love in the dazzling

love story, The Great Gatsby, but that is not necessarily true in my opinion. In many

instances you read about what you would think is love among some of the characters like

between Tom and Myrtle for example. But with them and all the characters there are

contradicting instances that say otherwise.

With Tom and Myrtle, you assume he loves her because he is cheating on his wife

to be with her. But he also treats her bad at times both verbally and physically, for

instance, when he slaps her for mouthing off and talks to her as though she were inferior

to him. Moments like these make you wonder if he cares for her or if he is using her for

personal pleasure. Nevertheless, I think he does love Myrtle in his own way. He proves

this when she dies and he becomes very upset, as someone in love would do.

Tom obviously does not care for Daisy as much as he use too, otherwise he would

not cheat on her. Tom also treats Daisy as though she is inferior to him. But does Daisy not act like she is insignificant when around Tom? Maybe this is because she loves him enough to act that way, after all, Daisy did say that girls need to be foolish. However, if Daisy does love Tom then one has to wonder why she would cheat on him with Gatsby.

Moreover, Daisy admits that she has plans to leave Tom when they are all in the hotel

room together, proving that she wants to be with Gatsby. When Tom realizes that Daisy

is serious he refuses to let her go which is surprising since you think that he longs for

Myrtle. In the end Daisy ends up staying with Tom, even though she does not love him,

because of their child and also because she has no one else to go too since Gatsby is dies. Therefore they live together for the rest of their lives in depression, not in love.

Then there is Nick. He loves Daisy in the way that they are family, but he does

not love any one else I think. He dates Jordan but not long enough to fall in love.

Essay About Love in Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby

Twisted Love in The Great Gatsby

In the story The Great Gatsby, many of the characters seemed to express what

seemed like love. I tend to disagree with this. Daisy, Tom, Gatsby, and Mertle all express

fake love to their significant others, but didn’t actually feel true love.

Starting with Daisy, she married Tom because all that he had was money. She was

so aristocratic that she wouldn’t marry Gatsby while they were in love after the war. All

that Daisy seemed to care about was having so comfortable of a life that I believe she

forgot what love was until Gatsby showed up again. But this isn’t all true, Daisy was so

impressed by Gatsby’s wealth that her greed once again took over her and she was almost

prepared to leave Tom for Gatsby. Also, I don’t think that she loved her daughter.

Daisy’s daughter was just a little plaything for Daisy’s enjoyment. She never cared for her

and she never really had a social interaction with her daughter.

I don’t think that Tom ever really loved Daisy or Mertle. Tom only loved Daisy

because she was a pretty face and he thought that he deserved her. He didn’t love Mertle

at all. She was just a woman he was having an affair with.

Mertle didn’t love Tom what so ever. She was just impressed by his money. Her

husband was very poor and she wanted the good life. A life where all she had to do all

day was to sit around and drink. She didn’t care for her husband either. He was a hard

working man that was barley getting by running his little gas station. All that she wanted

was more, more, and more.

Gatsby might have been the only character to understand love, besides George

Wilson. Although Gatsby’s interpretation of love was a little twisted. He didn’t love

Daisy for who she was when they met at Nick’s, he loved her for who she used to be. He

just wanted things to be like they used to be between them. What’s ironic about the

situation though is that this can never take place because Daisy now has a child and a

husband to tend for and would have no time for Gatsby.

George Wilson, I believe, was the only character in the book that really loved and

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